5 Top WordPress Plugins for Adding Presentations

WordPress Plugins for Adding Presentations

WordPress is a powerful web builder and CMS platform. It is open source, meaning it depends on a community of developers. 

The advantage is constant updates and improvements to their offering. It has a robust community that is an excellent information resource. Please don’t take our word for it; let the statistics show you how popular WordPress is.

As of 2024, it powers over 43.1% of websites. As a CMS platform, it has over 62.6% of the market share. Even if you do not want to use it for blogging, its integration with WooCommerce makes it an excellent eCommerce platform.

But, it doesn’t end there. You get access to tons of plugins and themes. Installing the right ones will give you additional functionality, even with presentations. Let’s look at the top 9 WordPress plugins for the latter function.  

Add Presentations on WordPress with These Plugins

PowerPoint has tons of slide themes that help with presentations. You can customize the slides with graphics and images to further increase engagement. If you have a website or blog, you may also have presentations.

You must find a way to make them attractive. It helps catch the attention of audiences. Unlike face-to-face PowerPoint presentations, the online visitor receives the information as you present it. 

Fortunately, WordPress has some excellent plugins that can help. It allows you to personalize and customize the presentations as you wish. Best of all, they are easy to use with simple to follow prompts.

So which plugins should you be considering?  

SlideShare by Yoast

Slideshare by Yoast allows you to embed presentations into your WordPress content easily. You get the opportunity to add the Slideshare presentations to your WordPress. The process of embedding is straightforward.

WordPress Plugins for Adding Presentations

Copy the URL of the presentation. Decide where you want it on your post. Place it there, publish and update. Next, go back to the Slideshare presentation. Select share, then copy and paste the embed code. The plugin is available in the WordPress directory. You can use it on WordPress version 5.6 and above.  

Document Embedder

Document Embedder allows you to include a range of document formats in your presentations. You have options of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and Apple Pages.

WordPress Plugins for Adding Presentations

Others are PDF, Adobe Photoshop, XML paper specifications, and Google Docs. The plugin is lightweight and will therefore not consume a lot of resources. It is user-friendly and ideal even for beginners. 

You can embed documents of up to 20 MB and have no limit to the number of documents. It is applicable on WordPress version 3.1 and above.   

Easy Document Embedder

Easy document embedder allows you access to different formats.  You can embed Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, in PDF, to name a few. It also provides support for external and internal media links. 

WordPress Plugins for Adding Presentations

The embedder works with Guttenberg support, and you can personalize the separate panel setting. You save time and achieve higher efficiency with the plugin. With a single click, you get to embed your files on your WordPress site. To use the plugin, you will need WordPress 3.0. 


It doesn’t matter what kind of presentation you want to do; you will find Presenter very useful.  Build your presentations on the platform using Reveal.js, and then link them to your site. You will not have a challenge using it on most browsers, and it works with presenter remotes.

WordPress Plugins for Adding Presentations

You can also create your themes if you do not want to use the default ones. To use the Presenter plugin, you need WordPress version 4.8 and above. 

Responsive Slider

If you want visual appeal in your presentations, the Responsive Slider plugin is the best. Within minutes you will have search engine optimized slides. It is easy to use and very responsive. The drag-and-drop interface is especially useful. You can customize presentations with animations, images, and videos.

WordPress Plugins for Adding Presentations

You can choose from three slider options, namely Woocommerce, Custom, and Post sliders. For eCommerce purposes, you have filter options for easy navigation through your product offering.

You can also integrate it with Elementor, Gutenberg, or any other web Builder using shortcode. You need WordPress version 3.6 or higher    

Final Thoughts

WordPress plugins are very useful and increase the functionality of the website. And now, you can use plugins for your slideshows and presentations. We have looked at 9 of what we consider the best.

They are easy to use and allow for personalization or customization of presentations. Do note the version of WordPress you need to have if you want to use any of them. It also helps to read user reviews to know what you are getting. Also, take advantage of the WordPress community for more information and help in case you need it.

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