5 Best WooCommerce FedEx Plugins to Display Live Rates and Print Labels

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Last updated - February 24, 2020

FedEx is a leader among global shipping carriers as it provides quick and dependable delivery services to over 220 countries across the globe. The combination of superior quality transportation infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies help them cement their place among the best in the business. So, it would be a good prospect for you as an eCommerce business owner to partner up with FedEx for your shipping needs. If your store is based on WooCommerce platform, thankfully you will find several options to integrate your store to FedEx API. An integration with FedEx means you will be able to display live rates, print labels and generate tracking code. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce FedEx plugins that will help you integrate FedEx to your store.

Best WooCommerce FedEx Plugins

Before getting into the details, let’s go through the list. You can go to the respective plugin page and find out the features yourself.

  1. WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Method
  2. WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label
  3. ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS & USPS) Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce
  4. Fedex shipping method for WooCommerce
  5. WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin

If you would like a brief on the features of each of these plugins, read on.

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Method

This extension helps you display a range of domestic and international shipping services on your WooCommerce store. While placing an order, your customers will be able to choose one of the preferred services, and they will know the exact cost for the service. This will reduce the chances of cart abandonment due to the inconsistencies in shipping charges. More importantly, when using FedEx services, your shipment will reach customers fast, and there will be better customer satisfaction.

You can choose from a range of domestic and international FedEx services to display on your store.

Features of the plugin

Just like the other WooCommerce shipping plugins, this one too has a standard set of features.

  • Choose services at will – You can enable the FedEx services that you want to display according to the specific requirements of your store. Also, you will be able to change the name of the services, as well as add additional charges to them.
  • Pick additional options – The plugin allows you to choose certain additional options as well. These include enabling the Residential flag, Insurance and FedEx One.
  • Use custom rates or standard rates – If you have exclusive rates available with your account, you can choose to display those to your customers. Or else, you can display the standard rates.
  • Option to let customers choose – While displaying rates, you can choose to show all rates from which customers can choose. Instead of this, you can choose to display only one service that is convenient for you.
  • Box packing – The plugin offers two options for packing. Either you can choose to pack each item individually, or custom pack items into pre-defined boxes.

Your customers can access these rates from the shipping calculator on the Cart page, or by filling the shipping and address on the Checkout page. The single site subscription of the plugin has a price tag of $79. The 5-site plugin is $99 and the 25-site one costs $199.

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin with Print Label

If FedEx is part of your scheme of things with regards to WooCommerce shipping, this plugin is a great choice. It helps you completely automate the shipping process with FedEx, so that you can handle a lot of things from your WooCommerce admin itself. Basically, you can display live rates of a range of FedEx services, automatically or manually print shipping labels, and generate tracking code. Moreover, you can set up custom notifications to customers as well as store admins. It will also help to display estimated delivery dates if the customer is choosing FedEx services.

A comprehensive solution for WooCommerce FedEx integration, this plugin helps you display rates, print labels and generate tracking code from your store admin.

It supports FedEx LTL Freight as well as SmartPost services, and allows you to create bulk shipments. Notably, to use this plugin, you don’t have to install any XML or SOAP extensions on your hosting server. It also offers you the option to choose the packing method based on total order weight or by choosing a custom box based on weight and dimensions of the product.

The single site license of the plugin is priced at $69. You will also find a 5-site license at $99 and a 25-site license at $199.

ELEX EasyPost (FedEx, UPS & USPS) Shipping Method Plugin for WooCommerce

This plugin uses EasyPost API to integrate shipping services of leading shipping carriers to your WooCommerce store. If you already have an EasyPost account, this can be a great option, as you can integrate multiple carriers at the same time. Moreover, you will be able to print shipping labels and generate tracking code with the help of this plugin. Please note, you will be charged a small amount (5¢ per label), by EasyPost for each shipping label that you generate. Rest of the functionalities, like displaying live rates and generating tracking code are practically free.

This plugin uses EasyPost API to help you display rates and print labels on your WooCommerce store.

The plugin is very easy to configure. And, you will find extensive documentation and a dependable support team, if you need any help. The single site license of the plugin would cost you $69. The 5-site license is $99 and the 25-site license is $199.

FedEx Shipping Method for WooCommerce

If you are not intending to print shipping labels from your store admin, you can consider this plugin. It helps you display real-time rates of FedEx services on your WooCommerce store. The plugin also has a feature that will enable you to track packages. Moreover, it helps with address validation as well.

This plugin helps you display live rates of FedEx services, and also provides features like address validation and tracking.

You can purchase the regular license of this plugin for $20 from CodeCanyon.

