Best Apps to help you monitor your WooCommerce Store on the Go

Last updated - June 19, 2020

Your WooCommerce store requires your constant attention, but carrying a computer with you all the time is not practically possible. Thankfully, there are some amazing Apps that will help you monitor and manage your online store on your phone. Let’s check out how they can help you –

unnamed (2)WooCommerce Mobile Assistant

Monitor your store sales – Statistical graphs, more time filters. Screenshot_20170821-103347

Another App that makes it to the list is the WooCommerce Mobile Assistant. Released in the year 2015, this App has been around for quite a while and many of its features are similar to that of StorePep.

This App offers a great visual representation of your store statistics using graphs. You can easily check out the store performance in a particular time duration. This time duration can be varied by applying the various time duration like the present day, this week, this month, this year, the previous year, etc. These time filters will give you the advantage to analyze your store sales over a period of time.

Most of the users like the graphs display because it is quicker to understand the performance when compared to the numbers stats. But while some users might like this feature, there might be some who prefer the number statistics display better.

The Dashboard only shows you some sales statistics like the total sales on your store and the total number of orders placed this week, which does not provide adequate information on your sales. Hence, analyzing becomes difficult.

Manage your store – View basic information.

The App only offers you the basic information on your Screenshot_20170821-103636orders, products and the customers, but the overall management capabilities like change order status, update stock size, etc, are missing. When you compare Mobile Assistant App to StorePep, it doesn’t allow you to edit any information. So, if you want to change the order status of some product or update the stock quantity, you’d have to reach out to your computer.

In addition, the App doesn’t allow you to contact the customers directly from the App. So, you’d have to manually copy the phone number to initiate the conversation. Moreover, the user interface of the App is very basic and looks old.

But in spite of having these minor issues, this App has few more tricks up its sleeves.

Get real-time alerts – Push notification, Widgets.

You do get the push notification on this App. This feature is as good as StorePep, and itScreenshot_20170821-104036 prompts you instantly on any new update on orders status.

In addition, this App offers a unique feature that other Apps don’t, to add a Widget. This widget stays on your home screen and displays the basic information like the number of orders placed on a particular day, number of Screenshot_20170823-154129newly registered customers to your store and the overall total sales. This feature is really good when you’re too busy to open the App.

You can download the App from here.


Monitor your store sales – Daily statistics, order status, top-sellers.Screenshot_20170821-101424

You can track your sales by checking out the parameters on the well-organized Dashboard, like the Total Sales, Average Daily Sales of the store and the Total Refunds in a particular time period.

Now imagine, there are some pending payments on some of your orders and you quickly need to check it out. You can do that under the Orders tab.

Say, for some reason, one of your products is not in the best-selling list anymore. The Top Sellers tab on the Dashboard will help you identify such an issue quickly and act accordingly.Screenshot_20170828-193059

But, in spite of having these features, StorePep misses out the graphical representations of the store performance. This feature can help users get a quick idea about their sales status. Moreover, you’d always need to enter the App even if you want a quick update. A widget that can display the basic info would have been very helpful in that case.

Manage your store – Change order status, change the stock quantity, manage address.

Imagine, your product was delivered to the customer in time and you want to update the order status to ‘Completed’. Screenshot_20170821-101437StorePep allows you to change this order status quickly right through the App.

Another useful functionality that StorePep offers is editing information like the description of a particular product. You can edit it by tapping the Edit button under that selected product.

Now say, a particular product was out of stock for two days, and you just got the stock back. You can change the stock status to ‘In Stock’ right through your App. You can update the stock quantity too. StorePep also allows you to change the sale price of a product right away.Screenshot_20170824-090924

You can also update customer shipping or billing address through the App. This feature comes handy when the customer requests you to change the shipping address to his or her billing address.

Moreover, you can locate the address on the map directly from your App. This is really helpful when you need to check out the shipping area. This is one of the best features that other WooCommerce App does not offer.

Get real-time alerts – Push notification.

This App comes with push notification feature that updates you on a new order. So, you can take the necessary next steps to complete the order process for shipping the product immediately, even while traveling or when you’re away from your office.

The notification displays the basic details like the amount, payment method, order number,Screenshot_20170821-155921 order status, etc.

The App also notifies you instantly on the stock status. Say, if any one item in your store is out of stock or is low in stock, the App instantly notifies you about it. So, you can further work on it and update the stocks.

You can check out the App here.


Both Storepep and WooCommerce Mobile Assistant App provides a good flavor of functionalities and features when compared to other WooCommerce Apps on the market.

With the unique features like in-App editing, top-seller info, change stock & order status and locate customer address, StorePep could be one of your choices. But, if you are looking for an App that is easy to use and provides the basic monitoring and gives you quick updates without even opening the App, WooCommerce Mobile Assistant will suit you. Moreover, both Apps provide great customer support to the users and are easy to install.

So, depending on your choice and usage, you can choose any one of the two.


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