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Digital Coupon Marketing

Last updated - November 9, 2021

Increasing your competitive edge is key when you’re trying to outperform other shops that battle with you for the same customers. No matter what your business type is, you need to get more sales to keep growing. 

One great way to do just that is to improve your digital coupon marketing. Integrating first-class coupon techniques is possible with Shopify tools, apps, and automation. If you haven’t yet incorporated these mechanisms into your business yet, it’s time to see how much it might change your business.

Learn more about digital coupon marketing and why it might work for your business today.

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Why Use Digital Coupon Marketing

Before investing time into developing your company’s digital coupon marketing strategy, you probably want to know exactly what it is that this method can bring to your business. Why is digital coupon marketing worth the expenses to set it up?

What Are Digital Coupons?

Digital coupons are online discounts, promotions, and sales that are offered to your customers to use on your product or services. Digital coupons may be sent out by email, pop-up notifications, text messages, or available on online coupon sites.

Digital Coupons Expand and Cement Your Customer Base

One of the biggest reasons to have a digital coupon marketing plan is that digital coupons help to:

  • Entice new customers
  • Convert leads of prospective customers
  • Bring back one-time customers
  • Build loyalty with long-term customers

Having a strong customer base that consistently grows is important for the long-term health of your business. Using coupons to solidify that customer base is key.

Digital Coupons Increase Sales

Studies have shown that email marketing that incorporates coupons helps to produce nearly 50% more ROI than marketing emails that do not contain coupons. In this and many other ways, it’s clear that having digital coupons available for customers and prospective customers can help to generate additional sales.

90% of online shoppers use coupons, and they are more likely to make a purchase if they have a coupon. Making sure that those interested in your business receive those coupons should be one of your marketing goals.

Tips For An Effective Digital Coupon Marketing Strategy

How exactly can you implement an effective digital coupon marketing strategy that actually improves the sales your business sees? These tips will help to ensure that you see the right return on your investment into a new marketing technique.

#1: Build (and Utilize) Your Email List

Much of your digital coupon marketing strategy is likely to rely on having a robust list of customers and prospective buyer emails. Building up a marketing email list is great for more than just giving out coupons, but that will be our primary focus today.

Give a small discount to customers that sign up for your email list. Even a 10% discount will be enough to entice potential buyers, and you can then utilize this communication stream to disperse more coupons in the future.

Keep the balance of your focus split between growing your list and then using that list to give out digital coupons on a regular basis. Customers that may not otherwise remember to return to your store can be brought back through the email list if they sign up. This will then help to increase your sales.

#2: Highlight Existing Coupons

When you have promotions or deals running that can benefit your shoppers, don’t be afraid to highlight those benefits from time to time.

For example, imagine that your site is running a promotion where you get 20% off of your order if you spend over $40. If a shopper has $32 worth of items in their cart and goes to check out, let them know what they’re missing out on with additional text or pop-ups!

Doing this can help to increase the size of each sale, and you will also see more return on your digital marketing through this technique.

#3: Automatically Apply Discounts

Set your shop up to automatically apply discounts to qualifying purchases without the shopper needing to do anything. This is a huge part of increasing sales with your digital coupon marketing.

The easiest coupons, especially for new customers, are those that they don’t have to work to use. By having automatically applied coupons as part of your promotional plans, you’ll increase sales and have fewer abandoned carts.

#4: Prompt Promo Codes In Unique Ways

Most Shopify owners know that sending out coupon codes via email or having a code on the homepage of your website will help increase sales, but how else can you utilize promo codes to boost your figures?

Try utilizing additional channels to get promo codes out into the world:

  • Have influencers you work with advertise their unique discount codes
  • Give out promo codes to customers that complete a survey
  • Include promo codes in the packaging of sold items
  • Put discount promo codes in your social media posts

#5: Utilize relevant software tools and plugins

Utilizing the most relevant software and plugins to boost the effectiveness of our digital coupon marketing campaign should not be overlooked. Streamlining the process and using tools to create, distribute and validate digital coupons can significantly impact how effectively your coupons can work for your business.

For example, via you can access great savings on plugins like e-Cart Solutions, offering WooCommerce managed hosting to include a ready-to-run online store. Or, consider how Live Chat Software could drastically improve your customer’s experience and help to increase sales, especially when coupled with the coupon discounts you can offer them while you chat to them live.

Once you start spreading out coupon codes and finding different ways to share them with your potential customer base, don’t forget to monitor these channels for effectiveness. Which channel is helping you to see more sales? Identifying this data will help you know where to guide your digital coupon marketing strategy for the most profits.

Since digital coupon marketing is relatively low cost to implement, there’s no harm in trying out some different tactics. Be sure to watch what works best, and then you’ll start to see huge returns on your investment into better digital coupon marketing.

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Boost Your Business With Better Couponing

Set your business up for success by investing in a complete digital coupon marketing strategy. As you can see from what has been covered today, digital couponing doesn’t need to be a high-stakes investment. Even with little financial input, you can see large boosts to your sales numbers by simply adding digital coupons to your shop.

What are you waiting for? There are more sales to be made, and it’s only going to take a short amount of time to get things set up. Get started with digital couponing today!

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