12+ Best WooCommerce Coupon Plugins 2024 (with Video)

WooCommerce Coupon plugins

Last updated - January 9, 2024

Coupons are a great promotional strategy that you can try out on your WooCommerce store. WooCommerce allows you to create and manage coupons with its default settings. However, you can extend the coupon functionality effectively with the help of plugins. There are several plugins available in the WooCommerce marketplace to help you extend coupon features on your store. In this article, we will discuss some of the best WooCommerce coupon plugins that you can use on your online store.

If you prefer watching a video instead, check out our video that lists out the best free and premium plugins for WooCommerce coupon management:

Smart Coupons

This is a comprehensive coupon management solution that you can use on your WooCommerce store. It will help you manage different promotional strategies including coupon discounts, store credits, gift vouchers and more. The plugin is quite intuitive to configure, and it will not affect the performance of your store. Overall, with several advanced features to handle coupons, this plugin could really help to improve your store conversions.

WooCommerce Coupon Plugins
This is one of the most comprehensive WooCommerce Coupon Plugins that will help you supercharge your promotional efforts.


  • Create diverse coupons with advanced rules and conditions.
  • Handle coupons in bulk effortlessly.
  • Associate coupons with product purchase and free shipping
  • Pre-built coupon templates for easy coupon creation.
  • Manage store credits and gift vouchers easily.
  • Easily import and export coupon information.
  • Single click coupons and email coupons.

The cost of a single site subscription of this plugin will be $99.

PDF Product Vouchers

This plugin enables you to create printable gift vouchers on your WooCommerce store. It could be a great help for businesses that accepts order online and provide a service in person. For example, you can let customers use these vouchers for event tickets or registration for a training session. Moreover, you can allow customers to personalize the vouchers with details of the person they are gifting it to. Also, the plugin offers easy options to build voucher templates.

You will be able to create PDF vouchers that can be redeemed both online and offline.


  • Create downloadable PDF vouchers for products and services on your WooCommerce store.
  • Customers can redeem vouchers online or in person.
  • Customers will be able to personalize the text to be added on the voucher.
  • Default voucher backgrounds to let you build templates.
  • Support partial and multiple redemption per voucher.
  • Option to manually create vouchers.

A single site subscription of this plugin has a price tag  of $129.

URL Coupons

This plugin will make the process of applying coupons extremely easy for your customers. You can add a unique url to any of the coupons that you create on your store. When the customers click this url, it will apply the coupon discount automatically to their cart. This feature could give a boost to your coupon strategy, as customers can redeem coupons more readily. Also, you can make your print advertising more actionable by sharing urls that will automatically apply discounts.

By automatically applying coupon codes, you can improve the conversion rate on your WooCommerce store.


  • Associate a unique url for your coupons, which will automatically apply the coupon discount when clicked.
  • Set an option to automatically add products to customers’ carts when url is used.
  • Make coupon handling simpler for customers.
  • Control where customers are redirected after clicking the coupon url.
  • Compatible with several WooCommerce extensions including Smart Coupons.

A single site license of this plugin will cost you $49.

Free Gift Coupons

With the help of Free Gift Coupons plugin, you will be able to easily give away products for free on your store. Customers can simply enter the coupon code and the free product will be automatically added to cart. You can restrict the coupon application just like you would with other coupon types.

WooCommerce Free Gifts Plugins
When customers apply a free gift coupon, the free product will be added to the cart.


  • Give free products to customers through coupon codes.
  • When a customers applies a coupon code, the plugin automatically adds a free product associated with it to the cart.
  • Set restrictions and usage limits according to minimum order value, customer email address, etc.
  • Reward loyal customers on your store with free products.

A single site subscription of this extension will cost you $29.

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

This plugin offers extensive options to coupon management in your WooCommerce store. You can specify a lot of conditions to make your coupon strategy more profitable. You can associate free products with the application of coupons with the help of this plugin. Moreover, you can generate gift coupons for various strategies such as when a user signs up or abandons a cart. Moreover, the plugin helps to create gift store credits.

WooCommerce Coupon Plugins
This is a comprehensive option for coupon management with several advanced features and customization options.


  • Create coupons with a range of restrictions based on order quantity, user role, choice of payment or shipping option, etc.
  • Bulk management and easy options for coupon export.
  • Easily giveaway free products by associating them with coupons.
  • Customize coupons effortlessly.
  • Generate store credits easily on your store.

A single site license of this plugin will cost $69.

Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons plugins offers several powerful features to make your coupon strategy exciting. You can create buy one get one deals and product giveaways using this plugin. It also helps you associate your coupon strategy with loyalty and reward programs on your store. Moreover, the plugin offers options to schedule coupon availability as well as options to automatically apply them.

WooCommerce Coupon Plugins
You can supercharge the coupon capability on your WooCommerce store with this plugin.


  • Create a range of coupons and restrict their applicability by specifying cart conditions.
  • Associate free products and BOGO deals with coupons.
  • Provide an option to customers to redeem loyalty points with coupons.
  • Define a time schedule where customers can apply coupons on the store.
  • Automatic application of coupons when cart conditions are met.
  • Options to create url coupons and free shipping coupons.

