7 Twitter Widget WordPress Plugins To Try In 2022

Twitter Widget WordPress Plugins

WordPress has certainly come a long way since it was launched back in 2003. And there are enough stats available on the internet to back this statement up. And it now powers almost 40% of all websites around the world. Hence we have a great strategy that adds visual appeal and functionality to WordPress website.

So, if you have a WordPress website and are looking for a smart and simple way to improve its visuals, this article is especially for you.

The key for an effective and efficient way to add grace to the WordPress website is simple – and that is opting to embed Twitter widget on the website. In this article, you will find answers to all your concerns. So let’s address them one by one.

Why Twitter?

You might be thinking – We have ample options for social media platforms on the social media horizon, and we are still opting for Twitter. And we have some solid reasons for them. Firstly, Twitter is known for delivering various content. Like Twitter, users have the facility to share their messages using text or upload visual-based content. 

Secondly, as it has a character limit for its written content. Thus it requires less attention span. So, it encourages readers to go through the tweet when they are in a hurry. So what it does that the writer gets an audience and platform to share their message while readers get to know about the subject matter. So the information is transferred.

In conclusion, by opting to embed Twitter widget on WordPress website, you make your website more visually appealing and informative.

What is Twitter Widget?

Twitter Widget is the functional block on the website that helps you showcase Twitter feeds. As most of the Twitter widgets display the content on the website from the source, it does not affect the website’s speed.

How to Get Twitter Widget for WordPress?

WordPress offers various plugins to its users that help to add functionality and visual appeal to the website. And even for this purpose, WordPress has various plugins that offer dedicated Twitter widget. As mentioned, there are various plugins for the Twitter widget, but we are listing the best plugins available in the store for your relevance.

Twitter Widget WordPress Plugins That Can Add Great Benefit to Your Business in 2022

Marketers should always look for an upgrade than their previous versions or strategies. Hence, to ease your task and save your time, we recommend the best plugins that can be termed an upgrade for your WordPress website. You can find these plugins easily and operate them like a pro.

1. Twitter Feed Plugin by Tagembed

C:\Users\TaggBox\Downloads\Plugin\Twitter feed– WordPress plugin.JPG

Twitter feed by Tagembed tops our list as it is one of the best plugins in its category. The plugin helps to collect social feeds from various social media platforms and then displays them on your WordPress website. The plugin provides a dedicated Twitter widget that you can easily embed on your WordPress website and display Twitter feed to your visitors. This plugin by Tagembed smoothly collects Twitter feed from your desired source (you can select hashtags, mentions, handles, and more as your source) and helps you showcase them on your website. Alongside Twitter, it is compatible with 18+ social media platforms, making it a phenomenal social media WordPress plugin.

Talking about the features, the plugin provides a wide range of features that assists you in upgrading your website. For example, it provides the customization feature that allows you to personalize the widget as per your choice. Here you can change the font style of the feed, font size and more as per requirement. Adding to it, you have various themes and layout options. You can choose the one that matches the style of your website. All these measures bring grace to your website and make it more professional.

Moreover, the plugin also equips you with the moderation feature that helps you to filter out all the irrelevant and unwanted content from your website. It helps in two ways – Firstly, it maintains the quality of your website. Secondly, it keeps the feed related to your business, hence instilling interest related to your business in the minds of your visitors.

2. Feed Them Social

C:\Users\TaggBox\Downloads\Plugin\feed them social.PNG

Feed Them Social is an easy to install plugin that helps to collect and display social feeds on your website. The plugin provides you with the Twitter widget that helps you collect and display Twitter feed for your website. The widget displays all types of media without any hassle and helps you enhance your website’s visuals.

With the help of the responsive widget from the plugin, you can display the feeds to any device user. In simple words, the widget adjusts as per the size of the window. Hence it does not matter what device your visitor is using, the appeal of your widget remains the same. Also, with the customization option, you can change font colors and more and showcase your artistic side to the world.

3. Custom Twitter Feeds by Smash Balloon

C:\Users\TaggBox\Downloads\Plugin\Custom Twitter Feeds.png

Custom Twitter Feeds by Smash Balloon is an amazing plugin. It helps you display a completely customizable, responsive, and crawlable Twitter feed on your website. Moreover, the plugin allows you to display multiple Twitter feeds on multiple pages and widgets. And as you have multiple Twitter feeds, there will be no shortage of content to show to your visitors. 

Moreover, as you will be able to display it on different pages, hence helps you to enhance the look of your overall website.

The plugin provides a load more option for the feed, which helps you keep your users engaged for a long time on the website. More time user spends on the website, the chances of attaining more sales increases.

4. Easy Twitter Feed by bPlugins LLC

C:\Users\TaggBox\Downloads\Plugin\easy twitter feed.JPG

Easy Twitter Feed by bPlugin LLC is a lightweight but powerful plugin. It helps you in collecting Twitter feeds and displaying them on your WordPress website. In addition, this plugin easily embeds the Twitter feed on your website using the shortcodes. 

And as it provides a customization feature, you can change the widget’s appearance and make it more appealing. With the help of this plugin, you can also add ‘Follow’ button on your website. It increases the chance of strengthening Twitter presence.

5. WP Tfeed

C:\Users\TaggBox\Downloads\Plugin\wp tfeed.JPG

WP TFeed is an amazing plugin that helps you in displaying latest tweets on your website. With its auto-update feature, the plugin displays the tweets as soon it uploads on Twitter on your source. 

It also allows you to showcase the Twitter feed using the slider display. Thus, it increases the visual appeal and functionality of your website. How? – The visitor will be able to read about your product and go through your Twitter feed at once. It also saves the time of your visitors and helps you in creating awareness about your Twitter handle.

6. Customize Feeds for Twitter by Weblizar

C:\Users\TaggBox\Downloads\Plugin\Customize Feeds for Twitter.PNG

Customize Feed for Twitter helps you in displaying the latest tweets on your website. You can decide the source, and as soon as the tweet uploads to the source, your website will be displaying. It saves the time that you spend on manually embedding the latest posts on your website. 

Moreover, the plugin allows you to make modifications to your widget as per your requirements. With the customization feature you can make the widget alluring and create a good impression on your visitors.

7. Flow-Flow Social Feed Stream

C:\Users\TaggBox\Downloads\Plugin\New folder\Flow-Flow Social Feed Streams.png

When your visitors visit the website, most likely, the first thing they will notice is the look of your website. The look of the website plays a vital role in increasing the sales of your business. Simply because a website helps create a good impression on them, creating an impression is essential for sales. So, you can use Flow-flow Social Feed Stream to display Twitter feed on your website to display the Twitter feed in a well-organized manner and eventually increase the website’s charm. 

Over to you

So this was the list of 7 best Twitter widgets plugins for WordPress that you can use for 2022. You can find them easily on the WordPress plugin store and operate them like a pro. So now the ball is in your court, make a move and use the Twitter feed plugin to take your business to new levels.

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