WooCommerce Bulk Price Updates – Challenges and Solutions

WooCommerce Bulk price updates

Last updated - February 24, 2020

When we talk about WordPress WooCommerce, we understand it has grown a lot because of its easy to use functionality. It is built in a way that the features and controls are easily accessible and customizable. Products can be easily added, easily priced and categorized and links are also easily edited and changed.

Apart from this, WooCommerce has so many necessary features that are ready-made built like the checkout page, cart page and all that need not to be necessarily customized by us.

Even after so many easy customization available to create an online store, there’s one thing that neither WordPress and nor WooCommerce are able to offer for free which is Bulk Price Update.

What is Bulk Price Update?

It is something that could have saved you a lot of time if you knew that beforehand. It is a simple and necessary tool for every eCommerce websites. Because of its prime necessity, it should be available for free but unlike other plugins, this is available as a paid extension by WooCommerce and many other plugin developers.

This simple tool is ‘Bulk Price Update’.

How is Bulk Price Update Tool Useful?

This simple tool helps to edit or update Regular Price, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Sale Price and many other fields based on the attributes in bulk at a Single Click. 

If you are having an eCommerce site/business with 500-1000 products and each with 2-3 variants then you must be very well knowing how useful and important this plugin could be to you.

WooCommerce should have given this feature for free but unfortunately, it gives as a paid extension of the same. So we took this as an opportunity to serve people this as a free plugin and let the developers experience smooth and easy editing process.

You can edit various fields like price, compare price, cost price and other such important metrics based on the attributes in a single click. So basically useful in many ways to your online business. After all, pricing strategy is the most important part of any business and ignoring that is not an acceptable thing.

woocommerce Bulk price updates

All you have to do is just select the field that you want to edit or update and then select the value type (here ‘between’) for that field and the final step will be to enter the numeric value and click on ‘Add Pricing Method’

This is real simple than any other plugin available out there.

Challenges while updating price in bulk

Suppose you are running a jewelry business online and the fact is that the gold prices change almost every day. So with this tool you can update the price of all your gold products in around 1 or 2 minutes. And if you avoid regular updates, you can see a loss because of frequently updating prices.

Even if you decide to do the task manually, then it takes a lot of human effort and time to even update just 100 products. You will either do it yourself or hire somebody to do the same.

Editing the product is always exhausting, maybe you just want to change the price a little bit or quickly change the category or the small description of all the products of any given category during festive or holiday days.

Along with that, there is always a fear of human errors.

When you are having around 10-20 products and you want to edit the prices or categories or anything then no other task is as simple as this one.

But the same task can also be the most difficult one if you are having 100’s or 1000’s of products.


It is now made simple with WooCommerce Product Bundle Choice. You can add admin comment to all the product pages or blog posts.

This is where this new plugin developed at Sphere Plugins comes to the picture.

It will save you your precious time which can be put somewhere else and possibly possible expense for the staff that would look after this kind of work.

Check out the plugin here.

The importance of updating prices

There are definitely many plugins available but if you are having an apparel, jewelry, diamond or any fashion website then the main features of this plugin will wonderfully help your site to make sales.

Let’s suppose you want to offer a 5% discount on every product of a particular brand, then this tool is extremely helpful. You can instantly do that with the help of this plugin. 

Editing each product and their variant manually is not practically advisable.

So don’t keep your prices sketchy. Update them regularly with minimal time required and implement proper pricing strategy to make customers buy from you.

woocommerce bulk price updates

As shown in the image, when you have so many products, this will be really useful to you. You yourself as a developer or website owner might have experienced that how long does it take to update everything.

How to Manage Bulk Price Updates on your Jewelry Website?

There is a plugin called WBC which you can get it installed in your WordPress website from  WordPress.org or from here. This plugin also has other features like Ring Builder, Pair Maker and Guidance Tool which will be useful to you if you are having a Jewelry or Fashion Website. 

These were the (main) primary features of the plugin. They offer Price Control as a complimentary feature as jewelry websites need this most and they don’t have to look for it somewhere else.

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