Best CRM Software for Your ECommerce Store in 2024

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Last updated - January 30, 2024

With the evolution of CRM tools, it has become much easier to manage your customer data more effectively and streamline your sales process accordingly. You can not only build a loyal customer base but also create credibility for your business online. So what are your priorities while searching for the best CRM software that suits your business needs and sales targets? Let us explore a few of the most trusted and effective CRM systems of all time and make this search an easy path for you.

Checklist to Follow While Choosing a Robust CRM System

Before we dive deeper, first understand the potential factors to consider while choosing the right software for your business. Some of the top results are as follows,

  • User Interface: The UI of the CRM systems must be intuitive and possess sufficient features to execute your marketing strategy. It’s best to opt for a demo or trial before the purchase. 
  • Usage: Is the software user-friendly? Check the support documents, service, and training available for the tool.  
  • Analytics: The CRM must provide actionable data and reporting to maximize the output of your marketing efforts. It is the precision of these tools that can bring considerable gains to your eCommerce store.
  • Automation: Customizable customer dashboards, automated emails, personalized SMS, etc are some of the features that can help the brand connect quickly and effectively with its customers. This automation of workflows becomes a must.
  • Third-party Integrations: The CRM systems must be compatible enough to upgrade with other marketing tools and sales plugins. This feature will further help in the scalability of the store. 
  • Value for Money: The best CRM choice must suit your budget and expectations regarding the features it offers. You can always make a comparative study before signing a price place.

Best CRM Software for Your eCommerce Store

Check out the top trusted customer relationship management(CRM) tools to enhance your customer engagement and store performance. 


Top Features of Podium CRM are as follows,

  • Online Reputation: It generates and manages Online Reviews, thus improving SEO performance and attracting new customers. Podium integrates with around 24 review platforms including Facebook, Google My Business, TripAdvisor, and more.
  • Two-way Communication: Podium offers a messaging inbox for its customers and leads to maintaining fluent communication. A single dashboard maintains all these messages from different platforms and helps streamline sales, marketing, and customer service experience.
podium crm
  • Quick Support via Webchat: The webchat widget integrates well with Podium’s inbox and helps your sales team to improve engagement with leads and customers.
  • Customer Feedback Survey: It helps keep track of your customers’ likes and dislikes. Podium runs a two-question survey via text message and responses as per the feedback from the customers.
  • Payments via Text: Podium payments allow customers to make payments through a text message that includes features such as branded invoices, the ability to process refunds, protection from fraud, etc.
  • Podium Analytics: The analytics package offers business insights and competitive benchmarking, about your business and your competitors too.
Rating: 4.8/5
Best suited for small businesses to improve online reputation and customer relationship
Price Plans: Podium offers 3 pricing editions starting from $249/month to $599/month


The top features of ActiveCampaign are as follows,

  • Marketing Automation: Email marketing and automation help automate customer email follow-up, improve engagement, and integrate add-ons for enhanced usability.
  • Sales Engagement: ActiveCampaign for sales helps capture, qualify, and engage leads, to win more business. It helps you utilize all your interactions and help build stronger sales pipelines.
activecampaign crm
  • Store Marketing: It helps your e-commerce store connect with prospects and active customers through different channels. It also helps drive repeated sales with targeted and timely communication.
  • Site Tracking: It provides active site tracking to keep a check on your engagement and customer visits. 
  • Personalization: With segmentation, ActiveCampaign creates a customized experience for each of your customers/visitors. Thus helping prospects engage better with your business.
Rating: 4.6/5
Best suited for businesses looking for concrete data-mining and sales automation
Price Plans: ActiveCampaign offers 4 pricing plans starting from $29/month to $259/month(billed annually)


The top features of Freshsales CRM are as follows,

  • Customization: The CRM system helps maintain the contact lifecycle at all stages, create custom fields, create custom sales activities, and manage transactions via multi-currency and multi-language features.
  • Productivity: The tool helps in task management, assigning leads to salespeople, automating the sales pipeline, automating workflows, sending notifications for internal communication, and more.
freshsales crm
  • Communication: Build strong relationships with your customers via multi-channels like email, phone, chat, SMS, WhatsApp business, etc.
  • Marketing Automation: Automate your marketing strategy and efforts using automated workflows, behavioral segmentation, and end-to-end personalization.
  • Freddy AI: With a Lead Generation Bot, Contact Scoring, detection of duplicate leads, and deal insights improve productivity with the help of AI.
Rating: 4.5/5
Best suited for businesses looking to improve interactions 
Price Plans: Freshsales offers 3 pricing editions starting from $12.02/month to $60.16/month(billed annually)
Avail Freshsales Free Plan for limited features


The top features of Copper CRM are as follows,

  • Contact Management: The CRM helps create a database of all customer interactions and related documents in one place. It gives a comprehensive idea of the entire buyer journey and sales progression.
  • Automated Follow-ups: Copper helps customize your sales pipeline and send personalized emails to customers. You can also set time-bound reminders/tasks and get notifications for any growth.
copper crm
  • Web Tracking: The CRM helps track details and sources of the visitors who fill out the form.
  • Google Workspace Integration: Copper is best known for its active integration with businesses invested in the Google ecosystem.
Rating: 3.8/5
Best suited for businesses using Google Workspace 
Price Plans: Copper offers 3 pricing plans starting from $23/month to $99/month(billed annually)


The top features of Pipedrive are as follows,

  • Manage Sales Leads: Create and customize as many pipelines as you need to manage your leads. Also, fetch concrete data and make instant decisions for better outcomes.
  • Reports and Insights: Pipedrive customizable sales report gives you insights on the most important metrics for your business. The reporting feature also helps track deals and make revenue forecasts.
pipedrive crm
  • Email Automation: With the proper segmentation, it becomes easier to send customized emails targeting a particular segment. You can also use predefined email templates for powerful email marketing campaigns.
  • Integrations: With Pipedrive attract new customers, communicate with leads, and manage contracts of your business.
Rating: 4.2/5
Best suited for small businesses with small teams 
Price Plans: Pipedrive CRM offers 3 pricing plans starting from $9.90/month to $49.90/month(billed annually)
Try Pipedrive’s 14-day Free Trial for limited features


The top features of Capsule CRM are as follows,

  • Contact Management: Gives you comprehensive data about your existing customers and companies you do business with. 
  • Email Marketing: This CRM tool helps generate email campaigns and send personalized emails with predefined templates. You can also track performance with clear analytics.
capsule crm
  • Sales Analytics: Check out and track all the updates of your sales cycle with precise reports and gain insights. 
  • Sales Pipeline: Customize, monitor, and upgrade your sales pipeline and get the entire summary under a single dashboard for better visibility.
Rating: 4.6/5
Best suited for businesses using G-Suite integration 
Price Plans: Capsule CRM offers 4 pricing editions starting from $18/month to $72/month(billed annually)
Try the Capsule Free Plan for basic features

Create a Lasting Impression…

With the above post, you must have got clarity on some of the excellent CRM tools. These systems give you valuable insight into your customers’ journey and support you to empower your business with seamless efficiency. The best CRM software offers you automation and customization features to streamline your customer relationships and keep the engagement intact. These systems drive growth and thus help you unlock the power of unparalleled customer engagement. You will surely appreciate the power of CRM and enjoy your e-commerce journey to excellence with a loyal customer base.  

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