Surfshark – A VPN You Should Have

Surfshark - A VPN you should have

Last updated - November 10, 2023

A large migration to remote employment was sparked by COVID-19. Since then, Virtual Private Networks have emerged as one of the most hotly debated subjects online. For instance, the use of VPNs has increased by more than 100% in nations like Italy and the USA in the first two weeks of March. With that said, the rise in popularity of VPNs has caused us to examine them a little more closely. And we are going to take a closer look at Surfshark, one of the most proficient VPNs in the market today.

What is a VPN?

You can establish a safe Internet connection to another network using a VPN, or virtual private network. Simply put, a VPN protects your connection while you browse the internet. When you don’t utilize a VPN and try to access a website, your request is sent straight to your Internet provider, who then sends your internet traffic there and assigns you a special number (an IP address). 

This number can be used to trace your traffic and location, primarily for marketing purposes. When you use a VPN, your internet traffic passes through the VPN’s internet connection, and the VPN is given access to your IP address.

By doing this, you can virtually become invisible to websites you visit as well as your Internet service provider, allowing you to conceal your whereabouts and activity.

How Does A VPN Work?

By allowing the network to route your IP address through a special set-up remote server operated by a VPN host, a VPN can conceal your IP address. In other words, if you use a VPN to browse the internet, the VPN server becomes the source of your data. As a result, neither your Internet Service Provider (ISP) nor other parties will be able to see the websites you visit or the data you transmit and receive online. Your data is transformed into “gibberish” by a VPN, which functions like a filter. Even if someone were to obtain your data, it wouldn’t be useful.

Why Should You Use VPNs?

What is a VPN

The purpose of premium VPNs is to provide remote workers and business travelers with access to their company network from any location in the world. By keeping sensitive information away from the Internet, it is protected in the business sector. Allowing employees to work securely from home in this situation is a fantastic safety net for businesses.

Free VPNs are becoming more and more common among private users today, who use them for a variety of purposes: when they want to browse the internet safely but don’t have a work use-case; when they want to access geo-blocked websites (for those based in countries where the Internet is censored); or when they want to stream media that isn’t available in all countries (like Netflix or BBC iPlayer).

Due to the fact that costs fluctuate depending on your location, people occasionally utilize it to reserve travel or lodging. The fact is that although free VPNs are obviously LESS secure than paid ones, most individuals use them to hide their online activity from prying eyes or to protect their virtual identities when using public Wi-Fi.

Benefits of Having a VPN Connection

Your online data transmission is protected from outside access and is disguised using a VPN connection. Anyone with network access and the desire to examine the data can view it if it is not encrypted. Hackers and online criminals cannot interpret this data when using a VPN.

Secure Encryption

You need an encryption key in order to read the data. In the absence of one, a brute force attack on a computer to crack the code would take millions of years to complete. Your online activities are concealed even on public networks with the aid of a VPN.

Concealing your Location

In essence, VPN servers operate as your online proxies. Your precise location is unknown since the demographic location data originates from a server in another nation. The majority of VPN services also do not keep records of your online activity. However, some service providers do not disclose the information they record about your behavior to outside parties. This ensures that any possible records of your usage behavior are kept secret at all times.

Unrestricted Access to Regional Content

It’s not always possible to access local web material from everywhere. Services and websites frequently provide material that can only be accessed from particular geographical locations. Local servers in the nation are used by standard connections to pinpoint your location. Therefore, you are unable to view domestic content when away from home and international content while at home. By switching to a server in a different nation, you can “change” your location by using VPN location spoofing.

Secure Data Transfer

You might need to use the network of your employer to access crucial files if you operate remotely. Such information necessitates a secure connection for security reasons. A VPN connection is frequently needed in order to access the network. The risk of data leakage is decreased by VPN services’ connections to private servers and the usage of encryption techniques.

Surfshark – What You Need to Know About Your VPN Companion

Surfshark homepage

With a substantial selection of privacy features, a top-notch app, and limitless device connections, Surfshark is easily your go-to VPN service provider. The Surfshark One package is all the more a compelling reason for you to choose this incredible service provider.

Surfshark One combines four outstanding tools – VPN, Data Breach Alert, Secure Search, and an Antivirus in a single package; therefore, offering more flexibility and trustworthiness every step of the way.

Unique Features of Surfshark

Absolute privacy while browsing

Browsing privacy

This is possible because of the incorporation of high levels of encryption. By converting plain text into a ciphertext that no one can decipher (the definition of encryption), Surfshark provides optimized levels of privacy while browsing. In short, Surfshark simply hides your browsing data in plain sight.

Conceal your location

Hide geolocation

Almost all websites intend to track your whereabouts through geolocation. While this may be beneficial in some cases, in a broader sense of application it exposes you to several types of threats. For this reason, Surfshark allows you to change your IP address in order to hide your location from potential scammers and data thieves.

