Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting by Nexcess – A Detailed Review

Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting by Nexcess - A Detailed Review

Last updated - November 10, 2023

During your search for a web host, you would have probably heard of managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting options. If you compare it to other hosting solutions, you might be curious as to why it’s so common among website owners.

Making use of managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting is one of the best and easiest ways to operate and manage your WordPress- or WooCommerce-powered websites. That being said, it might be a tedious task to find the right managed hosting provider given that there are numerous options to choose from.

We are here to make your job easy and ensure that you choose not only the right hosting provider but also the best one. Let us explore everything about Nexcess — a profound managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting service provider.

But, before we could get into the details of Nexcess let’s explore some of the basics of managed hosting.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is a specialty service provided by some web hosting companies. On a continuous basis, managed hosting handles all technical aspects of your WordPress or WooCommerce website. The managed hosting provider takes care of routine website maintenance, including website speed, cybersecurity, regular automated backups, and providing updates.

Differences Between Managed and Shared (Regular) Hosting

For new websites and small enterprises, shared hosting plans are one of the most popular hosting options. But those who choose shared hosting to launch a new website almost certainly do so because of a limited budget.

If you’re just starting out with an online business, you might be persuaded by shared hosting’s low cost to choose it. But if your website receives a lot of traffic, shared hosting may not always be the best option, and here are a few reasons why.

  • As shared hosting plans are typically affordable, hosting companies rely on volume to turn a profit. Consequently, your website uses the same server resources as with hundreds of other websites. As a result, you run the risk of experiencing performance and security problems.
  • If a website on the server is hacked or suddenly sees a spike in traffic, you’ll have issues since you are sharing the same server.

On the other hand, managed hosting provides you with several benefits that you will want to stretch your budget a little more and go for it. Here are a few advantages of managed hosting.

  • In order to ensure that your website can withstand any traffic spikes, the Managed WordPress and WooCommerce servers are set up and optimized for the respective websites.
  • Managed hosting also ensures that your WordPress or WooCommerce website experiences little to no downtime at all.
  • Managed hosting provides certain premium services, as standard offerings, such as optimizing website speed, higher security measures, 24/7 support and maintenance, etc.

Nexcess — A Fully Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Service Provider


Nexcess is a liquid web brand, meaning this profound company provides top-of-the-industry managed web hosting services for both WordPress and WooCommerce websites. While there may be a plethora of managed hosting service providers, not all of them support both WordPress and WooCommerce.

At the outset, Nexcess’ managed hosting service is officially recommended by WooCommerce and that tells a lot about the company’s services, products, proficiency, support, and all-round performance.

As for the company’s managed hosting service for WordPress, it is highly scalable and adopted by more PHP specialists than any other hosting provider you can think of. The repertoire of Nexcess’ managed hosting services trumps the competitors quite seamlessly. 

Let’s dig a little deeper and explore the specifics of what makes Nexcess the ideal choice for your WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

Products and Services

Besides WordPress and WooCommerce, Nexcess also provides fully managed hosting services for Magento websites as well. The versatility of the company places it in a different league altogether. In addition, the company also provides a unique store builder.

This store builder helps even the layman build an eCommerce website effortlessly and without the need for any design or coding skills. Now that’s what is called taking the eCommerce game to the next level! Although there’s a lot to explore, we will stick to the managed hosting services in this article.

WordPress Managed Hosting

WordPress Managed Hosting

Speed, security, scalability, and ease of use are the four pillars Nexcess swears by for its WordPress hosting services. Although the four pillars may seem minimal, at the crux of the matter these four elements are the most essential and driving factors of any eCommerce website. Talk about getting the basics right!

Nexcess has a great package and here are a few standard offerings.

  • Optimized performance using the free Object Cache Pro, excellent picture compression, and a worldwide Cloudflare CDN.
  • Tools for smart plugin updates, such as visual comparison and performance monitoring
  • No excess usage charges, traffic restrictions, or metering of pageviews
  • Every package includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and free migrations.
  • Round-the-clock preemptive monitoring of servers and assistance by dedicated WordPress professionals.
  • Highest flexibility and compatibility for PHP users than any other WordPress managed hosting provider.

Nexcess also provides some excellent WordPress management tools along with managed hosting services.

Plugin Performance Monitor

As much as plugins are an essential tool for any WordPress website, they need to be monitored for effectiveness and performance. Unfortunately, plugin monitoring is one of the most overlooked aspects of operating and managing a WordPress website, since most people install a plugin and forget about it. And over a period of time, they don’t even know if and how it is harming the other aspects of the website.

Nexcess has diligently taken efforts to help website owners and managers with respect to plugin monitoring. With the help of the Plugin Performance Monitor tool, you are not only reported about the performance and issues (if any) of the installed plugins but also provided with insights on how to fix those issues and optimize the performance thereafter.

Watch this video that explains the role of the Plugin Performance Monitor tool

WooCommerce Automated Testing 

By now, I assume that you probably are aware of the importance of WooCommerce for WordPress websites. Since WooCommerce is possibly the most essential WordPress extension it is absolutely necessary that every site owner must check for the viability and performance of WooCommerce, which is done through testing.

Don’t fret about hiring a WooCommerce professional just for the purpose of testing, because Nexcess has got you covered. The WooCommerce Automated Testing tool checks and helps fix potential risks involved in the login, checkout, and payment interfaces. 

What’s more noteworthy is that the entire process happens in real-time and is, thus, expedited. This means that you can mitigate a problem before it may result in potential losses of both money and resources.

See how you can use the WooCommerce Automated Testing tool and the impact it has on your website by watching this video.

Sales Performance Monitor

You will agree that generating sales is the ultimatum that all eCommerce websites exist for and aim to achieve. However, it is also one of the most difficult aspects of a business to monitor, control, and manipulate for optimal results.

