How to Use WordPress with React to Build a Modern Web App?

How to use WordPress with React

Last updated - November 23, 2023

Imagine having a modern and sleek website that engages your visitors and makes a lasting impact on them. According to Portent research conducted in 2022, your website’s speed and agility affect your site’s conversion and revenue rates.

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to create everything from simple websites to sophisticated and complicated eCommerce enterprises. You may use WP REST API and WordPress React to combine the platform’s PHP code with JavaScript.

WordPress REST API is a significant step forward for front-end developers who want to use JavaScript frameworks like React (or Vue.js) with WordPress.

The dynamics of web app development companies change with each technological progress. WordPress and JavaScript have become common combinations that help create the best solutions possible. Let’s briefly examine how these technologies may help you design a contemporary web app.

What is the WordPress REST API?

WordPress contains a lot of programming jargon. So, before we go any further, let’s refresh our memories on these critical terms and define them.

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  • API: The Application Programme Interface (API) is a set of protocols to develop a suitable solution. It determines how information is communicated across programs and structures distinct app components to interact with one another. A good API simplifies program development by offering details in manageable chunks.
  • REST: Representational State Transfer defines constraints on programming methods. It provides web services known as REST APIs or RESTful APIs.
  • JSON: In large programs, JavaScript Object Notation formats the data structure to make it easier to understand. It allows WordPress to interface with any other application. With the release of WP 4.7, this became possible. The JSON REST API uses a decoupled design in which data (back) is separated from views (front).

What Good Does it Do for Users?

A front-end WordPress does not have to be created by ‘WordPress.’ It helps in engaging a specific audience in an online business. WordPress has started to function better for web app development companies by including capabilities such as revisions, a straightforward editing interface, and other familiar functionality. Website designers in New Jersey companies are using WordPress to create websites for small businesses so that they can grow quickly and also make changes with less knowledge of WordPress.

What Good Does it Do for Users?

One can also use REST API to select a front-end framework and show content as desired. As a result, he may utilize any JavaScript framework.

As a result, one can save time looking for an appropriate WP theme for an online business. Another significant advantage is that front-end developers can easily handle large projects with numerous teams because the data is efficiently controlled with WP on the back end, as one of the benefits of JSON without touching PHP.

Benefits of Using WordPress With React to Build a Modern Web App:

Integrating React into your WordPress site has various advantages. Furthermore, React’s extensive ecosystem of tools will help take your place to the next level. Here are the main benefits of implementing React into your WordPress site.

Benefits of Using WordPress With React to Build a Modern Web App:

Improved Performance 

The virtual DOM implementation in ReactJS will help you build an efficient, quick, and highly performant interface for your site. This enables React to update just the components that require modification. This will result in a more efficient and timely display of your website’s dynamic information.

Improved User Experience

The ability of React to generate dynamic UI components and its rapid rendering may significantly improve the user experience of your WordPress site. You can include animations, transitions, and real-time changes in your website.

Reusable Components 

Your website will be easier to manage and scale thanks to ReactJS’s reusable components and modularity. Furthermore, any design modifications to the front end of your site will be implemented quickly.

Future-proofing Your Website

By utilizing React, your website stays aligned with the forefront of software development evolution. React’s continuous enhancements ensure your site benefits from the latest strides in web development. Logically integrating these innovations keeps your platform in sync with the future of software development, guaranteeing a modern and engaging user experience.

Things to Consider While Developing a Web App Using React and WordPress:

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Developer Skillset

Building a site with React and WordPress is a time-consuming process with a high learning curve. As a result, having a competent developer skill set is critical to deal with JavaScript, JSX, and the tools stated before. It is essential to have a knowledgeable staff with experience in API integration, WordPress development, and React. Hiring a web app development company on a project basis through Codeable can significantly simplify this procedure.

Existing Infrastructure

The infrastructure you have in place affects development time, compatibility, scalability, and cost. Choosing a plan consistent with your existing infrastructure will result in a more efficient and seamless growth process. A headless configuration, for example, may be more efficient for your website’s requirements. However, it requires additional development effort, back-end adjustments, knowledge, and resources.

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Upkeep and Updates

Regular upgrades and maintenance are essential when developing a site using WordPress React and 

Regular upgrades and maintenance improve your security, site performance, and stability. With frequent promotions, compatibility concerns, and security vulnerabilities might occur, resulting in a good user experience and probable site crashes. Because front-end and back-end changes are separated, the headless architecture simplifies updates.

SEO Considerations

SEO is critical for enhancing your website’s discoverability and ranking in search results to increase conversion rates and profit. It is essential to consider how using React with WordPress would affect SEO, such as how search engines will index and crawl your content. Furthermore, a headless configuration may necessitate extra work to incorporate SEO-recommended practices for optimal search engine optimization.


Integrating React alongside WordPress is a fantastic method to develop a flexible, scalable, and highly performant website. With WordPress as the CMS backbone, you receive the benefits of its content management system while still being able to utilize React to construct bespoke components or a decoupled front end. However, this process can be challenging and complex if you don’t have prior coding skills.

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