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Last updated - September 14, 2021

WordPress ecosystem offers great options for knowledge sharing thanks to the amazing culture built around it. You can find a large number of blogs that offers quality information on the latest tools and technological innovations. Guest posting is a tried and tested marketing strategy that will help you gain high quality backlinks and better reach. A lot of marketers in the WordPress domain are constantly looking out for good guest posting opportunities. In this article, we have compiled a list of good quality WordPress blogs that accept guest posts.


WPExplorer is an authoritative resource that will help you find several useful guides and articles on WordPress. You can also find a large number of free and premium plugins and themes on the site. They accept guest post submissions. You have to pitch a WordPress related topic, along with some of your work samples.

WordPress blogs
WPExplorer is a popular WordPress resource with a wide range of articles and guides.


LearnWoo accepts guest posts on topics related to WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. Those who want to submit an original guest post can contact with topic ideas or outline. Content quality is ensured with plagiarism checks and language reviews. Also, will be a great idea to ensure if there aren’t any published articles on the same topic you are abou to pitch.

WordPress blogs to follow
LearnWoo offers you a great lot of informative content that will help you manage your online store better.


Cloudways offers one of the best managed hosting options for WordPress currently in the market. If you have a user-centric high quality piece on technology or eCommerce, you can submit it for guest publication.

WordPress Blogs
Cloudways is a popular resource with several posts on technology and hosting.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes blog is a popular resource for WordPress enthusiasts. They do accept guest post submissions from the WordPress community. You can pitch ideas on topics related to WordPress, Divi or web design and development in general. Please note, plagiarized content will not be accepted.

WordPress blogs
Elegant Themes blog features a wide range of articles on web design and development.

WP Mayor

You can find a large range of WordPress tutorials and reviews on the WP Mayor blog. You can make a guest post submission through their Contact Form. It will provide you better exposure to your idea or product in the WordPress community.

WordPress blogs
WP Mayor is a reliable resource for WordPress blogs.


SitePoint is a great resource for web developers with a large number of articles on diverse topics such as html, CSS, JavaScript, UX, WordPress etc. If you are designer, developer or content creator, you can submit your content idea to them. You can find a pitch form, to present your ideas on their ‘Write for us’ page.

WordPress Blogs
SitePoint focuses on different topics for developers and designers.


You will find a wide range of articles and guides on this WordPress blog. You can submit your original article to them for guest posting. Check out the guidelines before submitting your idea.

WordPress Blogs
CyberChimps has a good collection of WordPress articles and tutorials.

Superb Themes

Apart from building great themes, this site also features an informative blog. Moreover, they accept unique content as guest post. Browse through their site for more information.

WordPress Blogs
You will find several interesting themes and blog posts on this site.


You will get a lot of updated information on WordPress and website development from this site. In addition, you can submit guest posts on a range of topics such as WordPress plugins and themes, blogging tips, and digital marketing.

WordPress Blogs
Check out woblogger for articles and guides on website management.


You can find a collection of some of the best responsive themes for WordPress on this site. Moreover, there is a blog with a good number of articles on different topics related to WordPress. They do accept insightful guest posts, though slots may not be available at all times. Check for the latest guidelines before submitting a post.

WordPress Blogs
You can find a large range of resourceful articles on this site.

WP Superstars

This site offers a range of WordPress tutorials, reviews and guides for the discerning WordPress enthusiast. Contact them to see if they are currently accepting guest posts.

WordPress Blogs
Find in-depth articles on different WordPress topics.


You will find directory listing of WordPress themes and plugins, tutorials, reviews and interviews on this site. Moreover, they welcome original submissions to be published as guest posts on the site.

WordPress Blogs
Find amazing knowledge on WordPress plugins, and themes.


Created as a platform for entrepreneurs and students to help them understand website creation and management better, this is a popular blog with reviews and guides. You can contact them for guest posting opportunities.

WordPress Blogs
This is a valuable resource for beginners of WordPress.


WPKlik offers a good number of guides, tutorials and videos related to WordPress. They also welcome you to submit original, relevant articles for guest posting.

WordPress Blogs
WPKlik is a popular blog with a wide range of tutorials and articles related to web design and WordPress.

ManageWP Blog

You can find several advanced topics to help you with WordPress site management on this site. They occasionally accept guest post submissions too. Please contact them before submitting your piece.

