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Want to set up a powerful membership system that’s seamlessly tied to your store? Yes, customers like membership plans as they can get interesting perks when they shop!

Integrate your store with this WooCommerce Memberships plugin to set up various membership plans and purchasing clubs with interesting discounts for your members.

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Last updated - July 22, 2021

As an online merchant, you might require to create a membership system and allow or restrict certain members from accessing selected content and products on your store. Furthermore, store owners often provide exclusive offers or products only to specific members of the store. It is quite popular and almost all stores provide different membership plans such as Silver, Gold, Platinium, and so on. For each plan, the accessibility and perks will be different. So, are you looking for an extension to set up a complete membership system in your WooCommerce store?

WooCommerce Memberships plugin will help you with this! How?

With this plugin, you will be able to create memberships and sell them for providing special access to specific products, content, and even exclusive offers to customers. The customers who do not buy a membership will not be able to access these perks. In addition to that, you will be able to ‘drip’ this special access of members for a certain period of time and schedule a time for providing the access.

Here, you will be able to create memberships as stand-alone products and tie them with specific products to set the eligibility of purchasing the products based on the membership. Also, provide a membership plan tied with a specific product purchase. For example, providing the Premium membership for 3 months if a customer purchases a specific product. Or you can create a membership plan and tie it with multiple product purchases and so on!


1. Schedule to Grant Content Access

Decide when your members should get the accessibility to view certain posts, pages, projects, etc in your store by scheduling a time.

WooCommerce Memberships | Schedule to Grant Content Access

2. Set Up Purchasing Club

Create members-only products to provide their purchase access to the members in your store. Non-members will not be able to view or purchase these products as the product view will be restricted. Besides that, you can restrict the product purchases to non-members which lets them only view the products.

3. Configure Shipping Options

Provide a free shipping option for members to encourage them to purchase more products from your store as well as non-members to purchase memberships.

WooCommerce Memberships | Configure Shipping Options
WooCommerce Memberships | Provide Discounts and Rewards to Members

4. Provide Discounts and Rewards to Members

Customers always purchase memberships to get certain perks from your side. Hence, provide discounts and rewards for their all purchases.

5. Show their Perks to Members

It is important to be transparent on all perks the customers get from the membership plan they have purchased. This plugin automatically displays all details and perks of the memberships in the ‘My Account’ section of each member. They can click the ‘View’ button to see the details.

WooCommerce Memberships | Show their Perks to Members
WooCommerce Memberships |

6. Seamless Import & Export of Members’ Details

The plugin allows importing and exporting the complete list of members in a CSV file format.

7. Add Membership Notes

Add a note with the email and share it with members to make the communication with them more clear. It will be very useful to send reminder notes on the expiration and renewal of plans.

8. Integration with Subscription Plugin

This plugin is totally fit to work as a stand-alone solution. But, if you integrate it with the WooCommerce Subscription plugin, it will enhance the scope of your membership plan and make your tasks easier by capturing recurring payments. Also, you can provide free trials for memberships with this subscription plugin.