9 Best WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugins (2024)

WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugins

Last updated - May 23, 2024

WooCommerce offers convenient features to collect and manage tax on your online store. In addition, you can find several plugins to automate the tax calculations and customize them according to the tax laws of your country.  Sometimes, you may want to provide tax exemptions to specific customers. How will you manage this with WooCommerce? In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce tax exempt plugins for WooCommerce.

Tax Exempt for WooCommerce

The plugin empowers store admins to effortlessly offer tax exemption privileges to specific user roles and customers. With a user-friendly interface, this plugin allows customers to request tax exemption through the “My Account” page, and admins can manually grant tax exemption from the backend. With the WooCommerce Tax Exempt plugin, users can easily view the status of their exemption requests, whether they are approved, rejected, or pending. The plugin sends automated email notifications to keep both admins and customers informed about the status of exemption requests.

You will be able to exempt specific customers from tax payment on your store.


  • Enable tax exemption for specific user roles, streamlining the process for eligible customers
  • Empower customers to conveniently request tax exemption through a customizable form on the “My Account” page
  • Admins can effortlessly manage exemption requests from the backend, approving or rejecting them with ease
  • Enjoy the flexibility of adding an expiry date to tax exemption status

The single site subscription of the plugin will cost you $59.

EU VAT Number

According to EU VAT rules, certain customers can be exempted from paying tax when they are purchasing from your store. This plugin provides an option to let customers input their VAT number on the checkout page. Store owners can validate these details and allow tax exemption for customers. The plugin makes use of EU’s VIES VAT number validation. Along with B2B transactions, you can use this plugin to accept and validate tax exemptions for B2C customers as well. In additions, it helps you handle tax regulations for digital products as well. You can purchase the single site subscription of the plugin for $29.

WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugins
By adding a field to input VAT number in the checkout page, you can exempt certain customers from paying tax.

WooCommerce Tax Exemption

This plugin is great to enable you to setup conditional tax exemption rules based on various criteria. It provides you with an option to create conditional rules based on products, category, location, and specific users. With this plugin, you can decide whether to approve or reject tax exemption by customers.

WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugins
This plugin has an easy setup that can be configured in no time.


  • With this plugin, you can enable customers to upload their tax number and tax certificate upon user registration.
  • You can create a tax exemption rule for specific countries, products, or product categories.
  • At a simple glance, you can view all the active and inactive exemption rules on your website.
  • Website owners can develop customizable tax exemption form fields.
  • You can add a tax exemption checkbox on the checkout page of your WooCommerce store.

The basic version of this plugin is for $3.25/month.

Disability VAT Exemption

There are scenarios where you need to exempt individual customers or organizations from paying tax on your store. This plugin will help you set up a process to exempt tax on a per-product basis. So those products, when they are in the cart of an eligible person, will not be taxable. This is achieved by adding additional fields on the checkout page. The customers who are eligible for tax exemption on purchase of certain products can enter their details. In addition, the price display of such products will be without the tax component when a eligible person logs in to your site.

WooCommerce Tax Exempt plugins
You can allow tax exemptions to individuals with disabilities, and charity organizations with the help of this plugin.

The reasons and details that customers enter during checkout will be stored in custom fields in order details page. And, it is quite simple for store owners to manage the exemption aspects in the backend of your store. A single site subscription will cost you $29.

WooCommerce Tax Exempt

You can set up your store in a way to exclude specific customers from paying any tax when they shop from your store. The plugin allows you to apply this option to any of the user accounts on your store. Moreover, you can set up a time frame to allow tax exemption. The tax exemption will be available only during this period and taxes will be applied normally after that. Unlike the other plugins that we have seen in this list, this one does not let you customize the checkout forms to collect tax-related information. You will have to specify the tax exemption for each user from the store admin.

WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugins
This plugin manages tax exemption at individual user levels and not on the checkout page.


  • Individually set tax exemptions for customers on your WooCommerce store.
  • Set expiration date for all tax exemptions that you configure on your store.
  • Store customer’s tax related information in their account page.
  • Specifically apply tax exemptions on your store, where only some tax rates are exempted, not all.
  • Simple user interface that is easy to manage.
  • You can get a single site subsription of this plugin at $59.