Block malware and ads

Block ads and malware

Malware and ads are as annoying as they could get. Almost all streaming platforms offer the ad-free feature at a premium and this is because a growing number of the population prefers peaceful and ad-free work and browsing time. Say goodbye to unwanted and frustrating ads and malware with Surfshark

Ensure privacy and security on public Wi-Fi

Privacy on public wifi

You are bound to use a public Wi-Fi connection while on the go and there is little you can do to avoid it. However, what you can do, on the other hand, is ensure the utmost security and privacy while using public Wi-Fi. Yes! Surfshark protects your device and data from the dangers of using public Wi-Fi networks. As mentioned earlier, Surfshark encrypts your data. This implies that anyone spying on a public Wi-Fi connection will only see disorganized, useless information. By doing this, you can guarantee the security of your data each time you use a public network.

Secure search

Secure search

Almost every single person who uses the internet to browse has used incognito mode to prevent apps and browsers from tracking your activity and to get better and unbiased search results. However, how effective is the default incognito mode provided by the browsers? The problem of undeniability is prevalent in such cases. This is where Surfshark’s Safe Search – “The real incognito mode” feature comes into play. Use the Surfshark Safe Search and rest assured that your activity across the web is safe and unbiased.

Organic search results

Unbiased search results

Biased or personalized search results are a bigger problem when you use a single browser that tracks all your activities and search history across various platforms and devices. For instance, you might have searched for a product on Google or any browser for that matter and noticed that a few moments later Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, etc start recommending that product. Later, no matter what you search for, your search results will be biased based on your previous browsing activity. Well, you can negate such biased search results with Surfshark VPN as it prevents apps and brewers from tracking your activity. Welcome to the world of organic search results!

How Surfshark Protects Your Personal Data!

Protection for personal data

Identity, data, and email accounts are three of the most personal yet exposed aspects of your browsing and work life. And Surfshark protects them no matter what, thus keeping your personal data secure and private.

Protects your identity

Surfshark Alert, one of the four tools of the Surshark One package provides you with timely safety status updates of your data and notifies you instantly if there is any kind of threat to your data. Based on the real-time notifications and status updates you can take the necessary measure to protect your identity and your personal data. 

Full control over your data

Your data belongs to you and only you and there are no two ways about it. Surfshark understands this better than anyone in the business. With quarterly and yearly security reports and high levels of encryption, it provides you full control over your data and you can manage it however you wish to. Limitless power over your data! 

Protects your email accounts

Email is a primary mode of communication, especially for official and confidential matters. Yet it is also most vulnerable to spam. So, how do you mitigate this high-risk problem and ensure that your email accounts stay private? Surfshark has the answer! It provides real-time alerts in case anyone is trying to breach your email accounts through online databases so that you can take immediate action against it. Also, it provides you insightful inputs on when to change the password of your email accounts so that they are above reproach almost always.

Surfshark and Content

Content and Surfshark

Although you might have paid for the premium version of streaming and web platforms a lot of content is restricted based on your location and other parameters. Well, now that’s a shame, isn’t it? Do not fret Surfshark offers the best solution.

Access the Internet without travel restrictions

Even if you are traveling to internet-restricted countries the VPN allows you to access the Internet and your online content without any restrictions. With Surfshark on your mobile devices, you have full digital freedom no matter where you are planning to travel to. In addition, it also takes care of your travel insurance therefore protecting your internet traffic on the go comes as an added advantage.

Gain access to blocked or censored content

Censorship of content varies from one country to another and it is often frustrating to not have access to your content in some location that is otherwise permissible. Well, you can now stop worrying about the problem of accessing blocked or censored content since Surfshark provides unrestricted access to all content regardless of where you are.

Safe access to regional content

Accessing regional content is another hassle with most OTT platforms regardless of the premium plan you have paid for. This becomes even more problematic if you are a frequent flyer. Welcome to the world of full access to regional content with Surfshark VPN which negates geoblocking seamlessly. 

Private streaming

In most cases, censorship boards and media regulatory boards track your activity on streaming platforms and if they deem the content you are streaming as censored then you will immediately be restricted from viewing it. You can now stream the content you like in the most private and secure manner without censorship and media regulatory boards tracking the content you are streaming. 

Live sports content

Surfshark VPN is not just about privacy and providing unrestricted access to content, it also provides superior browsing speed without the interruption of annoying ads. In relation to this, you can stream live sports from anywhere in the world without buffering and unrelated pop-ups. Enjoy your big game the big-fashioned way! 

Pricing Plans of Surfshark

Monthly pricing plan

Pricing Plan

12-month pricing plan

Pricing plan

24-month pricing plan

Pricing plan


We’re confident that you have a fairly good understanding of VPN and what it means to incorporate a VPN into your browser. All things considered, I can confidently say that Surfshark is one of the best VPN service providers in the market. Also, some of the features provided by Surfshark are unique and increase the use cases of VPN. Visit their website to know more.

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