Unlocking 6 Best Strategies For Your WooCommerce Store

Unlocking Best Strategies For Your WooCommerce Store

Last updated - February 28, 2024

Running a WooCommerce store successfully in today’s competitive environment is difficult. Here every click counts, and every sale matters.

This makes it even more important to incorporate strategies that help your business move forward and take it to the next level. 

Incorporating new strategies is a daunting job because it can be tricky to find a list of good suggestions in a single place. 

Don’t Worry! Because we have done the legwork for all our amazing readers.

In this article, we will talk about the best WooCommerce strategies, which should be your holy grail if you are a WooCommerce store owner. 

6 Best Strategies For Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is a blessing for all merchants out there. Why?

Because there are almost 400 official plugins, these plugins are infused with sale-oriented like subscription plugins and enable extensions. This makes the eCommerce store, the most customizable shopping cart in the industry. 

In this section, we will talk about all the strategies that you can implement by utilizing these WooCommerce Plugins.

Reward Customers With Loyalty Programs 

Keeping the customers happy is the key to making any online or offline business a hit. A loyalty program is a great technique to keep new customers engaged, and for retaining the existing customers. In fact, studies show that loyalty programs influence a whopping 83% of consumers to repurchase, making them a powerful tool for driving repeat business.

You can reward your customers by offering them exclusive discounts or points when they make a purchase. 

These techniques make your customers understand that you care about them. The motivated customers will surely return for more shopping, just to collect loyalty points.

There are several plugins that you can utilize for this purpose, but Points and Rewards For WooCommerce will always be the best possible solution. 

This plugin has premium features like gamification. This feature helps the merchants gamify their websites, making them even more engaging for the customers. Want to know more about this feature?

Gamification Features

Offer Gift Cards, Discounts & Coupons

Imagine going to your favorite website to find that you’re rewarded with a FLAT 20% discount coupon. Well, customers are always very eager to get such discounts or gift cards.

This is one of the marketing tactics that always work to increase sales of your WooCommerce store. 

Apply discounts and coupons

On one hand, merchants can offer discounts and gift cards to increase profits, get more customers & in return improve sales.

On the other hand, your customers are happy, and they will happily spread the word about your business in the market. This is a WIN-WIN situation. 

But you might wonder, how you will create these gift cards and such discount coupons. Don’t worry, the answer to this question is – Gift Card For WooCommerce Pro

With the gift card, merchants can utilize features like Group Gifting. This is a unique feature that enables merchants to create group gifting cards if their customers want to arrange a collective gifting scenario for a loved one. 

Gift Cards for WooCommerce Store

Utilize Upsell & Cross-Sell Techniques

Upselling and Cross-Selling are among the fruitful marketing techniques that help your WooCommerce store achieve greater heights. Both these strategies are very simple to implement, yet very effective. 

According to McKinsey, upselling, cross-selling, and other product-recommended marketing tactics are responsible for increasing sales by 20 percent and 30 percent. When such numbers come into the picture, it becomes even more important to explore these strategies. 

But, again merchants should also understand these two different concepts entirely. Let us understand the difference between them…

Comparison between Upselling and Cross-Selling

Let’s learn about a highly recommended solution for all WooCommerce store owners – Upsell Order Bump Offer. 

Merchants can create WooCommerce order bumps and offer funnels for simple, variable, and subscription products, by utilizing the exclusive benefits of this plugin.

It allows the merchants to track the sale and behavior of every order bump upsell they’ve added to their store. 

Improve Checkout Process 

Cart Abandonment is every WooCommerce business owner’s biggest nightmare.

Imagine putting in all the possible efforts, adopting all effective marketing strategies, and successfully navigating the traction to your eCommerce website. But not being able to convert the traction into profits. 

Frustrating? Isn’t it? 

What if we tell you there is a permanent solution to this?  

One Click Upsell Funnel is a WooCommerce solution that allows merchants to create post-checkout upselling and cross-selling offers. Customers can grab these with a single click and no hassle entering shopping details.

This enhances the overall experience of the checkout process of your WooCommerce store, for your customers. 

That’s not the end of it. 

Most converting upsell and cross-sell offers

The plugin also enables you to track the success of your cross-selling and upselling offers. With the help of the deep analytics tool, you get the opportunity to know which upselling offers the best and which needs improvement.

You can practice A/B testing with all the upselling offers that you decide to implement.  

Leverage Commercial Holidays

Leverage Commercial Holidays

Holidays are like the hidden treasure of achieving fruitful profits. There are many merchants, who fail to realize the importance of the holiday season. But the merchants who do, achieve great profits and business growth.

Events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and Thanksgiving are some of the holidays that merchants should consider hosting sales for. 

But, if you have a company that specializes in hosting events or shows, then we have a perfect solution for you to streamline these events. 

Event Tickets Manager, is that plugin that streamlines all your backend activities for hosting events of different kinds. From customizing the e-tickets to enabling the social share feature for sharing these events. 

Incorporate A Subscription Model

This is another marketing technique that helps you retain your customers, and also attract new customers.

You can incorporate a subscription model to your WooCommerce store, where you promise your customers an impressive set of additional features if they are ready to pay a nominal amount of subscription – yearly or monthly. Whichever is suitable for your WooCommerce store. 

We have another highly praised, and one of the bestseller plugins – Subscription For WooCommerce, this solution enables the merchants to collect recurring revenue from subscription orders and further helps you compete with other SaaS industries. 

But what are the benefits of having a subscription model? Let’s find out…

benefits of having a subscription model

Wrapping Up…

Owning a WooCommerce store can be very overwhelming because the competition is increasing with each passing day. We can not completely take off this pressure, but can guide you through this bumpy ride. 

Incorporate all the above-mentioned strategies, after understanding, if these are suitable for you and your store. Because each store demands something different from each other.

Remember that “Customers are the king”, always plan and strategize all your business decisions around this one statement, and you will undoubtedly be rewarded with great revenue and success. 

Keeping this thought in mind. 

Happy Selling!!!


What are upselling and cross-selling, and how do they contribute to sales growth?

Upselling involves persuading customers to purchase a higher-priced product or service, while cross-selling involves offering complementary or related products to enhance the customer’s purchase. These techniques increase average order value and maximize revenue per customer.

How can improving the checkout process help reduce cart abandonment and increase sales?

Simplifying the checkout process by offering one-click upsells or post-checkout offers can streamline the purchasing experience for customers, reducing friction and increasing conversions. By addressing common pain points like form filling and payment processing, merchants can significantly reduce cart abandonment rates and boost sales.

Why is leveraging commercial holidays important for WooCommerce store owners?

Commercial holidays present unique opportunities for merchants to capitalize on increased consumer spending and drive sales through targeted marketing campaigns and promotions. By aligning sales and discounts with popular holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, merchants can attract more customers and boost revenue during peak shopping seasons.

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