WordPress Blogs
This is a great resource for WordPress topics.


JustWP has an abundant collection of resources related to WordPress. If you have a unique article to present, they accept guest post requests. Remember to check the guidelines before contacting them.

WordPress Blogs
You can find a diverse range of posts on this site.

WPAll Club

You can learn a lot about WordPress plugins, themes, hosting and several other aspects of website management from this site. They do accept guest posts from developers, designers and other WordPress experts.

WordPress Blogs
This is a great resource to understand WordPress better.

WP Tavern

WordPress Tavern is an authoritative resource to get knowledge on WordPress. You can submit articles for guest posts on this site though they have a busy publishing schedule.

learn WordPress and WooCommerce
WP Tavern is a great place to get the latest information on all things related to WordPress.


You will find a large number of articles and guides on WPKube. You can submit your content ideas, if you wish to submit an original post on the site.

WordPress Blogs
A resourceful blog on WordPress, WPKube accepts quality guest post submissions only.


BobWP is a well-known name in the WordPress and WooCommerce community. On his website, you will find podcasts, interviews and several other valuable insights. Get in touch with him on the contact form to know more about submitting your content on the site.

WordPress Blogs
This is a valuable resource for WordPress and WooCommerce enthusiasts.


This blog offers great tutorials to get you started with your website, and gives you a lot of insights on useful tools. Occasionally, they accept guest post submissions, but you have to check their website before contacting them.

WordPress Blogs
You will find WordPress and website creation tutorials for all knowledge levels on this site.


Torque offers articles related to WordPress development, as well as insights on available tools. If you have original article ideas related to WordPress, which are relevant for WordPress professionals, you can submit them through the form on their website.

WordPress Blogs
With articles and videos on WordPress topics, Torque is a useful resource for WordPress lovers.

WP Arena

On the WP Arena website, you will find articles, tutorials, reviews and comparisons relevant to WordPress users. They accept guest posts in the form of how-to guides, tutorials or any other WordPress related insights. Do check the guidelines before submitting.

WordPress Blogs
You can find relevant articles, videos and comparison articles on this resourceful website.


You can find an amazing range of articles on web design, development and WordPress tools on this website. The site allows guest post submissions on a range of related topics. Please check the guidelines in detail before submitting.

WordPress Blogs
This is a useful resource for WordPress enthusiasts.


Miska.co.in a platform for authors and publishers to post their guest posts with backlinks. the website has Health, Technology, Business, Education, niche with fine worldwide traffic which helps authors to rank their keywords and traffic on keywords. Authors, entrepreneurs, and publishers can share their articles with a relevant niche in just a click. If you are an author or publisher and looking to publish your content, you are always welcome.


You can find a good number of WordPress courses and how-to articles on MonsterPost. They also allow guest post submissions, though it is better to check the detailed guidelines before contacting them.

WordPress Blogs
There is a great list of articles and guides on MonsterPost to broaden your knowledge on WordPress.


WPBlog is a good resource with insights on hosting as well as WordPress themes and plugins. You can also find tutorials on WordPess and WooCommerce. Guest post submissions on the site can be general articles and tutorials.

WordPress Blogs
This is a resourceful blog for WordPress enthusiasts.


WPHub has rich content on WordPress themes, plugins and hosting. They accept guest post submissions on a variety of topics such as design concepts, we development best practices, information on theme and plugin developers, etc. Please check the website for complete information.

WordPress Blogs
You can find a variety of articles on WordPress and hosting here.

WP-Tech Support

WP Tech Support offers WordPress support round the clock. As part of their blog expansion strategy, they are accepting resourceful content submissions from authors. If you are an expert on WordPress themes or plugins, you can definitely contact them.

WordPress Blogs
A great option for WordPress support, you will find a lot of useful content on the WP Tech Support blog as well.


ARMemberplugin is one of the popular option to create a membership site using WordPress. You can use find a good number of articles on the WordPress topic from their blog as well. The blog offers guest blog opportunities as well, and you can submit articles on general WordPress topics or practical tips on website management.

WordPress Blogs
ArMember plugin has a resourceful WordPress blog that allows guest posts.


