How WooCommerce Changed the Business Landscape for Small and Medium Businesses

Last updated - July 8, 2021

When you think about developing a unique business, the scope is immense if you are thinking eCommerce. Years of brand building and marketing efforts of eCommerce giants can be achieved almost instantly with a unique store set up and niche styling. There are numerous eCommerce platforms available with extraordinary features that can be utilized inventively.

The role of WooCommerce in such a scenario is not ignorable. With its universal appeal, WooCommerce is steadily and surely transforming business ideas like never before. Numerous opportunities are laid out to entrepreneurs to create businesses beautifully and efficiently.

Here is an attempt to see how WooCommerce offers exceptional opportunities specifically to small and medium businesses.

Solid dependability

The seamless integration of WooCommerce with WordPress surely is really important when you think of a stable base for your store. The reputation of the creators of WooCommerce itself is quite a reassuring thing, to begin with. The clean code that builds WooCommerce acts as a reliable base for imaginative and innovative store designs. The fact that 28% of all WooCommerce stores in the world currently are running on WooCommerce makes it all the more alluring. WooCommerce provides really helpful tutorial videos, detailed documentation and customized codes on their site. Committed customer service and a large number of community forums provide more assurance to small business owners who are really not that sound with technology.

Amazing Flexibility

WooCommerce is one of the most flexible eCommerce platforms when you compare it to competitors. It thrives on a large number of third-party extensions that provide varied functionalities. With the help of these extensions, WooCommerce lets you establish a seamless shipping, flawless payment, and amazing discounts. When you set out with your business, you can get all these functionalities at practically no cost with WooCommerce. As your business grows, you can opt for features that require more financial investments.

There are third-party developers, who are able to provide seamless solutions to functionalities like shipping thanks to the awesome flexibility of WooCommerce.

Moreover, WooCommerce facilitates store owners to do business locally and internationally with its global popularity and localized customizations. Here is an example that wouldn’t have been possible without the great flexibility of WooCommerce.

Style and substance

When it comes to the look and feel of a store, WooCommerce outsmarts competitors with the sheer volume of beautiful themes available in their own theme store as well as numerous third-party theme developers. WooCommerce is compatible with most of the WordPress themes available in the market (that follows the common quality standards). The best integration with WooCommerce would be obviously achieved through Storefront, WooCommerce’s own theme. Its numerous child themes provide more scope to customers to really personalize the outlook of their stores.

Performance that matters

Fast results are especially important in today’s world as customers are looking for instant gratification to their shopping needs through eCommerce sites. If your site slows down by the time the customer reaches the payment option, there is a high chance for cart abandonment. WooCommerce, when combined with a good hosting provider, makes sure there are no performance related issues. This is a good thing for small and medium business owners, as the slightest lag in performance may suddenly throw them out of business. It is a great idea to look for some WooCommerce recommended hosting providers.

Improvements that last

The secret of a successful eCommerce store lies in the improvement efforts too. Carefully monitoring the store trends and taking timely actions would do a lot of good for the prospects of your store. WooCommerce provides simple and insightful reports to consistently monitor store performance. There is also a range of mobile apps available in the market that makes the whole process of monitoring a WooCommerce store easier.


Another factor that makes WooCommerce really popular is its inexpensive image. WooCommerce itself is available as a free plugin. The initial expense to set a store using WooCommerce is really minimal with the expenses goes only in hosting and domain registration. For a small business, almost everything can be managed for a while just with the basic version. Later on, if looking to extend functionalities, you can get hold of those with moderate expenses.


WooCommerce really has completely revolutionized the scope to do an eCommerce business. It is a great example of how technology can provide unimaginable growth in prospects for a new business owner anywhere in the world.


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