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Last updated - April 5, 2023

The ever-changing digital world and the need to stay at the top of the game have led to marketers becoming overwhelmed and even falling off. With the cut-throat competition in the blockchain industry and its increasing popularity, companies find it more difficult to stand out and rank well. 

To solve this problem, we are here with our SEO guide to help your blockchain company navigate its way in this highly competitive space. 

Let’s explore how you can generate quality and make a big difference in your SEO game!

Top 7 SEO Tips for Blockchain Companies 

Blockchain companies have seen remarkable growth in the past years. According to data, the market size of blockchain technology was $5.92 billion in 2021 and will increase at a rate of 85.9% in the coming years. 

However, this means the competition will be even more burdensome for crypto projects and organizations than ever before. As a result, if you are thinking of starting your blockchain firm, then it is essential to understand SEO to be ahead of the rest and take a look at what blockchain pr agencies to stay ahead on the curve. Now, let’s deep dive and know the best SEO tips for your company! 

Proper Keyword Research 

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If you are new to SEO or the concept of keyword researching, allow me to brief you quickly. 

When a user types in a query, for instance, “coffee shops near me,” on Google, they will be redirected to a window with store locations and details. The question that they ask is called a keyword. 

So, you will need to identify proper keywords that users search related to blockchain that can be linked with your company.  

After you make a list of these keywords, be sure to use them efficiently (not too much or too little) in your website content. These will help you boost your ranking on search pages and bring organic user traffic. 

Social Media Optimization 

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SEO is a big picture, but there are many important smaller parts of them that equally need attention. One of them is social media platforms, but this space is a bit tricky. Let’s take an example to comprehend this. 

Since most readers here would be blockchain companies, reaching out to your target audience would be highly costly. However, targeting your audience through platforms such as Discord or Reddit- space with a great number of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts would expand your reach and get your company’s name known to them.

Link Building 

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Link building, also known as backlinks, is an effective SEO strategy to gain credibility and authority for your website. It is well-known that Google ranks websites that contain hyperlinks as it perceives them to be high-quality content. 

Link building internally and externally brings an incredible amount of search traffic to websites. Firstly, internal links are a great way to link your other work, which would improve the user’s navigation. Secondly, external links from high-domain websites make your website appear helpful and valuable. 


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If a company whose niche is clothing publishes blogs relating to “latest fashion trends” and “best ways to style an outfit,” they are attracting more traffic to their website. By answering the queries of users, your blockchain website gets the amazing opportunity of ranking higher. 

Now, blogging is more of an on-site SEO technique to organically gain traffic as it includes more chances to use keywords and helps with one extremely beneficial factor, and that is backlinking. Through guest posts, your website receives a mention on different authoritative websites, which is great to rank higher. 

Produce High-Quality Content

Quality content -  SEO Tips

Producing any content may be an easy task but putting in the efforts to make it valuable, original, and high-quality is effective in ranking well and garnering traffic. 

You see, if users are clicking away from your website because they can’t find the quality content they were searching for, then that’s a pretty good sign that it’s time to say your traffic goodbye. 

High-quality content is essential to whether or not your website will generate leads. Research well and try to deliver content that is different and unique, something that users are new to. Also, change it up as per the crowd you are targeting. If your content is targeted at professionals, then keep it formal and utilize good vocabulary. However, if you want to target the younger crowd, it’s best to keep it conversational and avoid jargon. 

Focus on Video Content 

Video Content -  SEO Tips

Any visually appealing content is sure to get users’ attention. To prove this, there’s a recent survey. It is said that users spend 64% more time on websites containing video content. This implies that simply adding videos to your content will increase interest in your website and will increase the likelihood that visitors will turn into leads. 

Video marketing has been gaining much traction lately, and incorporating videos into your website’s content would ultimately rank you higher on the search engine results page (SERPs). 

Analyze Your Content 

Analyze content -  SEO Tips

The final tactic in our guide is to analyze your website. Asking critical questions when analyzing your content are:

  • Which keywords are ranking well?
  • What is the demographic of your users (country, age, etc.)?
  • What are the most effective channels?
  • What is the CTR (click-through rate)?
  • What type of content is attracting the most attention?
  • What is the bounce rate of your website?
  • Which devices are used most when searching for your content? 

With some of these pre-established questions, you are ready to check your analytics through different tools such as Google Analytics or alternatives like HubSpot. 


Altogether, these were some essential features of SEO and how it can bring tremendous results for your blockchain company. We discussed some essential and effective SEO techniques, from conducting proper keyword research to analyzing your website’s content. 

With the SEO guide by your side, you can help your blockchain website gain more organic traffic and increase its visibility. But remember to monitor and track your progress to make changes along the way. 

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