WooCommerce – A Guide to Marketing

WooCommerce Marketing Guide

Last updated - July 8, 2021

How you handle marketing is a huge factor in determining your WooCommerce store’s success. It’s especially important for store owners to try and incorporate multiple channels and strategies to consistently stay on top of the game. In this guide, you will get some insights into the basic facets of marketing.

Creating a great marketing strategy

This is one of the pivotal steps when you set out to market your store. A good marketing strategy involves a detailed plan listing out your business goals and marketing initiatives. Also, you will get a glimpse of focus areas in marketing, specific action plans for promotions, etc. Read the article to know where to begin.

Identifying your marketing channels

In the current digital landscape, there is lot of scope in directing your attention to specific channels. There are tools to identify digital channels where your target customers are often spending time. If your marketing initiatives are focused on the right channels, your returns will be higher. This article intends to give you an idea on different marketing channels, their usefulness, and how to kick-start a campaign.

Improving sales on your store

Most marketing initiatives will take time to show results. In the meanwhile, if you are looking for a sudden surge in sales of a certain product or product category, you can depend on discounts. This article leads you to a blend of long term and short term strategies that would help boost sales on your store.

Setting up Coupons

WooCommerce has a lot of built-in features to help you with your marketing and business-development drives. One of them, coupons, are a great way to attract customers to your site. The rewarding nature of discount coupons surely contribute a lot in acquiring new customers, as well as in retaining regulars. In this article, you will learn about creating coupons that your customers can use to avail a discount or special offer.


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