5 Best AMP WordPress Plugins – Don’t Miss It

AMP WordPress Plugins

AMP, Accelerated Mobile Page plugins can help a WordPress based website to run seamlessly on the handheld devices

Developers are trying their best to make the regular website compact enough to run seamlessly on the mobile devices keeping all the original features of the site intact.

Why AMP WordPress plugins are necessary?

The marketing strategies are changing with the change in era. Today, more than 70% of people surf the internet from their smartphones. This new era is totally dependent on the smartphone for everything.

Many websites created by the website owners fail to attract the mobile user as their website is not mobile-friendly. This restricts the potential customer from engaging with the companies.

AMP WordPress Theme and Plugins are the essential elements that are required by a website to mould itself into a mobile-friendly site.

Even your website’s loading speed will determine your ranking on the Search engine result pages (SERPs). Normal themes and plugins can stress out your website’s loading speed. This is where AMP themes and plugins come into action.

AMP-based plugins and themes help you to reduce the stress on your website while the user is trying to open the site on mobile devices.

AMP-based Plugins

AMP-based plugins help your site to fit in the mobile devices. With the help of the AMP, you don’t have to create a new website for mobile devices. Rather you can convert the existing site into mobile-friendly sites.

Here are some top AMP-based plugins:

AMP for WP

This plugin is considered a one-time stop shop, as you can get almost every feature that is needed to convert your website compatible with the mobile devices. AMP for WP provides a large collection of AMP-based plugin and themes that can help you to make your website congruous with the mobile devices.

AMp WordPRess plugins

AMP for WP keeps its database updated with the regular updates and clear out the bugs that accumulate with time. What’s the best part of this plugin is that it is very simple to use? Even a novice can use this extension without facing any problems.


  • Custom AMP editor: This feature helps the website developer or the website owner to create content, exclusive page design and issue regular updates its website.
  • Drag and Drop Features: AMP for WP also have drag and drop features that allow even the novice to design the webpages individually.
  • This plugin is quite smooth when it works. It does not stress any extra load on the website.
This plugin offers advanced features to optimize the search engine visibility of your WordPress site.

This plugin has more than 3 million active installs and with the bi-weekly update, this plugin is loved by many professionals from all over the world.

This plugin can be used by the novice and as well as by a pro. It has all the features that website owners need to make their website mobile-friendly site. What’s more, this plugin have both free and paid subscription.

If you are a new website owner and only the basic features are required for your website, you can simply go for the free subscription.


  • This plugin is supported by Google AMP. Hence, if there are any changes in your website, it will automatically send a notification the google regarding changes.
  • This plugin also come with a free version and a paid subscription. The free subscription more or less has all the basic features that website owners need for its website. While the paid subscription caters more advance features that e required at higher levels.
  • This plugin is integrated by the WooCommerce. Hence, making it a prime choice for the businessmen having an eCommerce site.

Yoast SEO glue AMP

We all know how helpful the Yoast SEO plugin is. But what if I say that there is an AMP-based Yoast SEO plugin. Isn’t it worth your attention? Yoast SEO glue is an AMP-based Yoast SEO plugin that allows your website to load faster on mobile devices.

AMP wordPress plugins

Yoast SEO glue helps to optimize your website and content according to the Search engines and helps in attaining a higher ranking.


  • Helps to optimize the site and the content for the SEO and mobile device.
  • It helps you with the page building and SEO content integration.

Better AMP

Better AMP is the new plugin that has recently hit the market. But in spite of being a new plugin, many people are showing their trust. This is all due to the fact it is performing better than some of the older plugins in the market.

AMp WordPress plugins

This plugin claims that it improves the loading time of the website. And by seeing how successful it is, it can be concluded that the claim seems to be true. What’s more, it is free.


  • It improves the interphase usability of your WordPress website.
  • It claims to solve the problems related to page integration.
  • This plugin allows the user to facilitate demo customization. This helps the user to try out new AMP landing pages.
  • It has a clean and simple design that makes this plugin more attractive than the others.

AdSense plugin WP quads

With more than 40,000 active installs and has a 100% rating on the wordpress.org, it is sure a plugin that cannot be out of my list. AdSense is considered to be among the best plugin when it comes down to optimizing your web pages.

AMP WordPress Plugins

It also helps the users to monetize the traffic they are getting on their sites.


  • It converts all the web pages into mobile-friendly webpages.
  • It controls the flow of ads on your websites.
  • It helps you monetize your traffic.
  • It supports subscription.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to have a website that is not only compatible with the PCs and the desktop but also with the mobile devices. With more than 70% of the internet surfers use mobile devices to surf the internet, it has become very important to convert your website into a mobile-friendly website. That’s where AMP-based Plugins comes into action. In this article, I have just mentioned only a handful of them. But in the market, there are many that you can use for your website.

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