6 Benefits of Using Infographics in Your eCommerce Content Strategy


It is a well-known fact that infographics can make content far more visually appealing. All these stats, tips, and data displayed through the image drive traffic insanely. 

What’s more important, infographics can help with your sales. 

If you visit third-party eCommerce platforms like Amazon, you will see that merchants enrich their product pages with infographics. 

Plus, consumers like to capture the information visually. Therefore, using infographics should be a part of your eCommerce content strategy. 

In this guide, you will find out the benefits of using infographics on your eCommerce content strategy.

Let’s start. 

Infographics as a Driving-Force of Any Content Strategy

What do you know about infographics? 

Infographic is a form of visual content that helps communicate with the audience using graphs, diagrams, or illustrations. As a rule, the goal of infographics is to provide users with the information. 

Infographics aim to grab users’ attention. Therefore, the more it is designed well, the more chances that users will like it. The success of infographics depends on two factors – how they are designed and what information they represent. 

Example of a bad infographic:


This infographic is overloaded with information. It makes users consume data harder. 

Example of a good infographic:


This infographic is well-structured in terms of data. It has a unique design and suggests the information creatively.

Who uses infographics in the content strategy? 

Different professionals across various niches use infographics in their content strategy. Let’s review some of them.

  • Marketers use infographics to repurpose content and increase the level of engagement
  • Educators create infographics to introduce material for their students in a more simplified way
  • Consultants utilize timeline infographics mostly

Ecommerce representatives are not the exception to the rule. So, what are the exact reasons for using infographics for any content strategy?

Infographics help users consume information better

The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster. Perhaps, this is the main reason why infographics make sense in terms of using them in your content strategy. 

Secondly, any data used to be represented in a written form most of the time. It is boring. Likely, when content writers suggest visualized data, it changes the perception of information. 

The only disadvantage of creating infographics is that you will have to use specific tools like a free infographic maker. Otherwise, hire a professional designer. 

Infographics build links

Infographics tend to attract backlinks massively. That’s why many content creators decided to repurpose their written content into visuals. 

For example, a modern-day COVID-19 pandemic forces people to spread information about this disaster across different channels. And the best way to present stats is via visuals. Here is one of the infographics that reveal global new COVID-19 cases worldwide.


This infographic has 386 backlinks from 165 domains. 

Infographics increase sales

The first reason why eCommerce representatives use infographics in their content strategy is that it helps increase sales. And here is an example. 

You are an owner of a SaaS company. The company sells some tools that you want your potential customers to understand on how to use it. You realize that the best way to introduce the tool functionality and why it stands out from your competitors is via infographic. However, don’t neglect the quality of images you use to attract buyers. It is better to address professional product retouching services to make sure your photos look eye-pleasing and intriguing.  


If you use an infographic to educate your prospects, it will help you make more sales. 

As you can see, infographics are quite popular and widely used for any content strategy

Now, let’s review the benefits that you can get by using infographics on eCommerce content strategy specifically. 

Benefits of Using Infographics in Ecommerce

You can’t deny the power of infographics. If infographics weren’t resultative, nobody would waste their time creating this form of visuals. 

But how can an eCommerce content strategy benefit from it? 

Here are six benefits that infographics can bring eCommerce representatives:

Infographics stir up interest

According to a Demand Gen Report, 40% of people are more likely to interact with visual content. This is because visuals are easier to process for the brain. It helps drive better business results and incline people to action. 

Furthermore, infographics can help increase organic traffic up to 12%. Use visuals in your eCommerce content strategy, and you will be able to push your potential customers to the product pages directly. 

For instance, you sell some goods on Amazon. You believe that it is enough to add a photo of the item with a basic description. Unfortunately, nobody buys the product and skips the page for no reason. 

Consumers don’t want to review the photo of the product. They want to see how to use it. Consequently, your goal is to show them what they need. 

Infographics allow you to introduce information in-depth. 


The more detailed information about the product your prospects get, the more chances they will buy from you. 

Infographics help underline product features

Success of an eCommerce store depends on how people visit the product pages and buy from you. If you noticed that the product pages don’t attract prospects, it means one thing – they don’t get the product information in the best way. 

This example illustrates two mistakes – a standard photo of the product and a long-form description. First and foremost, not so many people would read this description. And the image of the product looks not so appealing. 

To solve the problem, create an infographic that would highlight the product features with a split description into a bullet list. 

Infographics create comparison analysis of the products 

It is always tricky to make a final choice for a consumer. To choose the item among others. It takes time to review dozens of product variations. Which leads to purchasing delays and people leave your online shop. 

Help people decide by creating comparison charts. 


Compare the products on the same page including all features and benefits of each of them. People will review and compare the products and buy one of them per their needs. 

Infographics help consumers understand complex processes

Online shops have one common issue that is related to positive return experience. In other words, online stores suffer from a huge volume of bounces that happen when potential customers leave their eCommerce websites and never return. 

Why does it happen? 

It happens due to the fact that people can’t understand how to buy the goods on your website. They are confused with tons of information that is not structured properly. By experiencing this mess they decide to leave your online shop. 

How to solve this issue? 

Make the process simple. Explain to users how to do the shopping on your site. Or outline the subscription process along with taking participation in your loyalty program. Whatever it is, your goal is to raise the return experience of your eCommerce shop. And infographics can help you out.

As an example, if you like whiskey, you can participate in the Inverurie Whisky  Shop Loyalty Program. 

infographics loyalty program

You can see that the steps of this program are illustrated in visual form. And it works very well.  

Infographics help boost shares across social channels

Infographics are quite shareable. They can generate 3x more shares compared to other types of content on social channels. 

If you promote your products on social channels, it is worth your time to consider using infographics for this purpose. However, keep in mind that long-from infographics are getting cropped on socials.

Therefore, you will have to design infographics taking into account the requirements of social platforms. It would be enough to break down an infographic into smaller pieces of content most of the time.

Infographics help create an appealing newsletter

Have you ever received a newsletter from one of the online shops?


Email newsletter aims to notify users about discounts, giveaways, sales promotions, and new products in the shop. Rather than making an email blast with old-fashioned static images and walls of text, you should change the approach. 

Mix up your email newsletter with beautiful infographics. And here is a few infographic content ideas for the eCommerce newsletter:

  • Use infographics in the form of listicles to share tips
  • Use infographics as a way to educate your customers
  • Explain onboarding steps via infographics
  • Share statistics using infographics

Use these ideas and create an outstanding email newsletter for your eCommerce website. 


Ecommerce content strategy plays a huge role in the overall marketing distribution of online shops. The right eCommerce content strategy can skyrocket sales drastically. 

You have just got familiar with the benefits your eCommerce business can get using infographics in practice.

Don’t hesitate to enrich your content strategy with the visuals and you will benefit from it. 

If you think this guide lacks more information, feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. 


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