11 Best GDPR Plugins for WordPress (Includes Video)

GDPR Plugins

Last updated - September 19, 2023

In the current digital era, most business organizations collect data relating to people. If you own and run a business in the European Union demography, then GDPR compliance is a necessity for your business.

You might have come across the acronym GDPR at some point in time. In this article, we are not only going to explore GDPR in detail but we will look at some of the best GDPR plugins you can use in your businesses and WordPress websites.

An Overview of GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most stringent international privacy law currently in force. a framework established by the European Union (EU) to control how businesses gather, manage, and safeguard the personal data of EU citizens.

The GDPR became a legally enforceable regulation on May 25, 2018, and it is incorporated directly into the legislation of Member States. By allowing data users control over how their private data is collected, used, and shared, it aims to enhance privacy rights.

The GDPR has laid out three primary goals:

  • Establish and uphold each person’s fundamental right to privacy.
  • Replace the 28 unique EU member state legislation and the old 1995 Data Protection Directive to unify privacy regulations across the EU.
  • Change privacy legislation to account for the impact that the technological environment has had over the past 25 years on personal data.

What is GDPR Compliance?

Fundamentally, GDPR compliance refers to a company’s ability to handle personal data in accordance with standards established by General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR establishes certain requirements that businesses must adhere to that restrict how personal data may be handled. 

Additionally, it outlines eight rights for data subjects that offer some protections for people’s private information. giving people more control over their personal information and its use in the long run. The eight rights are as follows

  • Right to be informed
  • Right to access
  • Right to rectification
  • Right to be forgotten/Right to erasure
  • Right for data portability
  • Right to restrict processing
  • Right to withdraw consent
  • Right to object

Best GDPR Plugins


MonsterInsight homepage

A WordPress plugin for Google Analytics called MonsterInsights makes it simple to include Google Analytics code snippets on your website. You’ll be able to view real-time statistics in your WordPress admin with the help of the code.

You may quickly isolate or prevent tracking of your personal data using this plugin. The MonsterInsights EU Compliance Addon also allows you to automatically maintain the anonymity of data.

This is among the best GDPR plugins for WordPress, making it simple and compliant to use Google Analytics. You can deactivate UserID and author name tracking, encrypt IP addresses, and deactivate demographic and interest reporting for rebranding and remarketing with the MonsterInsights EU Compliance plugin.

MonsterInsights pricing


Optinmonster hompage

OptinMonster is among the greatest WordPress plugins you can use for lead generation and conversion rate improvement. While observing GDPR, you can exploit it to increase your sales.

For your campaign’s privacy field settings, OptinMonster provides a checkbox that is fully customizable. Once you have their approval, you may display your privacy statement or terms of service and request their consent using the settings.

You can enter into a contract with OptinMonster to process the data of EU users as part of additional GDPR features, such as the Data Processing Agreement. In addition, the audit concierge team at OptinMonster is available to assist you if you are under audit.

On the other hand, Optinmonster is available as a standalone product and a GDPR plugin that WordPress websites can employ. You can design GDPR-compliant email signup forms using Optinmonster. Additionally, it offers a variety of targeting possibilities, including geolocation. With the aid of a cookie notification popup, you can target EU citizens using this tool.

Optinmonster pricing


One of the most popular GDPR plugins for WordPress is CookieYes, which has over 1.3 million active downloads. This plugin allows cookie compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR (EU & UK), LGPD (Brazil), and CCPA/CPRA (US).

You can implement a custom cookie banner that matches the look and feel of your website. Users can change the cookie banner’s layout, position, colours and font. The preference centre on the second layer is designed to let users give granular consent for specific cookie categories.

CookieYes supports cookie auto-blocking i.e. the cookie value is by default set to “null” until the user gives permission. The plugin also features automated scanning for an up-to-date cookie list and has a consent log to record user consents for audit.

The paid version offers advanced features like monthly scheduled scanning and the option to geo-target the banner as per specific regions/countries.



Cookieboth homepage

Another well-liked GDPR plugin for WordPress is Cookiebot. It is a cloud-based tool that aids with cookie and tracker management so you can abide by GDPR rules.

You can quickly add Cookiebot’s readily-customizable permission banner to your website. Then, users can choose whether to accept or reject particular cookies. The plugin can also create a cookie declaration and policy for your website automatically.

The fact that Cookiebot connects with MonsterInsights so effortlessly is its best feature. As a result, MonsterInsights will hold off on running the Google Analytics script until the user has used Cookiebot to confirm their authorization.

