Why is PHP Significant for Web Development? 10 Reasons

PHP for Web Development

Last updated - April 13, 2023

PHP web development tops the list for developing a dynamic website with lightning speed and rock-solid security. Also, when anyone consults with a web development company, PHP always gets preferred. 

One of the primary reasons behind PHP’s usage is its server-side programming capabilities. And the trust of developers in it due to its presence in the industry for 2+ decades. However, the list continues. There are many other reasons that you must know that makes most of the websites use it, nearly around 77% of the total sites. 

So, let’s get started to explore the reasons why PHP is a significant choice for web development.

Below are the top 10 reasons you should prefer PHP web development for creating your software.

Affordable Web Development

PHP uses in Web Development - Affordability

PHP is a freely available and open-source scripting language that anyone can use without a fee or annual charge. When you select PHP for web development, the cost of availing rights to use technology gets eliminated. And in return, the budget gets reduced to some extent. 

In addition, due to its open-source nature, you don’t have to pay for updates. It receives support from a vast community of developers who constantly test and update PHP. Whenever a new version, a patch, or a security update is available, you can configure it for free. Therefore, selecting PHP makes software development budget-friendly.

Compatibility with Operating Systems

PHP uses in Web Development - Compatibility with Operating Systems

Compatibility with all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix, and MacOS, is a primary reason for preferring PHP. It helps you run the website on any server without any complications. And you don’t have to undergo significant IT infrastructure changes to configure a PHP app. 

Furthermore, it aids in building cross-platform compatible applications, leading to reaching out to every target user. Regardless of the operating system on the device, every end-user can access your PHP application and utilize its resources. It also saves money and effort; you don’t have to develop and manage multiple applications.

Numerous Frameworks for Extended Functionalities

PHP uses in Web Development - Numerous Frameworks for Extended Functionalities

Regarding frameworks, PHP offers a vast list to shorten the development time and efficiently embed additional features. Also, all PHP frameworks get thoroughly tested, which makes them and your application secure. Some of the prominent PHP frameworks include: 

  • Laravel: It helps in adding authentication, authorization, encryption, hashing, password reset, and email verification in minimal time. 
  • CakePHP: It helps to reduce the code, increase application speed, and protect from CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery). 
  • CodeIgniter: It is a lightweight framework, just 1.2MB of download file. You can use it to support traditional and query-builder patterns for faster development. 

Similarly, you can find 100+ PHP frameworks to use freely to minimize efforts, time, and cost and increase speed, security, and quality.

Seamless Functioning with Multiple CMSs

 All effective content management systems, such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and more, are based on PHP. Creating a PHP application allows you to integrate with CMS systems and extend functionalities effortlessly. It will help you impeccably manage, edit, and publish digital content for a wider audience regardless of the device and screen size. 

Additionally, with the help of such CMS platforms, you can create an economical website and use its built-in security, marketing, and hosting mechanisms. As a result, your content gets optimized per search engines and ranks in the top list, reaching a broader audience. 

Database Options

PHP uses in Web Development - Database Options

By selecting PHP as the primary web development technology, you avail the leverage of using any database. Whether you need to use MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, or any other, it can work seamlessly with all. Moreover, if you want to integrate it with a cloud database, you can do so without any issues. 

Besides, PHP applications effectively work with non-relational databases, efficiently handling large data volumes. And it also ensures to maintain resource availability to all users regardless of the traffic. Therefore, PHP can get used for any application and every environment and business requirement.

Proven and Trusted Security

As PHP is an open-source technology, it has a vast community that constantly tests it and pushes code to strengthen security. Daily, PHP undergoes thousands of tests, and as a result, its vulnerabilities get patched. 

You don’t have to worry about testing the architecture by choosing PHP web development. Communicating and updating yourself with the PHP community will teach you about its vulnerabilities and how to patch them. In addition, PHP frameworks come with in-built security modules, helping to prevent attackers and exploitation. 

Hence, data confidentiality, integrity, and availability get maintained.

Lightning Page Loading

PHP uses in Web Development - Lightning Page Loading

PHP is a really fast programming and scripting language. It uses a built-in caching mechanism that loads applications within seconds without compromising quality. And it also helps you to provide resources even on a low-bandwidth connection. 

Its speed also helps you achieve SEO objectives, as search engines prefer a fast-loading website. And it also helps to retain customers because no one waits more than 3-5 minutes for an application to load. 

Further, you must prefer using the latest version to unleash the maximum potential and increase speed to the top. Globally, 66.9% of websites use the latest PHP version 7, to achieve full speed and security. And PHP web development companies also prefer it for such purposes.

Scalable and Flexible

Due to its open-source nature, PHP can get used with any IDE and tool for writing its code. You can customize a PHP application per specific business requirements, aiding in achieving long-term goals. Also, you can combine it with any library and third-party API to connect with tools/platforms you use in the organization. 

Further, with the frequently changing business needs, updating a PHP app is more accessible than a Python or JS application. As a result, it scales as your need increases and updates as per your requisites. 

Low Maintenance Cost

PHP lowers the development cost and minimizes the application maintenance cost. A team of 2 or 3 professionals is essential for maintaining a PHP application. Also, most of its updates and patches are in online repositories, which you can freely access and configure.

Thus, PHP application maintenance cost falls within every organization’s budget. And you don’t need a high-end system to manage it due to compatibility with all primary servers and OS. 

Easy To Hire PHP Developers

PHP uses in Web Development - Easy To Hire PHP Developers

Finding a PHP developer is easy, as they are available on multiple freelance websites. But, from professional experience, you must always prefer hiring a PHP web development company. You can find a PHP developer for as low as $18/hour. 

You don’t have to worry about any development process and team by contracting with a PHP development company. The development organization will oversee all the pre-development, development, and post-development operations.

Concluding Up

PHP is a leading scripting language for developing fast and result-driven web applications. It’s an open-source technology, freely accessible to everyone. And it’s one of the primary reasons behind its popularity, as it reduces overall development and maintenance costs. 

In addition, PHP works efficiently with every operating system and server. It means that you don’t need anything new in your IT infrastructure. If you are using a Windows-based server, it will run over it. Moreover, the PHP application seamlessly runs on any end-user device, integrates with CMS systems, and extends its functionalities using vast frameworks. Consequently, it’s a perfect technology for achieving technical and marketing objectives.

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