WooCommerce FedEx Shipping Plugin

This plugin too helps you display live FedEx rates on your store. However, one noticeable advantage of using this plugin would be for dropshippers,  as it supports multiple origin post codes. For this plugin to work, you should use US or Canadian dollars as currency on your store. And, you have to enable SOAP on your hosting server as well.

You can read more about WooCommerce dropshipping plugins here.

Let’s look at some of the interesting features of this plugin. Using this one, you can display only FedEx rates for some of the WooCommerce products. In addition, if you are using another shipping extension by Extensionworks, you can selectively choose which service to use from the individual product page. The plugin helps you create custom boxes based on the weight and dimensions of the products in an order.

Another important feature of this plugin is the order limit option. You can set up an order limit (in USD). When the value of a particular order goes beyond this limit, free shipping will be enabled for that order. This is a great option if you want to explore the benefits of free shipping on your sales and conversions.

Read more about setting up free shipping on WooCommerce here.

Advantages of using FedEx for your shipping needs

Now, if you are selling physical products on your WooCommerce store, you know how taxing the whole shipping process can get. Partnering up with a top shipping carrier would make the job much easier for you. Let’s look at some of the obvious advantages that you will get while opting for FedEx as your shipping partner.

Easy to know the shipping rates

FedEx makes it extremely easy to get a quote for your shipping needs. The online rate tool is helpful to get accurate rates based on the specification of your package. You will be able to know the estimated delivery time for your package as well. If you are running a business, it is better to opt for an account with FedEx, which comes with its own benefits. We’ll discuss the special benefits of having a FedEx account later in the article.

Notification options

When you are shipping your products, it is important to keep customers in the loop. Based on your specific requirements, you can opt for notifications at different stages of delivery. For example, you can initiate automatic notifications when shipping is initiated, parcel is picked up, when you encounter delays or to communicate estimated delivery time. Finally, you can send a notification after the parcel is delivered as well

As a business owner, you would be much more relaxed, if you know the exact location of your shipments, both inbound and outbound. When you have a FedEx account, you can always track all your shipments accurately. With the tracking number provided by FedEx, you can keep an eye on your shipments at all times. Moreover, you can use the mobile app or notification option for continuous monitoring of your parcels.

Mobile app

The mobile app of FedEx make the whole thing more easy, as you will be in the know even while traveling. You can ship a package, schedule a pick up, locate a drop-off point and track using the mobile version of FedEx. There are separate versions of the app for Android, iOS and Blackberry. And there is another version that can be used on any web-enabled phone irrespective of the platform.

Paperless invoices

Bookkeeping is especially easy with FedEx online services as you don’t have to go through the hassles of paper invoices. With FedEx online billing, you can view invoices, credit notes and other shipping details on your screen. And you can download and save invoices in different formats such as XML, PDF, CSV, etc., according to your convenience. You will be able to find your invoice details online even after 180 days from the invoice payment. Moreover, you will get notifications every time a new invoice is created. FedEx online tool also facilitates you to easily manage any disputes with shipping charges. Also, you will be able to manage multiple accounts under a single user ID.

Smooth process to handle returns

FedEx offers several return label solutions that makes it easy to manage the return process for your products. You can create return labels and send it to customers in the printed form or in PDF format via email. Customizable return labels would naturally improve the efficiency of your shipping process, and will please customers. For international shipping, you can use the cost-effective “FedEx Global Returns”, which is customs-friendly and flexible.

Why should you open a FedEx account?

For a business owner, who will have recurring shipments, there are several advantages in opting for FedEx. Here is a quick look:

  • Get special rates – FedEx offers personalized rates for its business customers based on the number of shipments. If your shipping volume is high, you can very well negotiate for a better rate.
  • Manage your account smoothly – You can schedule your pickups according to your convenience online. Moreover, you can make use of the several management tools available with FedEx.
  • Free supplies – You will get free supplies from FedEx for your packaging needs.
  • FedEx Ship Manager – As a FedEx account holder, you will get access to “FedEx Ship Manager” tool, which will help you streamline the shipping process. It is a free tool that will help to improve your efficiency and chances of data entry errors.

Overall, your customer satisfaction should improve if you are choosing FedEx as your preferred shipping carrier.

Integrate FedEx easily to your WooCommerce store

As we have seen above, FedEx is one of the most useful shipping carriers that you can get for your online store. However, it is important to be able to access FedEx right from your WooCommerce store admin. With the help of one of the plugins mentioned above, you can easily integrate FedEx services to your WooCommerce store. Please leave a comment if you are using one of the above plugins for WooCommerce FedEx integration and wish to share an insight.

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