Best WooCommerce SMS Notification Plugins

WooCommerce SMS Notification Plugins

SMS notifications has great potential in improving the purchase experience of eCommerce customers. WooCommerce offers automated order completion emails as a default feature, though you will not be able to set SMS notifications. However, you will find several plugins that will help you integrate the SMS notification feature to your WooCommerce store. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce SMS Notification plugins.


AutomateWoo is a comprehensive marketing automation plugin for WooCommerce. It offers triggers, rules and actions to enhance your workflow. You can configure it to send SMS notifications to customers and store admins, if required. Additionally, the plugin helps you automate follow up emails, abandoned cart recovery, personalized coupons, and a range of other marketing campaigns.


  • Marketing automation plugin with follow up emails, cart abandonment emails and SMS notifications.
  • Configure triggers and actions for seamless automation.
  • Easy set up and management.
  • Track conversion data.

The plugin will cost you $99.

Twilio SMS Notifications

This plugin helps to improve your store’s workflow and customer satisfaction with automated SMS notifications. You will be able to set up a notification to customers when their order status is updates. Similarly, you can set up notifications to store owners when a new order is placed. The plugin is powered by Twilio, and offers excellent customization options to modify the content of each SMS. Furthermore, the SMS editor has a character counter to help you keep the text within the word limit.


  • Powerful SMS notifications for your WooCommerce store.
  • Allow customers to sign up for SMS alerts.
  • Powerful customization features
  • Supports custom order status.

You can get this plugin for $49.

Gupshup SMS Notifications

This is a simple plugin that will help you set up personalized SMS notifications on your WooCommerce store. You can set it up to trigger automatic SMS based on order status changes. The plugin allows SMS notifications to store owners when a new order is placed on their store. At the same time, with changing order status, you can keep your customers alerted. The plugin is quite easy to configure, and will surely be an asset to improve the overall purchase experience of your customers.


  • Configure SMS notifications to store owners and customers.
  • Automate customer notifications based on order status changes.
  • Trigger notifications to store owners when new order is received.
  • Easy to configure and use.

The cost of the plugin is $29.

YITH WooCommerce SMS Notifications

You will be able to send SMS notifications to your customers using 30 different services using this plugin. It helps you keep your customers informed about their orders with prompt notifications for any changes in order status. You can enable an alphanumeric id for the sender, if required. Additionally, the plugin gives you the option to send SMS notifications to all customers, or only to those who signed up for the service. Furthermore, you will be able to customize the content of the SMS as well.


  • Send SMS notifications to customers through different services.
  • Create custom sender id.
  • Customize the SMS text.
  • Trigger notifications for order status changes.

This plugin has a price tag of $63.99.

WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Message Notifications

This plugin provides you with capability to send SMS notifications and WhatsApp messages to your customers. It offers seamless compatibility with WooCommerce, and you will be able to set SMS notification triggers based on order status. You will be able to send SMS in multiple languages and will be able to use a preferred services according to the country. With more than 80 placeholders available, customizing SMS content will be quite easy with this plugin.


  • Helps you configure SMS and WhatsApp notifications.
  • Can schedule and run newsletters using WhatsApp and SMS.
  • Translation ready and compatible with multivendor plugins.
  • Choose country-specific gateways for cost cutting and better deliverability.

The cost of a Regular License of this plugin is $27.

Woocommerce SMS/WhatsApp Notifications

This is another simple plugin that offers SMS and WhatsApp notifications for WooCommerce stores. You need to sign up with the free service Twilio to be able to use this plugin. Please note, you will need a business profile of WhatsApp to be able to send notifications through the platform. You can send automatic notifications based on order status, and also customize the SMS with order id, amount, status, etc.

WooCommerce SMS Notification Plugins


  • Send SMS and WhatsApp notifications to customers.
  • Automate notifications with order status updates.
  • Customize SMS with order-specific data.
  • Simple and easy to use.

The cost of this plugin is $29 for a regular license.

International SMS For WooCommerce

This plugin gives you the flexibility to configure different SMS gateways according to the countries where your customers are located. You will be able to automatically trigger the SMS based on order status updates. Store owners can configure SMS notifications either to all or only to ones who subscribe to it. There are easy options to customize the content of SMS. Interestingly, this plugin integrates effortlessly with WooCommerce Returns and Warranty Requests plugin.


  • Configure different SMS gateways for different countries.
  • Set notifications to both customers and store admins.
  • Can set different sender id for different statuses.
  • Easily customize SMS content.

The plugin will cost you $60 for a Regular License.

SMS Alert Order Notifications – WooCommerce

With this plugin, you can integrate SMS alert with your WooCommerce store. It is pretty easy to configure and supports all different WooCommerce order statuses. You will be able to customize the SMS to include different relevant information about the order. Moreover, you can configure the plugin to send alerts based on stock levels to both customers and store owners. And, the plugin is compatible with a wide range of plugins that are relevant to WooCommerce store owners.


  • Integrates SMS alerts for WooCommerce SMS notifications.
  • Customize the SMS text and include order-related information.
  • Set notifications based on order statuses and stock levels.
  • Supports WordPress multisite.

WooSMS – SMS Module for WooCommerce

This plugin supports SMS notifications to over 200 different countries and regions. It will help WooCommerce store owners promote their products effortlessly with bulk SMS options as well. Store owners will receive notifications for new orders and stock level alerts. Similarly, you can trigger notifications to customers to inform them about different order status. Moreover, the plugin gives a complete overview of all your SMS campaigns.

WooCommerce SMS Notification Plugins


  • Stay on top of your WooCommerce SMS notification strategy with support for different countries.
  • Create custom SMS notifications, and disable templates when required.
  • Include multiple store admins to receive notifications.
  • Bulk SMS feature for more effective marketing campaigns.

Also, you can check out WSDesk – ELEX WordPress Helpdesk & Customer Support Ticket System Plugin, and WSDesk SMS Notification Add-On that will help you send SMS notifications and agents for different triggers such as new ticket submission.

We hope these WooCommerce SMS Notification Plugins plugins will help you in improving customer experience. Feel free to let us know if you have any queries or concerns.

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