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hippoo woocommerce admin app

Last updated - February 29, 2024

In modern times, the success of your online store depends a lot on staying updated and connected with your users, at all times. With mobile app solutions like Hippoo, you can achieve these goals effortlessly and can manage your store from anywhere, anytime. But is Hippoo the right fit for your WooCommerce store? With the detailed review article below, let us dive deeper into this app’s features, user experience, functionality, and key benefits that make it the best admin app for your WooCommerce store management.

Hippo WooCommerce Android App: An Overview

Managing and catering to your online store requirements like orders, inventory, product updates, etc. can be a daunting task. But the Hippoo mobile app promises you seamless integration and management of your store. The app is simple to use and has been trusted by thousands of shop owners as an ultimate solution for streamlining their store operations on the go.  

hippoo woocommerce mobile app

The app offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features to manage store operations without any hassle. It focuses on making your store accessible and efficient with effortless order management, real-time inventory checks, and improved customer service. Thus, helping you transform and manage your WooCommerce store just like a pro.

Key Features of Hippoo! Mobile App

This Android app is a must-have as it comes loaded with some fabulous features that integrate easily with your online store. The key features are as follows:

  • Interactive Hippoo! Dashboard

With a simple and interactive dashboard, this mobile app makes it easy to manage your store. It helps you access important information like order status, sales reports, and a systematic main menu all on the home page.

  • Efficient Order Management

The app makes it easy to manage each order right from the screen of your mobile. You can check order status, view in-depth order details, add notes with a simple tap, and much more. You can expand each order for full details and change their status effortlessly.

  • Barcode Scanning

You can easily track the orders by scanning the barcode of the invoices. Thus, offering an advanced feature to simplify your order fulfillment and control.

  • On-the-go Product Management

Just tap on the Product icon on the main menu, and manage your product’s image, name, SKU, price, and stock status. You can also easily share these products on social media as well. 

  • Effortless Inventory Control

Keeping track of your stock levels is super easy with this app. It will keep you updated with the items running out of stock to only sell the products that you have in stock.

  • Robust User Authentication

Hippo offers a safe store experience for your users. The app ensures the secure and efficient e-commerce operation of the store. It safeguards the stored information and customer data, ensuring a safe and secure ecosystem for you and your customers.

  • Insightful Reports for Performance Tracking

You may track your performance and orders on a timely basis with the precise reports available on the dashboard. These reports help keep track of your orders and respective sales trends to keep you informed and scale your business in the right direction.

  • Marketing and Promotions

You can create and manage promotions, and offer coupons and discounts all directly from this app. 

  • Push Notifications

The app keeps you updated with real-time alerts for new orders, low stock levels, and customer messages.

How to Integrate Hipoo WooCommerce Admin App?

You can simply integrate Hippoo with your eCommerce store by following a few simple steps:

Step 1: Search Hippo! Admin App in Android Play Store > Install the app

hippoo app

Step 2: Install the Plugin on Your Website first before login to the app and follow the path,

install hippoo

Click the link above > Download the Plugin > Go to Your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add Plugins > Upload Plugin(from downloads) > Install Now > Activate 

Step 3: Insert the Credentials like Your Website Address > Auto Connect to shop 

insert hippoo credentials

or follow another path, Connect Manually > Enter Consumer Key > Consumer Secret 

Step 4: Insert the Credentials like Username or email address > Password > Login > Approve

woocommerce store management

Step 5: You can get started with the Dashboard, 

hippoo app features

NOTE: From the app, you can access the following features,

  1. Check Order Status like pending payment, processing, on hold, completed, refunded, etc.
  1. Access Time-based Reports based on different factors like order, items, shipping, and sales.
  1. Get Access to Dashboard Elements be it Products, Coupons, Reviews, Settings of the Shop, Customers, Ticket Status, Notifications, Out of Stock Items, etc.
  1. Add Extension(Hippoo) to improve the functionality of your WooCommerce store.

Benefits and User Experience of Hippoo! App

  • Improved Efficiency: Save on your time and resources by managing your store from anywhere, anytime. The app helps you boost productivity.
  • Prompt Customer Service: With the help of this app, you can easily address customer queries and concerns from anywhere, thus leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Concrete Data-based Decisions: Hippoo helps in gaining real-time insights into store performance, thus making informed decisions based on analytics.
  • Easy Inventory Management: You can easily track, maintain, and control stock levels from anywhere and anytime. The app offers notifications to stay updated when in low-stock situations.
  • User-friendly Interface: With its intuitive design, the app is super easy to use, and helps navigate easily across different functionalities.
  • Quick and Responsive: The performance of the Hippoo app is smooth and efficient, allowing you to manage your store without lag.
  • Visually Appealing: The app offers a clean and interactive interface that is impressive in icons and layout and is pleasing to the eye.
hippoo reviews
Pros: This app offers a wide range of features for your e-commerce store, along with a user-friendly interface, a simple design, real-time notifications, data insights, and a Free plan for basic functionality.

Cons: The app has limited features when compared to some other premium apps, and occasional bugs or performance issues.


With the above article, you must have a clear picture of the key functionality and major benefits of Hippoo! WooCommerce admin app. This app makes an excellent solution for WooCommerce store owners and offers a valuable tool to manage their e-commerce stores at any time and from anywhere. It provides an interactive user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation and helps you to manage multiple stores from the same account. The essential features for order, product, and customer management, and real-time data insights offer you maximum benefits. While the free plan offers basic functionality, larger businesses may subscribe to the paid version for advanced features. This app will ultimately keep you updated about your store and customer needs and will add a Wow element to your e-commerce experience.


Q1. Can I integrate the Hippoo app with other e-commerce platforms besides WooCommerce?

Ans: No, this app is designed to work with WooCommerce stores only as of now.

Q2. Does the admin app offer a free trial for paid plans?

Ans: No, the Hippoo mobile app does not offer any free trial for its paid plans. But you may check out the free version for its limited features, allowing you to test the app before opting for a paid plan.

Q3. What are the other apps that help in managing your WooCommerce store on mobile?

Ans: There are several other mobile apps that offer similar functionalities for your WooCommerce store management. These apps may include WooCommerce Mobilfy, Order Desk, and Zoho Inventory, etc.

Q4. Is there any customer support for Hippoo users?

Ans: Yes, the app offers email and chat support for its paid plan users. You may also access the knowledge base with tutorials and troubleshooting guides for both free and paid users.

Q5. What are the premium features offered under Hippoo-paid plans?

Ans: With Hippoo paid plans you may unlock additional features like advanced analytics, push notification customization, and multi-store management. Also, the pricing varies depending on the chosen plan and features.

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