The Importance of WordPress Network Marketing Plugin In Network Marketing Software

Do you like to revamp your MLM (Multi-level Marketing) or network marketing business with your MLM software? Then definitely you need to know the importance of WP network marketing plugin in network marketing software.

Are you new to the term WP Network marketing plugin? Here will discuss what is WP Network marketing plugin before we look in detail about its importance in MLM software. 

So before answering, first let me tell you that WP is referred to as WordPress. I hope you all know that WordPress is on an open-source platform which is a content management system specially used for website creation, blogging, etc.

A plugin is also known as software add-on which can be easily integrated with WP websites to extend any special features to the WP websites. Yes! now it becomes very easy to make you understand the concept of WP MLM plugin

What is WP MLM Plugin?

WP MLM plugin is the plugin that enables the integration of WP websites with the functions of MLM software and it easily converts the WP websites to a perfect affiliate system. 

In this tight competitive world, you need to hold on to the peak in your business operations and this applies to network marketing business as well. Since WP websites are widely used by the entrepreneurs, the WP MLM plugin plays a crucial role in building their MLM business operations to the pinnacle.

In this article, you will be able to look into the importance of a WP network marketing plugin in network marketing software.

If you are into the advanced operations of MLM business, you will be definitely having a perfect MLM software to support your MLM business operations but if you are trying to build your own WordPress websites or eCommerce stores like WooCommerce to support your MLM business, then you require a perfect WP MLM plugin to acquire the features of the MLM software and to make your system or eCommerce store to be an affiliate system.

As we all know eCommerce stores help to expand your MLM business via online sale, you will be easily able to enhance your MLM business via your WP WooCommerce store with WP MLM plugin. 

How WP Network Marketing Plugin Enhances MLM business?

1. Integrating WordPress eCommerce stores via this plugin to enhance the overall online sale of MLM products.

As the WP network marketing plugin is compatible with the WordPress sites, it can be used with the WooCommerce store which is an open-source and inbuilt e-commerce platform in WordPress. We all know that the e-commerce store plays a crucial part in building your MLM business. Integrating eCommerce stores like WooCommerce with MLM software will help to improve the online sale of MLM products. It acts as the best marketing technique to promote your MLM products via this affiliate system of WooCommerce. It also tracks the MLM operations of the e-commerce store via the WP MLM plugin.

2. Attracts more leads to the lead capturing page.

Once you integrate the WP websites via this plugin, with an affiliate referral link you will be able to allure more potential customers to your landing page. This will easily help you to convert potential customers as leads to your MLM business. 

3.Globalizing MLM business via an affiliate referral system

This plugin will assist you to share your affiliate link to your family members, friends and expand your MLM business globally. It builds the network chain of the network marketing business. You can attract more customers to your MLM business. 

4. It can be easily customized with various MLM plans.

Since it is easily configured with any WordPress website, the same can be customized easily with any kind of MLM plan. So it is easy to customize your MLM business with any MLM plans like binary, matrix, etc.  

5. Easy way to track the overall MLM operations

As discussed in the above benefits, it helps to improve and track the overall MLM business. It tracks MLM earning, total sale, payout released, commission, bonus, referrer details. Thus easy to track the overall MLM operations involved in the MLM business.  

Let us look into the important features of WP MLM plugin in Network Marketing Software. 

Once you integrate the WP websites with MLM software via your WP MLM plugin, you will be able to view a WP MLM menu with admin and user module

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Common Features Of WP MLM Plugin

Usually, it comes with two modules in the plugin and they are as follows:

  1. Admin Module
  2. User Module

There are various common features available in both the admin and user modules of the WP MLM plugin. 

Once the WP websites are integrated with MLM software through this WP MLM plugin, the new WP MLM menu will be added to their website and it will be able to acquire the features of MLM software. 

The Important features commonly available in both the modules are as follows:

1. Simple and User-friendly Dashboard

With the WP MLM menu in your WordPress websites, you will be easily able to understand the overall affiliate system in your WP website like the WooCommerce store via the simple dashboard. This user-friendly dashboard indicates the graphical representation of monthly wise affiliate sign ups, the number of downlines joined to the system, recently joined user list, top earned user list, etc. See the screenshot below on how the dashboard looks like.

2. User Profile Management

Admin will be easily able to manage the user profile, like editing the contact information of the user, E-wallet amount details of the user, and the type of bonus credited to the user can also be viewed by the admin. 

The sponsor of the user can also be viewed by the admin to manage the overall network structure. 

3.Effective Reporting

To revamp the MLM business, it is necessary to view all the reports of the MLM business. This WP MLM plugin also provides effective reports like a bonus or commission report, profile report, etc. 

4. Password Management

Admin and user will be able to change their password using the feature of password management. The new password will be sent to the registered email id of the user. 

5. Genealogy Representation

The overall MLM structure can be viewed with the help of the genealogy tree. Here it helps the user as well as the admin to understand the sponsors and the downlines. 

6. E-Wallet Management

Admin will be able to manage the E-wallet details of the user and will be able to credit or deduct the e-wallet account of the user. This also helps the admin to view all the e-wallet transaction details during any specific period.  

7. Easy Configuration

Admin will be easily able to configure the entire affiliate system by using this WP MLM plugin. The configuration includes settings like general settings, package settings, bonus settings.

The general setting will be used to configure all the company details of the affiliate system like company address, logo, Phone number, Email, etc. 

Package settings will be used to alter all the package details, add/ delete the package details involved in the MLM operations. 

Bonus settings can be used to set the level commission. The admin can set the depth up to which the commission is offered.


Hope in this article, you will be able to find the importance of WP network marketing plugin in network marketing software. It also provides information on how it helps to extend your MLM business. 

If you are managing WordPress websites, then definitely go and try with the WP MLM plugin to expand your MLM business successfully. 

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