How do back-in-stock Shopify apps work?

Back-in-stock Shopify apps

Last updated - October 13, 2022

In the current economic climate, Shopify is the most widely used eCommerce platform in the world. This indicates that clients visit your Shopify store throughout the day in order to make purchases of various products. And because you want to keep those consumers coming back, it is essential that they be able to find what they are searching for and make a purchase in a way that is quick and easy for them.

It is the perfect time for established store models to be reimagined and for new companies to emerge. How back-in-stock Shopify apps work is what we want to learn about here so that you can move your own store into the modern era. 

Sometimes, customers are particularly loyal to a business. They would rather wait for an item to become available through your brand once again rather than switch to a competing brand. However, the client needs to know when a product is back in stock, and in order to inform them of this, you might want to use one of the various back-in-stock applications that are available on the Shopify app store.

Keep reading to learn how Shopify back-in-stock apps work and what exactly back-in-stock is.

What is back-in-stock?

What is back-in-stock?

Back in Stock makes it simple for customers to sign up for alerts via email, SMS text message, or push notifications. When you restock products, customers who are waiting to make a purchase are immediately notified so that they can return to your store and complete the transaction.

Back in Stock requires a little effort to set up and operate on its own afterward.

Using a Shopify back-in-stock app you can have:

  • Push Notifications on the Web
  • Email Notifications 
  • SMS Notifications
  • Notification of Product Availability
  • Personalized Emails and Forms
  • Support for User-Created Themes

How exactly do Shopify back-in-stock apps work?

How exactly do Shopify back-in-stock apps work?

Shopify’s back-in-stock applications have one specific function on your website, and that is to alert your consumers that an item they were interested in purchasing is once again available for purchase. It is possible that, as a result of this, buyers will return to your store to make additional purchases. Also, it strengthens client loyalty and helps to keep existing consumers. Additionally, it helps build trust in your brand, which is very critical in today’s business world.

Email is the most obvious, easiest, and the highest uptake among several methods that merchants can use to tell customers an item is back in stock, but there are some other methods such as SMS and Push notifications as well.

A benefit of sending notifications via email is that you can acquire the recipient’s email address for further marketing campaigns. This can be an effective method for marketing related products to your audience and making further sales to them over the course of time.

You want to improve your store and you’re looking for the best Shopify apps. On the basis of hundreds of recommendations, here is a compiled list of the top 8 best Shopify back-in-stock apps and how they work for both free and paid users.

1. Back in Stock – Restock Alerts

Restock Alerts is a Shopify back-in-stock app that enables you to notify your customers when an item is restocked on your website. How? By adding a “notify me” button to your out-of-stock product pages.

The merchants can choose between several different methods of sending notifications; Email, SMS, and push notifications are all available to website owners. 

In addition, if you have products with multiple variants, and one of those variants is out of stock while the others are not, the app will be able to solve this problem and will only send notifications for the unavailable variant. And if there are several variants that are out of stock but only one comes back into stock, then the notifications will only be sent to those customers who have expressed interest in that particular variant.

Installing the app is as simple as clicking a button and does not require any coding or the assistance of a developer. The customization of the notifications is simple, and you can also customize other aspects such as the button, sign-up form, and more to ensure that they are consistent with your Shopify store’s branding. In addition, you can integrate this app with a variety of other third-party services, such as Klaviyo and others, to increase the app’s potential for use in marketing.

Back In Stock – Restock Alerts Highlights:

  • Send out announcements across a variety of communication channels informing customers that stock has once again become available.
  • Integrate with other services like Klaviyo that are provided by third parties.
  • Simple to modify to fit your company’s aesthetic standards.
  • One-click installation.

2. Back in Stock Product Alerts

This app is used by over 4,500 Shopify store proprietors. The app is quite easy to use; a customer simply registers for out-of-stock notifications, which may be customized down to the variant’s level. The app will then notify the shopper if the product in question is once again available for purchase.

The list of emails that are sent out can be divided into multiple smaller batches if there is a significant number of people on the list who are interested in learning about the same thing. This protects your server from being identified as one that is responsible for spam.

In addition, interfaces with Shopify Locations make it possible for this app to function in a variety of settings. As a result of this, customers can sign up to receive notifications when the product is restocked in their respective local stores if you also operate multiple stores. You also have the option to define that notifications will only be sent out when the stock levels are more than a particular number.

Back in Stock Product Alerts Highlights:

  • It will start working on your shop right immediately. Installing and configuring the app is all that is required of you at this point.
  • You can send customized emails to those customers who have subscribed to your notifications.
  • Sending alerts can be done through your preferred email service provider.
  • Able to interface with several social networking platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and others.

3. Back in Stock: Customer Alerts

This app has a straightforward installation and configuration procedure, so you can get it up and running in a matter of minutes and start winning back customers that would have been lost otherwise.

The app can handle products with a single style as well as those with a large number of different variations. In addition, the application has been successfully implemented on a variety of websites. Because engagement rates (click-through, conversions, and so on) have been high, it can be concluded that the monthly subscription fee is an investment well worth making.

On product pages that do not have any items in stock, you have the option to have a “Notify me when available” button immediately added to the page. This app will collect the user’s email address in order to send notifications. On the other hand, if you would like to be able to send and receive SMS text messages, that functionality can be added. Because it is modifiable, the button can be tailored to correspond with the aesthetic of your organization.

When a customer clicks on the button, a popup window appears before them, which has the capability of collecting customers’ contact info. 

