8 Proven Ways to Make Money through Shopify

Ways to Earn Money Using Shopify

Last updated - April 13, 2023

After the arrival of the coronavirus, the paradigm shift from traditional to online business has tremendously increased. People prefer to buy their accommodation through the online platform. There is no cost of fuel and hectic travel while shopping online. 

By understanding this latest transformative trend of customers, businesses tend to be shifted themselves into the online sphere. 

The rise of the Shopify store results from this peaceful online revolution. By developing an exceptional eCommerce platform, Shopify, anyone can accelerate their revenue streams.

In this guide, we’ll shed light on the top 8 ways which assist you in making money through Shopify. 

So let’s get started!

Make Money Through Shopify

Run Your eCommerce Store 

Shopify is an excellent platform that allows everyone to create an online store with great ease. You can do this with Shopify development if you want to sell some handcrafted products or digital WordPress themes. 

For setting up your store, the entire process is hassle-free. 

First, buy a subscription to the Shopify store. Then, publish your products with detailed information. Finally, promote your products very efficiently. For this purpose, you can utilize social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Then, add suitable payment options for your users that help them easily checkout. 

For escalating traffic to your store, you can add a blog section. Write articles that add value to the users and penetrate them to buy a particular product. 

Begin an Affiliate Business 

The hype of affiliate business has become a hot topic among people in business. You can do affiliate business through Shopify. 

Two types of models exist for affiliate marketing by having a Shopify store. 

Initially, if you have developed your Shopify store, you can do affiliate marketing to ensure its credibility and escalate your store reach. Then, you need to pay a small amount from your generated revenue to the influencer who does marketing on your behalf.

On the other hand, you can do affiliate marketing for your own store. For this goal, develop another Shopify store and publish your products on it belonging to the pre-developed store. Through this, you don’t need to pay a commission.

In addition, you can also affiliate marketing of other Shopify stores if you have massive traffic. Then, after promotion, grab dollars from the promoted products of different businesses. 

Social Media Monetization 

Social media plays a huge role in increasing the sales of your Shopify store. For example, the marketing of your Shopify products on different social media handles is great. 

To achieve this goal, you must purchase at least a basic plan of Shopify. Through it, you can integrate a “buy now” button on social media options, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Then, your potential audience can purchase their desired products directly by pressing the “buy now” button. So don’t miss this step. Otherwise, you will lose your high-level revenue streams from social media platforms. 

Start a Dropshipping Business 

It has been a popular business model prevalent for years. With its extreme eCommerce benefits, most business owners prefer it to choose. 

With this retail store, You don’t need to manage inventory. Further, your fear of saving unsold items in a bigger storage space will disappear. 

Through Shopify, setting up a dropshipping store is very easy. Whether you want to tackle catalog, orders, and pricing management, a Shopify account makes it happen. 

For example, the creation and combination of Oberlo with the Shopify store is a perfect option for starting your dropshipping business within 24 hours. 

Sell Digital Products 

Selling digital artwork is possible through the Shopify store. For example, you know the art of photography very well or can do digital illustrations. You can sell these services with the help of Shopify account creation. 

The operational parameter of Shopify is just like Etsy. However, with Shopify, you can develop a website where your digital products will be published. Secondly, you can use the “buy now” button for your Shopify store. 

The pro advantage of selling digital products is that you don’t need to purchase inventory from someone else, which can create difficulty for you in terms of being late or unsatisfied with products. Instead, you will make your products directly sell on Shopify to make money. 

Develop your Clothing Brand 

Establishing a clothing brand is easier than anyone thinks. With your Shopify store, you can develop the brand identity of your clothing store. 

Get the effectiveness of Printify or Printful apps that can streamline the process of printing your clothes. 

If you have a Printful app, you need to connect this with your Shopify store. Then designing a particular style will be available for printing on different products. 

You can also drop shipping of your clothes in any city to gain better reach to your audience. 

Online Grocery Store 

If you want to earn money from Shopify, developing a local grocery store online is the best option to choose from.

Suppose you have your own crops, including cabbage, cauliflower, carrot, onion, etc. Then, you can list them on your local Shopify store and sell them to different buyers and inhabitants of your area. 

Further, Google also supports your Local Shopify sales with different tips. For example, you can enhance your visibility by adding your business maps. Then, you are free to provide your business hours and off-days by adding them into snippets. 

Next, you can also optimize your Shopify store for its ranking on the top of the first page of Google. Keyword addition to content can increase your presence in front of your local targeted audience. 

Become Shopify Expert 

Don’t like any of the above ways to generate income through the Shopify store? Then, become a Shopify expert and join Shopify Partners to help others to earn money. 

You can assist merchants in different phases, including design, development, marketing, photography, image optimization, and SEO. As a result, Shopify Partners will pay you. 

Alongside this, you can also offer Freelance Shopify Development services. It is another profitable option for those who have expertise in Shopify development. 

Make Money Through Shopify

Final Thoughts 

Shopify offers everyone a great chunk of opting latest revenue-generating options. You can select any of the methods mentioned above to earn money through Shopify. 

The point to notice in this scenario is that earning money from Shopify takes some time. For this purpose, you need proper business planning with efficient marketing tactics. 

If you have an efficient Shopify team with outstanding marketing experts, there are fair chances of earning money with Shopify is present. Connecting with a Shopify development company is a wise decision that you can adopt. Its subject matter experts will guide you at every step until the deployment of a Shopify store.

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