20 WooCommerce Development Service Companies Handpicked (2024)

WooCommerce Development Service Companies

Last updated - January 11, 2024

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform that offers great flexibility to customize stores according to different business requirements. It is free, open source, and has a vibrant community built around it. There is so much scope for developer-level customization and you will find a lot of companies to help you with it. In this article, we have compiled some of the popular WooCommerce development service companies around the world.


WisdmLabs is a certified WooCommerce development service company that offers fast and reliable solutions. For your every need related to WooCommerce, be it building a site from scratch, or adding specific functionality, they could help. Moreover, the standout feature of the company is that they deep dive with client requirements to ensure the very best outcomes.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
WisdmLabs is a company that is specialized in all things WooCommerce.

Inverse Paradox

You will find reliable, high quality solutions with this full service WooCommerce development company. They will help you create and maintain a versatile WooCommerce store with customer-friendly features. Furthermore, they will be always ready to help you in adding custom functionality or in managing the maintenance aspects of your site.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Inverse Paradox will help you create and manage your webstores effortlessly.

Cultura Interactive

With expert knowledge in programming, web design and user experience, and a keen interest in problem solving, Cultura Interactive could be a great collaborator. They will provide you with excellent service for all kind of WooCommerce stores including simple stores to learning platforms or membership systems. Additionally, you will find custom web development, design, and marketing automaton solutions.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Cultura Interactive is a prominent option among WooCommerce Development Service Companies that will help you enhance your store’s user experience and revenue.

ELEX Development Services

ELEXtensions is one of the prominent extension development companies in the WooCommerce ecosystem. If you have purchased one of their plugins, and would like to customize it according to your business needs, contact their support team. They also offer complete support in installing and configuring their plugins. In addition, you can get help in setting up a complete customer support solution for your business from scratch.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
With ELEX development services, you can get help in customizing their plugins and to set up a full-fledged customer support system.


CartKnitter offers comprehensive eCommerce technology solutions round the clock. Their services include development services to B2B and B2C companies. Apart from that, you can get their services for integration of ERP, CRM, CMS, accounting or inventory management systems, etc. What makes them stand out from similar companies is their flexibility to adapt to individual customer’s needs.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
CartKnitter is an efficient WooCommerce development service company with solid experience in WooCommerce and Magento.


This is one of the prominent WooCommerce development service companies based in Europe. They will help you build enterprise level sites, and also helps in integrating ERP systems to your stores. Moreover, you will get excellent support in building both B2B and B2C sites.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Maksimer is a Europe-based WooCommerce Development Service Company that will help you build a successful webstore.


This Swedish company offers excellent solutions to build your eCommerce store. They will help you build an eCommerce store using WooCommerce exactly according to your specific business requirements. Additonaly, they have a product called Sales Server, that will help easy integration with different business systems.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Wallmander&Co is a Sweden-based company with great expertise in WooCommerce.


Following Agile methodology, this company offers great help in WooCommerce site building, complex integrations, custom solutions and plugin development. If you have a complicated eCommerce project, like one with subscriptions or bookings, you can make use of this company’s services. Furthermore, they will help you with custom solutions and code tweaks.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Progressus offers excellent services to build and maintain WooCommerce stores.

Bright Vessel

You will get a complete service from this company for your eCommerce site, right from the technological aspects to the marketing efforts. They will help you build a WooCommerce store optimized for conversions and revenue. Additionally, you will get support for site design, customization and hosting.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Bright Vessel offers great services to help you build a great online store.

Advant Interactive

Advan Interactive is a company that focuses on problem solving along with web design and development. They will help you create a great online store with excellent design. You can contact them with your project details and you will get a free consultation call, followed by a proposal.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Advant Interactive offers great help in building user-friendly websites.

Silicon Dales

Verified WooCommerce experts, Silicon Dales will help you implement your eCommerce project effortlessly, be it small or big. They offer a long list of services including full site building, performance optimization, migrations, integrations, maintenance, etc. In addition, you can book their services for any small help that you may need.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Silicon Dales is a great option among WooCommerce Development Service Companies for big and small projects.

Angry Creative

This company helps you build amazing digital experiences using WordPress and WooCommerce. They will understand your business requirements and help you build a store in the most optimized manner. More importantly, they take up eCommerce projects of all sizes.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
This Swedish company is one of the leading WooCommerce specialists in the region.

Behla Design

This company offers a wide range of WooCommerce services including custom design, development and other business enhancements. With their expertise, they ensures that you get an optimized experience out of WooCommerce. Overall, they will help you build an eCommerce site with exceptional design and user experience.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
You will get adequate help from BehlaDesign to build and optimize your eCommerce store.


Neuralab is a company that is certified as WooCommerce experts. They have a big range of satisfied clientele and a highly experienced team of experts. Their services are divided into three main categories such as design, development and content. Apart from building a site, they will also help in your site management.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Neuralab follows a systematic approach in site building that offers the best possible outcomes for your business.


This company is based in Germany and will help you build great digital experiences with WordPress. They help you build exceptional eCommerce sites, optimize design, overhaul your website, and even offers maintenance support. In addition, they have contributed to WordPress plugin repository as well with some popular plugins.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Inpsyde offers great expertise in WordPress and WooCommerce development.


You will get excellent help from this company in building and maintaining your online store powered by WooCommerce. They are certified “WooExperts”, and contribute regularly to the core code of WooCommerce. Moreover, their process is agile based and offers you the best experience every time.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
This company offers great help in building and managing your WooCommerce store with a transparent process.

Sleeping Giant Studios

With a great clientele, this company offer tailor-made solutions for WooCommerce sites. They have a rich experience in building amazing WordPress sites with great user experiences. The services they offer include UI/UX design, theme and plugin customization, eCommerce integration, and more.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
You will get full support from this company in building and managing your online store.

Emote Digital

With Emote Digital, you will get full support right from project planning to implementation, and even for marketing. They offers custom design and development services for projects of all sizes. Based in Australia, they have over 20 years’ experience and has won over 30 industry awards.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
Emote Digital offers comprehensive design and development services for all kinds of businesses.


Maintaining world class standards, this company will help you resolve all your WordPress challenges in the best possible manner. Combining deep research, rich experience and adaptability, they will help you build reputation for your brand. Their service list includes custom design and development, WordPress SEO, API integrations and maintenance support. In addition, they offer marketing services as well.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
This company offers comprehensive solutions for WordPress and WooCommerce.


Verified WooCommerce experts, LightSpeed offers a wide range of services to help you manage your WooCommerce site effectively. Their list of services include site builds, custom theme and plugin development, marketing assistance, and training and support. Furthermore, they offer website service packages as well that are tailored for small and big businesses.

WooCommerce Development Service Companies
LightSpeed is one of the popular WooCommerce Development Service Companies that offers a great list of services for different businesses.

Hopefully, these WooCommerce Development Service Companies could be help for your next eCommerce project. Feel free to leave us a comment if you have any queries or concerns.

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