WooCommerce Tax Exempt: Vat Exempt Customers & Role Plugin

This plugin too helps to exclude specific customers and user roles from paying tax on your store. It provides you an option to apply tax exemptions manually by taking details from customers, or automatically apply it on checkout. Customers can simply click the checkbox on the checkout page to claim tax exemption for certain orders alone. For automatic tax exemption, you can specify the user roles you want to offer tax exemption in the store admin. For this, you can use the plugin with any of the popular user role editor plugins.

WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugins
This plugin lets you set up tax exemptions on your store automatically as well as manually based on your strategy.


  • Create tax exemption for select customers or user roles.
  • Offer an option to customers to claim tax exemption by clicking a checkbox on the checkout page.
  • Set up tax exemption for customers and user roles in the store admin, so that tax rates won’t be applied when these customers make purchases on your store.
  • User-friendly interface to help you manage tax exemptions effortlessly.

The regular license of this plugin will cost you $29.

WooCommerce Exclude Tax For Specific Customers – Tax Exempt Plugin

You can provide special tax exemptions to your customers using this plugin as well. It allows you to remove tax application for certain users on the store admin, or let customers request for exemption during checkout. The plugin gives control to store owners to decide whether to approve or reject tax exemption by customers. It also provides customizable tax exemption forms that will help customers to send a request. Moreover, automatic notifications during the approval and rejection of tax exemption request will help customers informed as well.

WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugins
You can add custom fields on the tax exemption form according to your store requirements while collecting information from customers requesting exemption.


  • Provide tax exemption for specific customers on your store.
  • Customizable form, where you can add fields as per requirement, to help customers request for tax exemption on your store.
  • Manually verify each request before approving or rejecting it.
  • Automatic email notifications for customers as well as store admin, when decision is made on a tax exemption request.

You can purchase the regular license of the plugin for $29.

EU VAT Manager for WooCommerce

The plugin helps in collecting and validating EU VAT numbers on the WooCommerce checkout page. It also helps in automatically exempting tax for selected VAT numbers. You will be able to display a form on the checkout page to collect the VAT details, which can be customized. Moreover, you can even make it mandatory for checkout. Also, the plugin has extensive validation options including checks for billing country code, company name and IP address. You can also choose to display the tax exemption code only for selected user roles or locations.

Wpfcatory VAT plugin


  • Collect and validate EU VAT number on your WooCommerce store.
  • Customize the frontend display of the form with extensive options including an option to enable based on user roles.
  • Validate tax exemption requests based on multiple parameters such as matching country, company, and even to preserve VAT in selected countries.
  • Tool to add all the VAT rates of EU countries to your WooCommerce store.
  • Automatic validation through official European Commission service.
  • Supports multiple languages with WPML/Polylang compatibility.

A single site license of this plugin will cost you $19.99

WooCommerce EU VAT / IVA Compliance

If you need help to ensure EU tax compliance, this plugin could be really helpful. The plugin helps you add all EU VAT rates to your store in a single click. It helps you have all the information related to EU tax compliance in one location. Moreover, it offers advanced reporting capabilities as well. The plugin verifies the location entered by the customer by considering the IP address for better compliance.

WooCommerce Tax Exempt Plugins
This plugin helps you with comprehensive options to manage EU VAT compliance and exemptions.


  • Helps you ensure tax compliance according to the latest EU VAT rules.
  • Saves the approaches used to calculate tax for individual orders to provide evidence for tax audits.
  • Display product prices with the accurate tax details based on GeoIP information.
  • Easily update tax rates on your WooCommerce store.
  • Option to exempt EU buyers from paying tax based on their VAT numbers.
  • Forbid EU buyers from purchase when they don’t have a registered VAT number.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Download tax data into a CSV file.

The price of this plugin starts from $46.36

Hopefully, this plugin has helped you with more information on WooCommerce Tax Exempt plugins. Leave us a comment with your feedback.

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