Cookiebot pricing

Cookie Notice and Compliance for GDPR/CCPA

Cookie Notice homepage

WordPress websites and business owners may also employ Cookie Notice and Compliance for GDPR/CCPA, yet another profound GDPR plugin. You can ask visitors for their permission to use cookies by using this plugin, which is free. It aids in both the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and GDPR compliance for your website.

If your website has multiple languages, this plugin also works with WPML. When a visitor agrees to accept cookies, it can integrate with MonsterInsights and retain Google Analytics code.

This plugin enables you to regularly perform automated backups of your website, which is just as important as adhering to GDPR regulations. Here are some of the features it provides in accordance with specific articles and sections of GDPR and CCPA

  • Autoblocking cookie
  • Localization of custom language
  • Link to ‘Do not sell’ page
  • Categorization of cookies
  • Proof-of-Consent storage
Cookie Notice

WP Forms

WPforms homepage

WPForms is one of the finest WordPress form plugins available, which you can use to make various forms. You can quickly create a form using WPForms’ drag-and-drop builder and pre-built templates, whether it’s a straightforward contact form, survey, or file upload form.

WPForms also has a GDPR improvement option that you can use to make sure your forms are GDPR compliant. With the click of a button, it enables you to disable all geolocation tracking and cookies. Additionally, you have the choice to block IP addresses and User-Agent data associated with each form entry.

You can even include a GDPR approval field in your forms with WPForms, enabling you to obtain your users’ express approval. This is helpful if you’re gathering client email addresses for the purpose of email marketing.

WPforms pricing


This incredible tool specializes in providing attorney-level solutions to ensure that your website and mobile applications are all compliant with several compliance laws across multiple countries and their legislations.

With 90,000+ satisfied clients from more than 100 countries across the globe, iubenda is a trusted and highly reputed GDPR-compliant plugin available in the market. If you are from the European continent, then you are in for a treat, because this plugin has a firm footing and is the forerunner in EU cookie law requirements.

In addition to GDPR, iubenda monitors a majority of the global privacy laws such as US’s CPRA, CCPA amendment, and Australia’s CalOPPA 

Complianz – The Privacy Suite for WordPress

Complianz homepage

Complianz is a dedicated and highly proficient plugin for many laws, including GDPR, DSGVO, PIPEDA, CCPA, and COPPA. To maintain compliance in the EU, US, UK, and Canada, it enables customized cookie management by region.

It includes a built-in feature to check your website for cookies so you can add cookie descriptions automatically. The installation procedure is easy to use.

You can check statistics and use the A/B testing function if you purchase the premium version.

Complianz pricing

GDPR Cookie Compliance

GDPR Cookie Compliance homepage

By letting people to deactivate cookies on the site, GDPR Cookie Compliance by Moove assists you in adhering to CCPA and GDPR requirements.

This plugin offers cookie consent messages that are completely programmable. You can add your logo and change the text, fonts, and colors. The premium edition offers additional features like cookie wall or full-screen layout in addition to the following features:

  • Geolocation
  • Language-specific Scripts
  • iFrame Blocker
  • Hide Time/Accept on Scroll

GDPR Cookie Compliance homepage

Shared Counts

Shared counts

You can display share buttons on your website with this efficient social media WordPress plugin called Shared Counts. By enabling visitors to share your posts on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more, you can boost engagement and traffic.

However, this plugin’s GDPR compliance sets it apart from other social share button plugins. It doesn’t keep track of users’ personal information through cookies or tracking scripts. Therefore, this plugin should be used if you intend to comply with GDPR rules and need to display social share buttons on your website.

Shared Counts

WP AutoTerms

WP AutoTerms homepage

As its name suggests, WP AutoTerms is one of the best GDPR WordPress plugins for creating various rules for your website.

Using a simplified wizard, WP AutoTerms enables you to construct the three most crucial legal pages your WordPress website requires, such as a Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions agreement, or Cookies Policy.

You can link to your legal pages and add them to your website’s footer with the aid of the plugin. And if you recently modified your legal pages, you can utilize WP AutoTerms to notify your users by displaying an announcement bar on your website.

A premium subscription is also available from WP AutoTerms, and it comes with more features including the ability to create GDPR privacy policies, cookie notices, cookie announcement bars, and endorsements.

WP AutoTerms pricing


We cannot emphasize enough the importance and the prevalence of GDPR compliance for your business. We encourage you to bookmark this article as it can guide you through GDPR compliance and the best plugins you can use to simplify the process.

You can also watch the video embedded below for more information and a detailed explanation of how to get started with each of the plugins.

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