How to Use Podcasting to Promote Your WooCommerce Business

Podcasting to Promote Your WooCommerce Business

In this article, we will be exploring the options with podcasting to promote your WooCommerce Business.

Starting a remote business has never been easier but spreading the word about your brand requires a lot of patience, planning, and hard work. E-commerce and content marketing go hand in hand, primarily because you can do wonders in both areas by investing your time and keeping your savings somewhat intact. You’ll need to devise a content marketing strategy first which will provide an answer to the questions about your target audience, who they are, where do they spend time on the web, what are their needs and problems, and what type of content do they prefer. Only when you’ve gathered all of the relevant information can you move on to planning, producing and distributing your content.

There are numerous ways in which you can get a message across about your WooCommerce business using content marketing. As the demands in the market continue to evolve, we’re consistently responding by adapting and optimizing our strategies. The key approach is to learn how to think in terms of trends and patterns so that you can keep staying ahead of the curve.

In recent years, podcasting has been steadily rising in popularity, making every entrepreneur and marketer out there think about getting into the game. For many people across the globe, they are not only a source of entertainment but also an amazing educational tool. If you’re WooCommerce business owner, there are more ways than one for utilizing the power of podcasts, and we’ll go through each of them individually.

Make Your Own Podcast

This is the most laborious approach to getting the most out of podcasting in terms of promoting your brand. However, it can also potentially bring you the most value. In order to start your very own podcast, the investments can be minimal, slowly rising as your demand for production quality gets higher. Here are some key steps you need to take in order to set up a podcast.

The key steps

Getting the Right Equipment and Software – you’re going to need a microphone, a set of headphones and the appropriate software to record and edit your material.

Preparing the Format – you’ll need to define your show’s format, for instance, how long is it going to be, what topics are you going to talk about, will there be any recurring segments, are you going to have guests on, etc.

Producing the Podcast – which involves actually recording, preparing the intro and outro, mixing everything in, editing to enhance the audio quality, etc.

Publishing and Promotion – picking one or more platforms for distributing your podcast and promoting it online once published.

The main benefit of having your own podcast is that you’ll be the one who is guiding the discussion. Having said that, you need to keep your audience’s interests in mind at all times. Like with all content marketing, producing a podcast to promote your E-Commerce brand needs to have the ultimate goal of solving problems or answering questions of your potential customers. If you’re able to meaningfully connect your brand to the topic or explain how the products you’re selling on WooCommerce add value to the market – you’re golden!

It’s always great to combine content marketing approaches to get better results. For instance, each episode will require show notes. If you do keyword research, optimize your descriptions and aim to make them look like stand-alone blog posts, you’ll have a better chance of getting a higher organic search ranking thus making the most out of your content.

Guest Star on Other Podcasts

If the previous approach seems like too much work, there’s a viable alternative to be considered. Having your own podcast is very popular and there are over 500 000 of them on iTunes alone! The conclusion – your chances of becoming a guest on some of them are actually really good. Podcasters are always looking for fresh content and if you prepare an engaging enough pitch about yourself and your company, some are bound to be interested in having you on.

Researching your options is essential. You need to make sure you’re contacting people who are relevant to your field and the product you’re selling. There is plenty you can offer in terms of knowledge, tips, advice, and insight, but you need to share it with the people who actually might buy your product. Another thing to consider here is their potential reach and obviously the bigger the better. Still, try not to neglect smaller podcasts. If you like their story, don’t hesitate to get in touch just because they don’t have as many followers. Podcasts are great networking opportunities as well and there’s always a chance of getting another invite. Who knows what their reach will be a year or two from now?

Place an Ad In a Podcast

Lastly, we will consider a direction which demands the lowest amount of effort, but it also requires a financial investment. Even though the whole appeal of content marketing is connected to the fact that it’s quite affordable, you really shouldn’t shy away from spending a buck or two if the opportunity is right. Everything costs something in the end. Like for example, you’ve probably experienced that setting up an online store costs a little, even though WooCommerce is a free tool.

Now, let’s say that you came across a podcast which discusses certain issues that your products might be a solution to. There is an incredibly high chance that your target audiences are overlapping, at least to some extent. That means that by purchasing an ad spot or a mention in the podcast, you will be exposing your brand to those who are most likely to buy it.

If you do decide to take this step, don’t shy away from putting the hours in when it comes to gathering information in order to make the best possible decisions. There are a lot of factors to be considered and you can check out this ultimate guide to podcast advertising to get yourself going in the right direction.