You will find a large number of articles and resources on the ScratchingInfo blog. They do accept guest post submissions on different topics such as PHP, HTML, WordPress, Joomla and more.

WordPress blogs
This is one of the resourceful WordPress blogs that accepts guest post submissions.


There is quite a vast amount of knowledge related to WordPress available on this website. In addition, they accept guest post contributions if they are engaging and informative. Understand their guidelines before submitting your post.

WordPress blogs
If you are looking out for WordPress tools or tips, this site could help.


WPWarfare offers a range of articles on WordPress, hosting and themes. If you have article ideas relevant to WordPress and blogging, you can contact them.

WordPress Blogs
You can submit relevant blog ideas to be published on this site.


You can find valuable content related to WordPress, WooCommerce and other related products on this site. You can also submit tutorials, listicles and how-to articles to this site for guest post publication.

WordPress Blogs
This site offers good opportunities for guest blogging.


VisualModo offers a large range of WordPress themes. For their blog, you can submit guest post ideas, if you have interesting technology ideas, or tips to share.

WordPress Blogs
With a focus on design, this site offers you a wide range of articles.


You will find some interesting themes on this site. They do accept guest post submissions. However, it will be better to check the guidelines before a submission, which includes a condition to include one of their products in the post.

WordPress Blogs
You can gain a lot of design insights from this site.


On Themekraft, you can find information on WordPress themes, and related aspects. They accept guest posts on a range of WordPress related content such as WooCommerce, Buddyforms, etc.

WordPress blogs
You can provide guest post submissions on a range of topics linked to WordPress.


WPEntire has beginner tutorials, reviews and many other articles related to WordPress. You can submit a guest post request, if you have a well-researched article idea related to WordPress.

WordPress Blogs
You can submit an article for guest post, if you have a valuable insight on WordPress and associated topics.


ForWPBlogger offers a range of insightful articles and tutorials on WordPress themes and plugins. If you have a well-researched, original article on WordPress or related topics, do not hesitate to pitch it to them.

WordPress Blogs
This resourceful blog accepts guest post requests.


WisdmLabs is a recognized WooCommerce and LMS expert in the WordPress community with several add-ons and plugins. They generally accept guest posts for their blog, though at the time of writing this article, it has been paused. The articles generally accepted include how-to guides, case studies and listicles.

WordPress Blogs
WisdmLabs is a popular name in WordPress community thanks to their expertise in the WordPress domain.


WPressBlog has a wide range of content related to WordPress, hosting, blogging, SEO, etc. If you have ideas related to any of the above-mentioned topics, you can submit a guest post request. It is imperative that the content is user-friendly and original.

WordPress Blogs
Find a wide range of articles and tutorials related to WordPress on this insightful blog,


This site offers a wide range of articles and tutorials related to WordPress. If you want to submit an in-depth article as guest post on this site, you can send them a pitch with an outline. Please note, they do not allow plugin or theme reviews in guest posts.

WooCommerce blogs
This is a nice blog to submit guest posts.


CodetoRank is an open blog that has content on a wide variety of topics such as hosting, design, themes, cybersecurity, social media, etc. If you have a relevant idea in mind, you can send a conclusive article on relevant topics with appropriate images or screenshots.

WordPress Blogs
An open blog, this one presents articles on different topics including WordPress.


WPMyWeb features articles on a range of website management topics including hosting, content marketing, site performance, etc. You can submit your article idea with three suggested headlines and your past work experience.

WordPress Blogs
If you are a WordPress enthusiast who writes well-researched articles, you can send them your topic ideas.


MilesWeb is a popular blog that deals with a range of topics including hosting, web development, affiliate marketing, SEO, WordPress themes and plugins, and more. If you consider yourself a good writer, and would want to publish a guest post on any of the above topics, you can give them a try.

WordPress Blogs
You will find a wide range of topics to work on, if you are looking to publish a guest post.


Apart from WordPress web development, this blog also focuses on Linux and Hosting. If you are interested in publishing a guest post on one of these topics, you can consider this blog. Remember to not include plagiarized or promotional content.

WordPress Blogs
You have a good opportunity to publish your guest post on this site, if you have something interesting to say.

Hopefully, this list of interesting WordPress blogs that allow guest posts will help you publish your next article on WordPress or related tools. Please leave us a comment if we have forgotten to include any prominent options.

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