How and Where to Find Help for WordPress Beginners

Help for WordPress Beginners

Last updated - October 17, 2022

WordPress is an easy-to-use content management system. While most new users can learn to use it by themselves, it can be overwhelming to some, considering the plethora of features WordPress has. 

How to find help for WordPress beginners then? Let’s take a look at the options to find help for WordPress beginners in this article.

Let’s start with the places new users usually get stuck while starting with WordPress for the first time.


Installing and setting up WordPress can be tedious for new users. With extensive features and settings to tweak and set up like hosting and domain creation, new users might need help with the WordPress setup itself. Beginner-level questions and doubts in getting started with WordPress help users understand the WordPress atmosphere better in the long run.


It is a given that if you are setting up a website in WordPress, you are doing that with the help of plugins, the extensions that add functionality to websites running on WordPress. And plugins come with complexities in setting them up and maintaining them. Running the plugins seamlessly and their compatibility with each other as you use multiple plugins can give rise to doubts and queries not just for beginners but also for old-time users.


Themes, much like plugins are a vital part of a WordPress website. They give layout and navigational abilities to websites and are often loaded with features based on website niches. So, it is common to encounter situations where new users might require assistance.

WordPress Apps

WordPress offers apps to edit and maintain websites on the go on mobile devices. They are helpful in what they are for, but again, have interfaces and other factors like the operating system of the mobile device in which you are accessing the WordPress app which can be difficult to get started for some users.

Places to Get Help

Now let us see where to find help and what kind of help you can get from them.

WordPress Documentation

The WordPress website has a detailed documentation section with elaborate walkthrough articles featuring screenshots and videos for different features of the platform as well as for common use cases. These guides have answers to a lot of beginner-level questions new users might have.

WordPress Support Forums

WordPress Support Forums to find help for WordPress Beginners

The support forums of WordPress are a great place to find help for WordPress beginners. With a great user base in the forum consisting of veteran WordPress users, you can be sure to find help in the forums. WordPress also has local language support forums for select languages if you are more comfortable with finding help in your native language.

The forums help find users who have experienced the same issues as you and are more helpful than documentation as you can find solutions to the unique problems in creating your website.

WordPress Customer Support has an official customer support system for its paid users in the form of live chat and email. Premium, Business, and eCommerce plan users can access 24×7 live chat support for their queries, while the Personal and other monthly plan users can access their email support. Free users have to rely on the community forum for their queries. on the other hand doesn’t have a dedicated customer support system. The support forums, WordPress FAQ, WordPress Codec, and the Learn WordPress website which is the official website for beginners to learn about WordPress are the common official options to find help for users.

Third-Party Websites

The lack of official support doesn’t deter enthusiasts and for a good reason. There are endless ways to find help in the unofficial channels to find help for WordPress users. Here are a couple of reputable websites that can help you with queries and doubts related to WordPress.


LearnWoo - Best place to find help for WordPress Beginners

Since this is an article on our own platform, we can’t help but toot our own horn a little. LearnWoo was started to help WooCommerce users with educational articles and videos. Now it has grown into a massive source for both WooCommerce and WordPress users with thousands of articles on almost every topic related to WooCommerce, WordPress, and also eCommerce platforms. LearnWoo also has a YouTube channel with visual guides and walkthrough videos.



As the name suggests, WPBeginner is a website dedicated to helping WordPress beginners with useful blogs and has an exhaustive collection of articles to help you along in any part of your WordPress journey. It has guides and tutorials, ebooks, and more for all levels of WordPress users.

YouTube Channels

There are thousands of YouTube channels dedicated to WordPress help. Enter your query and you’ll discover solutions for many issues as new users have common issues which these channels address. You can also request channels to make videos for issues you face in the comments section.,

Other Social Media


Reddit has subreddits for WordPress which are good places to post your queries. These subreddits also appear in search engine page results when you type in your query if similar issues have already been posted and solved, which is a bonus.


Similar to Reddit, you can post questions in Quora or browse through previously answered questions to find help related to your WordPress queries. The related questions section is a good place to explore further topics. They have questions related to your search and can be useful to grow your knowledge of WordPress.


Twitter is a short text platform and it doesn’t have detailed solutions on there. Post your question related to WordPress with relevant hashtags. There is a good chance that you will be pointed to a link to solutions in the form of YouTube videos or other websites, or perhaps a short tweet that answers your question. WordPress users also post useful content regularly on Twitter which is also useful to follow.


Facebook, like Twitter, is a good place to network and learn the latest updates and other informational posts related to WordPress by following the right pages and people. Besides that, you can also join Facebook groups dedicated to WordPress and post your queries and find your solutions there.

While and differ in the way users get support, the unofficial methods to find help as shown in this article apply to both platforms. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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