Best Tools for Measuring SEO & SEO Trends in 2024

Best Tools for Measuring SEO & SEO Trends in 2024

Some jobs allow you to run everything by yourself, but when it comes to marketing, especially SEO, things may become tricky.

SEO is crucial for your website if you want to rank high on popular search engines and earn more views. Based on research, 92.96% of the global traffic comes from Google. Therefore, you need to know how well your SEO strategy performs.

The rapidly evolving digital era requires marketers to rely on simple yet fully functioning tools so they can track performance metrics, and progress reports, automate processes, detect and address issues, and plenty more.

That being the case, we decided to present you with the best tools for measuring the effectiveness of the SEO.

Get Familiar with SEO Tools

Get Familiar with SEO Tools

SEO tools help you optimize your website according to search engine requirements so that it can rank higher.

The best way to understand them is to look at them as software that serves various functions, such as search query analytics, AI content optimization, website performance analysis, reporting automation, and more. 

Based on this, SEO tools are categorized into a few groups:

  • SEO audit tools: This group of tools helps you track and understand how well your website is doing regarding search engine optimization. 
  • Keyword research tools: These SEO tools focus on understanding what people search for and which terms you should target rather than directly monitoring your website’s ranking. 
  • Rank trackers: While most SEO rank trackers conduct basic keyword research, their main feature is tracking how well specific pages of your website, or even the entire site, rank for one particular keyword. They often come with additional tools for SEO tasks, but not so extensively.
  • All-in-one tools: These comprehensive SEO tools offer features similar to rank trackers but on a much bigger scale. In other words, they provide separate tools for redundant tasks and also come loaded with cutting-edge features, such as AI or automation. 

Now that you are familiar with SEO tools, let’s delve into the main aspect of this article. 

The Best SEO Tools – Our Detailed List

While there are visible elements that you can include on your website, like custom signature, vibrant colors, CTA buttons, etc., to attract visitors and leave a memorable impact, SEO finishes all the work that you can’t see. So, let’s explore the most prominent SEO tools. 

seoClarity – Excellent SEO AI Assistant

seoClarity – Excellent SEO AI Assistant

Starting with an all-in-one SEO tool, we present you with seoClarity. If you wish to replace various SEO tools and get a complete package with a wide range of basic and advanced SEO features, then you should definitely consider this one. 

Thanks to this tool, you’ll be able to conduct regular rank monitoring, get diagnostics insights, search and track various trends, analyze competitors, detect any errors or inefficiencies in your strategy, explore different website topics and their performance, and a whole other array of features.

Aside from the analytics, seoClarity considers other aspects as well, such as content creation and optimization. To achieve this, it provides you with different functionalities that allow you to come up with a whole web page or blog just from a single keyword, add an existing URL, create your own, or develop a brief for your writers. But seoClarity doesn’t stop here!

It comes with a built-in SEO assistant called Sia, which will assist you in creating AI-optimized content. This AI utilizes existing SEO data to generate optimized meta titles or descriptions automatically.

It also suggests content outlines, and with a simple click, you can turn them into full articles. 

To top it all off, Sia analyzes your writing as you go, suggesting relevant keywords ensuring your content is well-optimized from start to finish.

Surfer – Best SEO Tool for Accurate SERP Insights

Surfer – Best SEO Tool for Accurate SERP Insights

Surfer comes second on our list because it’s one of the best SEO audit tools. Although it’s an SEO audit tool, it’s pretty distinctive when compared to other platforms.

Surfer’s five main tools are Keyword Research, Audit, Content Editor, SERP Analyzer, and Domain Planner. You can find such tools in other SEO software, too, but Surfer adds a dash of uniqueness by integrating AI into them.

For instance, its Keyword Research tool categorizes all topic ideas into different clusters based on your intent.

Then, you can transfer them to the AI-driven Content Editor, which will come up with a brief. After that, it’s much easier. You just write your article, and you can be sure that it’s optimized. 

