Top 6 Magento Apps to Create a Stellar User Experience

Magento Apps

Creating a memorable customer experience is a challenge for ecommerce businesses. They are always looking for killer strategies and useful apps to improve user experience to increase customer loyalty and profits. If you are a Magento user and running an online store that deals with high customer and sales volume, the ultimate goal of your store is to provide a stellar user experience and generate more revenue. If you are looking for Magento apps to improve the online experience and strengthen your marketing efforts, here I have listed top 6 Magneto apps that will best fit your needs. 

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Listrak is a retail digital marketing automation tool that helps Magento site owners to create engaging and relevant email marketing campaigns that are based on customers’ previous purchase history. The tool offers a myriad of customizable marketing options that will improve your marketing efforts.

Magento Apps

One of the best features of Listrak is that it gives you accurate customer analysis and real-time product recommendations. The integrated product recommender offers personalized suggestions, and product alerts notify customers when their desired product is available. This digital marketing platform provides site owners access to customer information from multiple customer data sources. It also enables you to track effective marketing campaigns. 

With the adjustable Lightbox solution, you can engage new customers by showing welcome messages. You can create a single template email that automatically new versions of send messages to your email list. To engage your customers and encourage them to make more purchases from your Magento store, automated timed messages can quickly be sent via this tool. 


Believe it or not, today’s customers want a highly personalized experience and prefer to do business with those brands that offer relevant content. In fact, providing personalized content has now become necessary to nurture a strong relationship with your customers. Creating personalized emails has now become easier with the Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud. Integrating Sailthru into your Magento newsletter, you can nurture personalized store experience across all channels – website, social media, mobile, and email.

Magento Apps 

The platform allows you to perfectly combine email marketing with personalization tools. With the Sailthru app, you can collect important customer data, such as their shopping pattern and habits, and then use this data to create a personalized experience across all channels.  

If you are looking for creating high-performance emails and personalized messages to build strong and long-lasting relationships with your customers, Sailtrhu is a perfect app. It can help you acquire new customers, reduce customer churn rate, and improve revenue. The online tool can collect customer data based on their browsing pattern and then deliver them a personalized experience. It is a great strategy to win back your past customers and reengage customers who disengaged for a while.

Fresh Relevance

It is an effective personalization platform that can help you deliver a targeted cross channel customer experience. Ecommerce marketers can use Fresh Relevance to create more revenue and increase customer loyalty. The app can track customer behavior in order to provide valuable insights into each user. With the help of machine learning, the platform helps you choose the most relevant strategies to guide your customers along their journey across multiple channels and devices. 

Magento Apps

By integrating Fresh Relevance into your Magento store, you can create a personalized experience for your shoppers, which will enable you to build long-term customer relationships and increase profits. With a practical toolset, you can easily customize and automate your personalization campaigns. It is quick and easy to set up, can easily be integrated with almost every email service provider. It also offers product recommendations, real-time profiling, advanced customer segmentation, and social proof widgets for creating a better user experience.

FME Extensions 

It’s no surprise that visuals play an integral role in enticing customers to take the desired action. Therefore, designing visually appealing banners is the key to attract customers to your ecommerce store. You can improve the appearance of your Magento store by configuring a banner extension – FME extension. This amazing banner module allows you to create customizable banners that can be placed anywhere on the website. 

Magento Apps


With the help of Algolia Instant Search, you can improve the search functionality of your Magento store. The app allows you to take your default search experience to a whole new level by quickly updating products and categories in real-time. The search system has some amazing features, such as autocomplete, typo tolerance, and pair up synonyms that allow users to get the most relevant search results. The fiction less navigation experience can improve your overall Magento store experience while making your Magento search results ultrafast, relevant, and reliable. 

Magento Apps


Today’s customers won’t think for a second and leave your website without completing the purchase process, if the checkout is complicated. In fact, it is one of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment. Offering a few easy steps and asking only important information can make your checkout process easier and simpler. An easy and simple checkout process will also increase your chances of getting more conversions. 

Magento Apps

OneStepCheckout is an amazing app for Magento sites that allows you to get relevant information from your customers via a single page. The app allows multiple payment methods and easily compatible with third-party modules. OneStepCheckout also allows gift wraps, gift messages, and enables you to set delivery time. The auto-suggestion feature makes it easier for your customers to complete the form without having to enter the information on their own. 

If you are thinking of improving your conversion rate and boost your ecommerce sales, try OneStepCheckout. The Magento platform helps you simplify the checkout process, save your customers’ time, and enhance the customer shopping experience. 

Final Words

Marketers who are using Magento as their ecommerce platform should give these Magento apps a try. The leading features of these Magento apps will help you provide personalized customer experience by increasing your chances of acquiring more customers and generating more leads and sales. 

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