The single site license of this plugin is $79.

Store Credit

Store Credit coupons will enable your customers to make repeat purchases on your store. It is a great marketing strategy that will help you improve conversions and average order value on your WooCommerce store. It can also be effectively used for refunds so that you can ensure customers will make another purchase from you. Moreover, customers will be able to easily combine store credits with other payment options as well. Also, it is a great gift option, which can be customized.

This plugin will help you create and manage store credit on your WooCommerce store.


  • Generate store credit coupons, which customers can use for multiple purchases on your store.
  • Allow customers to purchase custom gift cards for later shopping or gifting.
  • Restrict to coupon availability only to specific products or categories.
  • Let customers use store credit for multiple purchases and combine with other payment options.
  • Customization options.

A single site subscription of this plugin will cost you $79.

Review for Discount

Reviews are an important factor that defines the popularity of your products. Store owners are constantly looking for better options to encourage customers to leave reviews on their stores. This plugin could be a great choice to reward customers who write a review of one of your products. You can set it up so that a coupon code will automatically generated and emailed to customers who write a review on your store.

You can encourage customers to review your products by offering discounts.


  • Associate coupons with product reviews.
  • Automatically send coupon to customers who leave a review on your store.
  • Customizable email template.
  • Simple and user friendly interface.

The plugin will cost you $29 for a single site subscription.

Group Coupons

If you are segmenting customers on your store by groups or user roles, this plugin could help you. Moreover, you can restrict the applicability of coupons based on Groups or user roles.

You can create personalized coupons for certain groups or user roles using this plugin.


  • Apply coupons automatically for customers part of specific groups or user roles.
  • Restrict coupons so that it is available only to some groups.
  • Exclude some customer groups from applying some coupons.
  • Manage coupon access based on WordPress user roles.
  • Display coupons with the help of shortcodes.

The plugin will cost you $49 for a single site subscription.

WooCommerce Coupon Campaigns

You can easily track the success metrics of your coupon campaigns using this plugin. It will integrate seamlessly to the existing reporting page of WooCommerce, and is quite easy to configure. The plugin will help you effectively enhance your promotional strategies.

WooCommerce Coupon Code Management plugins.
This plugin will help a lot in your WooCommerce coupon code management as you will be able to view the data on coupons on the Reports dashboard.


  • Measure the performance of your promotional campaigns using coupons.
  • Create custom campaigns to track.
  • Include various date ranges to generate the metrics.
  • Visual reports for better understanding.

You will have to spend $49 for a single site subscription of this plugin.

Discount Rules for WooCommerce

Discount Rules for WooCommerce is a powerful coupon plugin designed for your WooCommerce store. The plugin enables a simple layout that lets you create coupons easily. Whether you want to create a basic coupon or an advanced coupon, this plugin allows you to offer them to your customers with ease. Enjoy the convenience of Discount Rules for WooCommerce as you provide attractive discounts to enhance your customer’s shopping experience and boost sales. 


  •  Create 100+ advanced coupon rules.
  • Create BOGO coupons, Bulk discount coupons, and Bundle discount coupons. 
  • Offer auto-apply coupons/URL Coupons.
  • Set up coupons based on Customer behavior like Purchase history, Shipping Address, Payment Method, and more.
  • Offer first order coupon, Nth order coupon, or next order coupon.  
  • Create quantity-based coupons.
  • Set up Flash Sale/Festive Coupon. 
  • Offer Free gits or Free Shipping Coupon. 
  • Generate Combo coupons for product combination and category combination. 

The plugin will cost you $69 for a single site subscription. 

Coupon Referral Program

This plugin could be a great support for your referral marketing efforts. It will help you create discount coupons for users who refer, and the users who get referred. You can also encourage users to share the referral button on social media.

WooCommerce Coupon code management
This extension helps in WooCommerce coupon code management by helping you create a referral program.


  • Create different discount coupons for referrals and signups.
  • Customize the referral button.
  • Let users share the referral button on social media.
  • Choose different discount types for referrals.
  • Restrict the applicability of the referral coupon by date.

For $49, you can get a single site subscription to this plugin.

Scratch Coupon for WooCommerce

This is a great option among WooCommerce coupon plugins to help you reduce cart abandonment on your store. You will be able to display a popup with the coupon just when a user is going to leave the site. Moreover, the plugin offers easy options to customize the look and feel and the display timing.

WooCommerce Free Gifts Plugins
This is an interactive way to reduce cart abandonment, and to improve customer satisfaction on your store.


  • Create responsive scratch coupons to reduce cart abandonment.
  • Display coupons as exit intent popups.
  • Customize the coupon design.
  • Control the display timings and triggers.
  • Intuitive interface.

The plugin costs $29 for a single site subscription.

Hopefully, these WooCommerce coupon plugins will help you improve sales and conversion rate on your store. Leave us a comment if you have a query.

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