Why is Your WordPress Website Slow? Here Are The Reasons

WordPress Website Slow

Last updated - July 8, 2021

WordPress is one of the best sources to create a website easily and quickly. It is the biggest reason why most individuals are choosing WordPress to create some creative and impressive website. There are some basic issues, such as – slow website speed. Slower loading speed leads to multiple problems and becomes a big barrier to achieving online goals.

All individuals are trying to find out the reason behind slow website speed to eliminate it and come up with a proper solution. There are multiple reasons available for a slow website. In the following details, you can get introduced to some major ones.

Key Reasons For Slow Website Speed

Data Caching

Data caching helps make things easier for website owners. Mainly, it helps create a specific version of the website and saves the version data to the user’s system. The saved data helps the users in accessing the website quickly. Along with it, the risk of viewing older versions is also there. In case you don’t update the caching history with newer versions, the visitors may not view new changes or the latest content. Increasing the version history will increase the load on the website servers and become a reason for slower website loading speed.

Bad Hosting Plan

Hosting is a crucial thing for a website and its operations. The website loading and operation speed are highly dependent on web hosting. It provides space for the website on the internet. The website owners have to pick the hosting plan as per the website requirements. All individuals don’t have complete knowledge of hosting plans.

Due to it, they try to pick the cheapest plan to save money. In reality, with the price, you can see lots of changes in the hosting plans, such as – bandwidth and space. Choosing a hosting plan with low space can lead to difficulties in website operations and slow it down in high traffic conditions.

Heavy Images Or Other Media Files

For creating an impressive website, all individuals use different types of media files, such as – images, videos, infographics, animations, etc. The availability of such files can add an attractive element. During all these things, people forget to check out the size of these files. The file size directly leads to an impact on overall website size and server performance. As a result, the website’s loading speed becomes slower.

Lack Of CDN

CDN stands for content delivery network. A CDN is useful in boosting the audience reach and website efficiency. There are different types of CDNs available worldwide. All networks can help you in reaching an audience in the different corners of the world. In case you don’t use any CDN, your website takes more load and faces more difficulties while loading and presenting content. In these conditions, the website starts consuming more time for loading.

grey world maps with server, user, and map pin icons
CDNs close the gap with consumers and deliver faster speeds.

CSS, HTML, JS, & Other Files

The website core is based on different types of files and programming languages. When it comes to boosting the website’s speed, some people try to inspect the complete website coding. You have to check out custom elements and languages, such as – CSS, JS, and HTML. In case you add lots of coding with these languages, it makes the website heavier and increases loading time.

Unnecessary Database

There are numerous types of content and files available on the website, and some are unnecessary. The availability of any kind of content will decrease the website’s speed and make things worse. All individuals have to carefully focus on the WordPress dashboard and inspect everything deeply, such as unused data, spam comments, reviews, etc.

You should try to deal with all these things deeply and delete the unnecessary data for sure. For dealing with such a problem, you can get a perfect WordPress plugin.

Themes And Plugins

In the case of a WordPress website, there are different types of themes, and plugins are installed and functioning in the background. All individuals need to inspect everything carefully and check out the plugins and themes deeply. Sometimes, you may find the plugins’ performance and operations start affecting the website’s performance and speed.

Sometimes, the outdated themes and plugins are also creating problems. You should not keep any plugin or theme outdated on the dashboard. It can be possible only with the help of updated systems only. In case any update is available for the plugins or themes, you should not miss it.

When you are just starting with your WordPress site, you can choose a free theme.

Low-Quality Framework

All individuals choose different types of themes for their websites. Mainly, they focus on the requirements, business, services, and products. All themes are available with different specifications and technicalities. Some themes are developed and published by reputed theme developers or agencies. Some companies are not that much efficient. As a result, they build themes with a low-quality framework. These types of themes are poor at functioning and may create multiple problems, such as – increasing the website’s size and load.

Lots Of Themes And Plugins

While designing and developing a WordPress website, the individuals have to pick and install multiple themes and plugins. In the end, one theme and a limited number of plugins are useful. Here, people forget to remove these plugins from the system. The availability of unwanted themes and plugins will increase website size and decrease the loading speed. The website owners should try to eliminate the unwanted or useless themes and plugins as much they can.

Lots Of External Links

All website owners want to increase the website’s credibility and authority by implementing different types of techniques. For such a thing, some people try to add multiple external links from high authority websites. It can simply make the page credible and increase the page authority. All these things are leading to a positive impact on the website’s image.  Along with it, you can face a major drawback as well. The availability of too many external links makes the website heavier. It decreases the loading speed, and the visitors start facing problems as well.

These are some major reasons that can affect your website’s loading speed. In case you face any of these problems, you should focus on some effective solutions.

How To Resolve a Website’s Speed Issue?

When it comes to resolving the website’s speed issue, you have to inspect the issue carefully. Based on the inspection, you can finalize the solution.

Website Optimization

Firstly, you have to focus on optimizing the website. Here, you need to check out the website code and other element styles carefully. You should try to minify the HTML, JS, and CSS files as much as you can. Along with it, you need to identify different factors, such as – minimize the external links, decrease load, etc.

Image Optimization

You may need to add multiple images to the website. Before adding an image, you should check out its size and quality. You should not forget to compress the image. You have to choose the source smartly to minimize the image size without affecting the image quality.

Web Hosting Plan

Another important thing is the web hosting plan. Before choosing a hosting plan, you should contact a professional, describe everything about your website, and discuss all facts deeply. It helps in basic website assessment that can be useful in choosing the right hosting plan.

For more solutions and information, you can get help from professionals. Numerous other things can be done on the website for higher loading speed.  

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