Nexcess’ built-in Sales Performance Monitor makes sure that you are always in control of the sales of your website, without breaking a sweat. Now, isn’t that a dream come true for any eCommerce business owner?

The Sales Performance Monitor tool will track the revenue trends and provide revenue projections and send the customized report right into your email inbox at the end of every single week. In addition, the tool will provide real-time alerts if there is a decline in the revenue trend so that you can immediately analyze what is going wrong and deal with it to keep the revenue trend steady and growing.

Pricing plans of Nexcess WordPress managed hosting

Pricing plans of Nexcess WordPress managed hosting
Pricing plans of Nexcess WordPress managed hosting

WooCommerce Managed Hosting

WooCommerce Managed Hosting

As mentioned earlier, Nexcess WooCommerce Managed Hosting is a WooCommece-recommended product. It takes a lot for a product to be endorsed by a platform like WooCommerce, and Nexcess has invested several hundred man-hours in brainstorming, researching, and developing this incredible hosting service.

Let’s take a look at some of the standard offerings that are included even in the basic package.

  • Free Object Cache Pro and more PHP workers ensure quick product loading and seamless checkout.
  • Cloudflare-powered worldwide CDN and DNS service for lightning-fast online shopping.
  • Rich in features, including methods for preventing cart abandonment and improving conversion rates.
  • You are informed of sales trends, sluggish site performance, and checkout issues for free through sophisticated monitoring.
  • Preemptive monitoring of servers and assistance by dedicated WooCommerce professionals 24/7.

As in Nexcess’ WordPress Managed Hosting, the company provides those amazing tools even for its WooCommerce Managed Hosting services. Here’s a brief preview of them.

Note: Since the description of each of the tools is provided in the WordPress Managed Hosting section above, we will explore the specific tenets of how these tools operate in the below section. 

Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor

  • Test and compare – No matter what task you want to automate, there are numerous plugins available in the market. So, how do you choose between the numerous plugins that essentially perform the same task? Simple, this tool will test and perform a comparative analysis between the plugins and tell you which one is the best fit for your business.
  • Monitor performance impact – Sometimes, the very thing that is designed to optimize your website’s performance can slow things down, which may be due to a recent update or several other factors. The plugin performance monitor will consistently check for such discrepancies in the performance of the plugin and generate a report of what is badly impacting the performance so that you can immediately fix it.
  • Help take the appropriate steps – This incredible tool goes a step further and generates timely reports of the overall performance of the website and not just the installed plugins. You can analyze the reports, that are simple to understand and take the necessary steps to speed up your website.

WooCommece Automated Testing

  • Reduces sales friction – Did you know that sales friction can occur due to a wide range of reasons and that some of the reasons include factors that no one could even think of? That being said, you can rest assured because Nexcess’s WooCommerce automated testing tool will test all possible scenarios and provide insights on how to reduce the overall sales friction.
  • Identifies specific pain points – Somewhat in continuation to the previous tenet, this tool combs through each and every aspect of the website, analyzes their working methodologies, and identifies all the pain points that may be hindering the overall performance of the website. Your intervention is needed only to rectify them.
  • Boosts overall profitability – Remember, the moment you reduce sales friction and rectify the pain points of your website you are automatically boosting the overall profitability. This is because a seamless website will attract more customers and retain them for a longer period on the website. In addition, a sales friction-free website also results in higher conversion rates.

Nexcess Sales Performance Monitor

  • Gets to the root cause of performance issues – Half of the time, website analysis revolves around the peripheral causes of performance issues. It takes much more to get to the root cause of what is slowing down your website, and this tool does exactly that. Nexcess’ sales performance monitor hits the nail on its head every single time, which means you are not wasting your time fixing something that isn’t broken, but rather dealing with the problem at its core.
  • Delivers personalized revenue projections – There are two types of revenue trends that you need to consider — a) The overall revenue trend of the eCommerce industry and niche b) The specific revenue trend of your eCommerce business based on its various metrics. This tool will analyze both these revenue trends and provide consolidated and personalized revenue projections.  
  • Provides trustworthy monitoring reports – Sales monitoring is one of the most important aspects of running a business. It is also the factor upon which the entire sales strategy is dependent, which means reliability is of the utmost importance. Nexcess’ sales performance monitor excels in this area by providing highly reliable monitoring reports so that you are not wrongly strategizing to up your ante.

Pricing plans of Nexcess WooCommerce managed hosting

Pricing plans of Nexcess WooCommerce managed hosting
Pricing plans of Nexcess WooCommerce managed hosting

Why Choose Nexcess WordPress and WooCommerce Managed Hosting

Free website migration

Migrating your website from one hosting provider to another can be a tedious and expensive affair. It is why, most site owners are reluctant about migrating their websites even if the hosting service is unsatisfactory. No matter how huge or complex your website is, Nexcess offers superior migration experiences, free of cost, to every customer.

Secure global data centers

Nexcess owns and operates 10 secure data centers. As a customer, you get to pick a data center that you are most comfortable with, which means your website is now hosted in the most secure, seamless, and efficient way possible.

Round-the-clock support

With Nexcess, you will never face the problem of having to repeatedly contact your hosting service provider for tech support. Their round-the-clock support will take care of anything your website may need in a matter of minutes. Simply raise a request, sit back, and enjoy the services.


If you made it so far, then I am confident that you are as impressed with Nexcess WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting services as I am. It is clear that Nexcess is best at what they do, and they are in constant pursuit to improve, update, and make their services even more impressive. No wonder WooCommerce is officially recommending Nexcess’s hosting services.

Interested in migrating your website to Nexcess’ managed hosting? Contact them now and make a difference for your business.

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