7 Best WordPress Education Themes in 2022

WordPress Education Themes

Last updated - March 14, 2022

WordPress is a famous blogging platform founded in 2003 that brings a range of features. It can be used quite effectively for educational purposes since it requires minimal investment and works faster. You can install various plugins to enhance functionalities and modify their uses. 

Students can only learn effectively when they are provided with great visual displays. The way any course content is presented has a great impact on the learner. To make the learning process more effective, WordPress brings advanced features and unlimited color themes.

Here are some of the best WordPress Education themes that you must apply to fulfill the goals:


It is considered to be amongst the best educational themes and facilitates the customers with a range of modern features. It is a highly responsive theme that helps in adjusting the view of your website properly even on smaller screens.

WordPress Education Themes

It has been designed to display all major features on the homepage. Want to know what about its unique features? Well, you can rate the courses yourself due to its built-in review system. You can also showcase the teaching staff in a very appealing manner. The plugins it offers are the Visual Composer plugin and the Revolution Slider plugin that enhance its functionalities. It provides 690+ Google fonts and it’s greatly compatible with WooCommerce.

Clever Course

It has a complete learning management system that provides all the necessary functions required for good learning. This is an excellent theme to sell the online courses you are offering and bring some unique features. You can sell these courses through a number of options like Stripe, PayPal, etc.

WordPress Education Themes

This theme has an easy-to-use interface and offers you a page builder to create different pages without needing any custom coding. It also has a Master Slide plugin that can be used for creating an aesthetically pleasing slider for introducing premium courses on your site. You can make it as efficient as you want and bring unique options to make it rank better. The more creativity you bring, the better will be the response from customers.


This theme has a visual homepage builder that offers a range of options for providing courses the way you want. You can conduct various events and publish them here to let people know more about your educational services.

WordPress Education Themes

You can create amazing galleries through it and has various shortcode options for enhancing its functionality. It has been created with Bootstrap and Vafpress Framework to bring additional customization options. A very powerful theme options panel helps you in using features with great flexibility. It is a great choice to provide courses and display educational content to facilitate customers with helpful services. 


eLearning brings a collaborative setup of various learning tools. The LMS provides you with complete details regarding online student execution, commitment, and evaluation. The eLearning appraisal scores help in improving the performance of students and provide smart assessment techniques.

WordPress Education Themes

It has a natural user interface and a responsive design that makes it perfect for education. You can apply various techniques and introduce unique designs to make your customers satisfied. This theme allows a smooth installation of various plugins to improve the functionality. You can get great assistance from its efficient LMS ready to keep a record of how effectively students are learning. 


It is one of the most popular WordPress themes that can be used for a variety of purposes. It has a diversity of designs used for creating the website of your choice like the header design and page layouts. Divi Builder plugin is used for creating this theme and introducing unique ideas.

WordPress Themes for Business
Divi helps to make website design easy for everyone.

It does not cost you much and has highly customizable features. You do not need to worry about security while working on this theme. It has been designed keeping in mind all aspects and fulfills the educational purpose with great efficiency. You do not need to worry about any technicalities since it is quite easy to operate.


It is an easily customizable and user-friendly educational theme. It comes in all shapes and sizes and brings a variety of free and demo premium sites. The demo it provides shows you how the customization works and details regarding the advanced features.

OceanWP lets you create sites that stand out.

This theme is everything you need with great speed, ease of use and brings many other options. It has individual post controls, CSS, several hooks, and a series of extensions. It is free and you just need to pay for purchasing premium extensions. It brings built-in application performance monitoring and attracts a huge audience from across the globe. 


Capital is designed very professionally and is fully responsive. It has been built with a widgets homepage that can be customized as per your choice. Since it is powered by WPZoom and bears great flexibility, you can modify every aspect of this site. Due to its unlimited color options, you can make it very attractive and design the features without needing any external tool.

It has HTML5 and CSS3 codes that make it SEO friendly and enhance its functionality. This theme is perfect for educational purposes since you can modify it as per your requirement and add courses of your choice. 

Scope of WordPress Educational Themes

All these themes are quite popular and support the provision of highly professional services. Most of the time the people who have no knowledge of website development and customization get stressed to create a perfect website for their business. 

Your website may need bug fixing or experience technical glitches. You should use these websites that do not need any complex procedures for customization and proper functioning. They also come with demos to provide you with a stepwise guide for having a smooth experience.


You can bring great diversity in displaying the educational content and providing related services through the use of these amazing themes. They bring great productivity and generate more traffic to help your WordPress site rank better. This improves the overall standard of your business.

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