On top of that, Keyword Research offers real-time content ratings, allowing you to adjust your structure and the keywords you include very easily.

Surfer’s best standout feature is the SERP Analyzer. With its incredible interactive chart that analyzes the best 48 search results for SEO metrics, Surfer blows its competitors away.

You can find the average word count, keyword density, how often terms appear, and the character count from a single tool! This detailed analysis allows you to refine your SEO strategy and guarantee ultimate success.

Semrush – High-End Rank Tracker SEO

Semrush – High-End Rank Tracker SEO

In order to succeed, being aware of your competitors’ performance is a must. Luckily, Semrush is here to make things easier for you.

This rank tracker SEO tool mainly focuses on page ranking metrics, keyword research, and SERP analysis. 

Semrush keeps things basic, with no extraordinary functionalities. It displays an overall picture of your website’s SEO health. It dives deeper into crucial metrics, such as the number and quality of your backlinks, domain authority, organic keywords, website traffic, and how long visitors stay on your website. 

Still, there are a few features that stand out, such as its Keyword Gap, Keyword Magic Tool, Backlink Gap, and Position Tracking. Let’s check them out briefly:

  • Keyword Gap: This feature analyzes your site and compares it to others, so it can reveal keywords that rank high that you might be missing. It also helps you expand your reach and target new customers.
  • Keyword Magic Tool: By entering a broad topic, the Keyword Magic Tool generates a complete list of related keywords people are mostly searching for. Therefore, you’ll be able to create content that will attract your target groups of visitors. 
  • Backlink Gap: This tool compares your backlink profile with those of your competitors, helping you identify opportunities to build more links and potentially outrank them in search results.
  • Position Tracking: Ultimately, you’ll get daily updates with this tool. More precisely, you’ll get valuable insights into your ranking position and your competitors for the keyword you choose. That said, Position Tracking helps you monitor your SEO progress and adjust it accordingly.

BuzzSumo – Most Prominent SEO Tool for Content Creation

BuzzSumo – Most Prominent SEO Tool for Content Creation

BuzzSumo is a keyword research tool that outperforms its contenders. Its main advantage is that it provides in-depth reports on how search trends change over time, keeping you ahead of the curve.

If you need a spark for your content strategy, BuzzSumo will offer a wide range of topics and ideas that may work better than those of the other website owners. 

Forget about the dull keyword research tools. BuzzSumo goes beyond that by offering you a list of keywords with volume and cost-per-click statistics.

There’s also a beneficial metric that shows the content of your competitors for a given keyword. Plus, its handy line graph lets you visualize search trend volumes.

Each of BuzzSumo’s keyword suggestions gets a dedicated profile, which includes all related questions, boosting your article idea. Having this in mind, you can easily use BuzzSumo to pick the best keywords and craft winning content. 


Our list of the best SEO tools can go on for a while. However, we decided to stick to those which have the greatest impact. But let’s go a bit back.

SEO tools give you thorough insights into your strategy regarding how it works, whether it’s effective, and other detailed stats. In return, you can improve your optimization to get even better search-rank results.

Based on our detailed tests, we can point out a few prominent tools, including seoClarity, Surfer, Semrush, and BuzzSumo.

They all come with a broad range of features that come in handy in aspects you can’t finish on your own. Their SERP analysis, keyword research functionalities, and AI integrations will make your journey a breeze!


Why should I use SEO tools?

SEO tools are platforms that detect issues or simply report how well your website is performing. With their help, you can boost your search engine ranking and gain more customers. All of this is possible because they analyze your competitors and provide you with related keywords, help you create content, and optimize your website.

Are there different types of SEO tools?

Yes, there are different types of SEO tools. The main categories are keyword research, audit, all-in-one, and rank tracker SEO tools.

Do I need an SEO tool unless I run a large enterprise?

No, you don’t need an SEO tool unless you run a large enterprise. As much as these tools help large corporations, they are also beneficial for small businesses. Beginners often need time and assistance when adapting to the online environment, so going for a reliable SEO tool will come in incredibly handy.

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