Back in Stock: Customer Alerts Highlights:

  • You have the ability to personalize many aspects of the app, which will make it more useful to you.
  • Send notifications through email or text messages.
  • Automatically adds a button to products that are currently out of stock.
  • Collects email addresses, which are then made available for use in other campaigns as well.

4. Now Back in Stock

When things are back in stock, you will be able to notify customers by email, SMS, or push notifications so they can once again come back to your store and purchase those items. Customers have the option to select their preferred mode of contact when more stock becomes available, and using the app is incredibly simple and straightforward.

Tokens are used within the software, and the user receives a certain number of monthly SMS alert tokens. You are able to monitor the number of remaining tokens in your plan at any moment and upgrade it when you reach the point where there are none left. Nevertheless, you will receive an infinite number of email alerts. The vast majority of people prefer email since it is less intrusive than other forms of communication.

Additionally, the app is compatible with variations. In other words, when one variety is replenished but others aren’t, only those people who desire that particular variant will be alerted of the restock of that variant. The program is really easy to install and configure. It can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. There are straightforward and understandable instructions to assist you, and if you get confused, there is courteous support available. The app development team is willing to perform a free installation for you in the event that you are having significant difficulty.

Now Back in Stock Highlights:

  • Installation for people who are not technically oriented is provided free of charge.
  • Based on the customer’s preferences, you can alert them by email, push notifications, or SMS messages.
  • Receive an allotted number of SMS tokens but an infinite number of email alerts.
  • It is simple to use.

5. Stockify

You can easily persuade clients to request a notification for when an item is back in stock by using this app, which requires little effort to set up and configure. The application is capable of sending notifications over a variety of communication channels, such as email and Facebook. Customers have the option of indicating the distribution channel they prefer.

There is a free version of this program, but it has limitations. you can only send 20 alerts with it (10 via email, 10 via Facebook). There are further choices, the most expensive of which cost one hundred dollars per month and enables you to send an infinite number of notifications each month. Other choices are also available. This is only beneficial for merchants that have huge stores that see a lot of foot traffic. It would not be difficult for you to start with the free basic account and then upgrade if your requirements change.

 Stockify Highlights:

  • A free package that enables you to send up to 10 notifications to Facebook and email each month.
  • You will need to scale up as your company’s notification demands increase.
  • You have the ability to send notifications through Facebook and email.
  • Customers have the ability to select their preferred mode of communication with you.

6. Back in Stock Email+SMS Alerts

When you have things back in stock, you should invite previous customers back to your store. Your consumers have the option to sign up for notifications via a variety of different channels, such as emails and text messages. Using this software, you are able to send an unlimited number of emails and text message notifications automatically. Additionally, it has the ability to send clients reminders for products about which they have already been notified.

You can divide the delivery of emails into several groups in order to reduce the likelihood of email servers being blocked and your server being blacklisted for spam. In addition to that, you can enhance your marketing efforts by integrating the app with your email platform. This program complies with all of the requirements of the GDPR, so you won’t have any problems using it.

You can also see data reports, which will be of assistance to you in planning future initiatives. Because of this, you will be able to better prepare for future purchases.

Highlights for Back In Stock Alerts through Email and SMS:

  • You can send whatever number of notifications you like.
  • Send alerts by email as well as by text message.
  • You can customize the number of people who will be alerted all at once.
  • Maintain full compliance with the GDPR.

7. Alert me! Restock Alerts

When this app is installed on your website, you do not need to do anything further to make it work because it is totally automated. Because the software is able to easily handle variants and other complexities, it frees you up to focus on other activities that are crucial to the success of your business, such as marketing and delivering orders.

On the collection sites as well as the product pages, customers can sign up to get notifications. This is an excellent choice because it provides a plethora of possibilities for your clients to subscribe to your brand and obtain alerts; hence, it scores high marks in both categories. As a result, you have the opportunity to increase the number of clients that regularly shop at your establishment.

The software and the store you own are perfectly integrated with one another. It does not employ popups, and the integration ensures that everything is branded appropriately for your store.

The software can also assist with making decisions on the replenishment of supplies. You are able to view the products that customers have subscribed to get. As a result, you are able to observe what things need to be acquired right now and in what amounts.

Alert Me! Restock Alerts Highlights:

  • Does not make use of popups in the process of customer signup.
  • It is simple to install, and it begins functioning immediately afterward. There are no manual controls.
  • Send quick emails to the audience members who have subscribed to receive notifications.
  • Able to deal with variants.

8. Stockbot

Stockbot is an efficient and dependable service that makes use of third-party services that have been created for the sole purpose of managing the notification procedure via email. And as a consequence, it lessens the likelihood that your notifications will be classified as spam.

By linking the app with your MailChimp account, you not only have access to the email address but can also use it to market to customers.

You have the option of personalizing the look of the email so that it displays your company’s identity. It is also possible to personalize the subscription form that appears on the product page for customers. The app satisfies all of the requirements of the GDPR.

Stockbot Highlights:

  • Reduces the likelihood that your emails may be classified as spam.
  • Completely compliant with the laws of the GDPR.
  • Notifications are sent to customers’ email addresses.
  • It’s simple to personalize both the emails and the signup forms.


Shopify applications are a vital component of your company if you want to encourage clients to continue shopping at your establishment. Customers may get dissatisfied if an item they want is out of stock, but if you offer a back-in-stock alert function and they continue to be loyal customers, you can expand your company. 

After all, it is far simpler to make a sale to an established client or to a client who has shopped at your establishment on multiple occasions than it is to make a sale to a new client.

As a result, we hope that after reading this blog article, you have a better understanding of what “back-in-stock” means and how “back-in-stock” Shopify apps function.

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