5 Best WordPress Themes for A Student-Entrepreneur

WordPress Themes for Student Entrepreneurs

Last updated - February 24, 2020

There is a rapid pace at which students are starting up their own businesses to generate money to fund for their education. Some of these companies have been successful enough to create a viable career path once the students graduate.

Blogging is one way these student entrepreneurs are learning new skills, developing networks, and making money. For example, Anthony Volodkin, who was a student at Hunter College in 2005, started a very successful WordPress music blog called Hype Machine.

A website that will attract more visitors has to have the right design, theme, and color. If you have an eCommerce store that has the best features, your visitors will have a lasting impression and will stay longer browsing through your site.

The longer they stay, the more the chance of visitors purchasing your product or service. If you’re an aspiring student entrepreneur, here are 5 WordPress themes that will help you to become the next business giant.


Divi Theme has been a big hit with student entrepreneurs even since it was introduced into the market. This theme was built with the Divi Builder to make it fast, sleek, and attractive to the website visitors. It doesn’t require you to refresh the pages and there is no loading, which makes it a pretty fast theme.

You can implement your design ideas quite easily with Divi

WordPress understood that time is of the essence to students who have to find the right balance between school work and their entrepreneurial activities.

For that reason, Divi theme has an intuitive front-end editor that helps you to make changes to your page, resulting in spontaneous updates. The elements are customizable, meaning you can adjust fonts, colors, spaces, and sizes.

The theme has a top-notch security certification from the SuCuri to make it secure and trustworthy. Divi is comprised of 46 different types of content elements to make it easier for you to mix and match while building anything you could imagine.  Here are some more benefits of Divi Theme:

  • It has a live responsive preview and you can customize mobile breakpoints.
  • There is ease in communication with various customers from across the globe because it has translations in almost 32 languages.
  • It has the ability to synchronize global elements across several pages. If you update them once, everything gets updated.    
  • You can import and export layouts to your library for use at your opportune time.
  • The theme comes with more than 20 of pre-made layouts.   


X-Theme is regarded as the second most popular WordPress theme, so it’s not a surprise that it has become one of the bestselling themes at ThemeForest.  This theme is great for student entrepreneurs as it has all the important features required for a startup business.

The best thing about this theme is the fact that it has 4 different stacks. These stacks have entirely unique layouts and designs that can be used with any kind of website. The list below shows some of the stacks that come with this theme:

  • Extensions – The extensions are plugins specifically designed for this X-Theme. You can download and install the extensions which include MailChimp, Facebook comments, and Olark Live Chat.  
  • Cornerstone – This is a front-end page builder and it comes as an extension. It will help you work on your site from the front-end.  
  • Shortcodes – Shortcodes can be used for various functions, including creating buttons, adding different design features, and placing icons. For example, you can use a shortcode to hide an element.         

X-Theme is ideal for every ambitious student entrepreneur as it supports WooCommerce which is one of the best solutions for eCommerce. Most of the successful businesses are owned by graduates and recent studies show that 95% of entrepreneurs hold a bachelor’s degree.

This means many students are going into entrepreneurship and you can use this theme to grow your business. It has a perfect visual editor and many other features to help you create a great website.


ReHub is another most popular WordPress theme that will suit startups in all business sectors. It offers great solutions and flexibility that you require to build a business of your dreams.

Millennials and Generation Z (those born between 1995-2010) are launching their own startups and most of them are using ReHub theme. There are good reasons why student entrepreneurs are building their websites using this theme, and one of them is because it’s flexible. You can build a site that has your desired looks and feels.

ReHub is a multipurpose theme that is ideal for affiliate marketing. Student entrepreneurs can use great features such as blog review, directory site, and shop options to achieve the goals they have envisioned.

WordPress keeps on adding features depending on the latest trends. While the filter panels can be customized, affiliate options will enable you to compare several things, including prices and front-end affiliation. It’s optimized for smartphones and has a product creator which are the other elements that are loved by student entrepreneurs.

ReHub Theme has a focus on the modern style in line with the needs of students. With customization options available, you can make your site clear and attractive for your visitors. As you get more visitors to your site, the conversion rate increases.

The plugin is a valuable addition to assist your articles standout for search engines. It’s also easy to get content from various sources such as YouTube, Google images, books, and Tweets.  


Entrepreneurship is an important element of the United States economy, and startups continue to create employment even during economic downturns. Some of the fasted growing startups businesses are being launched by student entrepreneurs. And, the millennials and Generation Z are now taking a huge role in reshaping the business field.

Entrepreneurship Theme is yet another great theme for student entrepreneurs, and it comes with plenty of functions and features. This theme which is mobile friendly, was built with small businesses and startups in mind. It features a home page that has large and fully-responsive images to introduce your business and products or services.

Setting the home page can be done from within the Customizer which makes it easy to do. You can include social links menu to engage with your targeted audience. It’s important to add contact information on the home page for your prospects to reach it easily.   

The biggest benefits of Entrepreneur Theme are that it can be made to become an e-Commerce website and you can optimize it for AdSense. Student entrepreneurs are bound to earn more money using this theme because it will attract more visitors to your site.

The customizer ensures that various elements are customized including backgrounds, headers, site logo, and colors. While the theme will assist you in making the website look professional, it’s also versatile to leave you in control over its design.


Athena is a professional theme that is focused on helping business websites to attract more people. It’s fully responsive, customizable, and user-friendly.

This theme is ideal for student entrepreneurs that have creative business ideas and require guidance on how to attract visitors to their websites. It features a front-page Jumbotron which is designed for marketing activities. This feature makes it easier for you to attract more people to your site.

Athena is a multipurpose theme and is WooCommerce ready. It means you can build an online shopping website for any of the several sectors such as a restaurant, freelancing, photography, and musicians. Other important features include a front-page slider and animated callouts that have more than 600 icons.

It also has a mobile responsive menu and links to your social media platforms to make it easier for you to engage with your customers. Even better, student entrepreneurs can make use of a live customizer that enables you to change settings and see them live.       


Despite WordPress offering several theme options, it’s a big challenge for student entrepreneurs to select the best one for their startups. The best theme should be flexible, should have a variety of features, user-friendly, and should integrate well with other tools and applications.

All these themes will help you in starting any business of your desire as they have a standard set of features. However, some of them that are ideal for you depending on the type of products or services you sell. If you’re looking for a suitable theme for your website, try any one of these that have been discussed above.