8 Best WooCommerce Order Management Plugins (2022)

WooCommerce order management plugins

Last updated - September 7, 2022

For an eCommerce store owner, it is significant to systematically manage every order so as to ensure best experience for customers. Right from the time you receive an order, you need to ensure that every stage of the fulfillment process is duly addressed. When you have a large number of orders, this won’t be very easy. It will be wise to invest in some tools that will assist you in ensuring proper order management. In this article, we will discuss a bunch of useful WooCommerce order management plugins.

WooCommerce After The Order

This is a great plugin that will provide solid assistance in your order processing. It will help you in recording notes that are critical to the smooth processing of an order. You will be able to add order notes at different levels that will be passed on to the store manager. This could be store-wide notices, or messages when a specific product is present in an order. These order notes will be automatically included in the order notification emails as well as in the dashboard view. Overall, the plugin could be really useful in reducing errors, and thereby improving customer experience and sales figures.

WooCommerce order management plugins
You can include critical information regarding an order as notes with the help of this plugin.


  • Record order processing notes specific to products or for all orders.
  • Integrate order processing notes with the order notification email.
  • Display store notes and product notes when the order is reviewed on the dashboard.
  • Reduce errors and improve the order fulfillment accuracy by not missing out on important aspects.

The plugin costs $49.

Order Coupon Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce

You may want to export order details from your WooCommerce store to be processed by external apps and services. This plugin will help you export order details in CSV and XML formats. It supports the formats of several shipping carriers for easy integration. Moreover, the plugin lets you schedule exports at specified time intervals using cron jobs. Also, you can use the plugin to manage order imports to your WooCommerce store. You can even use it to bulk update existing order details. And, the plugin is compatible with several other plugins such as WooCommerce Subscriptions and Bookings.

WooCommerce order management plugins
You can easily import and export order and subscription data using this plugin.


  • Export and import order, coupon and subscription details from and to your WooCommerce store.
  • Supports CSV and XML files.
  • Schedule import and export via cron jobs.
  • Smooth user interface that is Ajax-enabled.
  • Extensive filtering options to customize the import and export data.
  • Compatible with several plugins including subscriptions.

The cost of a single site license of this plugin is $69.

Advanced Orders Export For WooCommerce

This is another plugin that will help you export order details selectively from your WooCommerce store. You can also set rules that will export individual orders based on a defined status change. The plugin also lets you schedule imports in simple intervals as well as with more complex daily schedules. Moreover, the plugin helps you send the export data to multiple locations such as email, ftp, sftp, url, etc.

WooCommerce order management plugins
This plugin gives you a set of advanced features to export order information.


  • Export selected orders from your WooCommerce store.
  • Schedule export at predefined intervals or at a specified time each day.
  • Schedule individual order data export based on order status change.
  • Send the export file to email, FTP, SFTP or url.

The basic version of the plugin costs $25.

WooCommerce Order Status Manager

You will be able to add new order statuses to your order management process with the help of this plugin. You can also edit and delete order statuses according to the specific requirement of your store. The newly added order statuses can be included into order actions and bulk actions as well. By adding custom order statuses, you will be able to keep your customers better informed about your order management process, and they will be more happy as a result.

screenshot of WooCommerce order status manager plugin
Customer order statuses will help to keep customers and store managers informed about different stages of your fulfillment process.


  • Create new order statuses and icons.
  • Provide a description of custom order statuses to help customers.
  • Option to edit the default order statuses of WooCommerce.
  • Access new statuses from order actions and bulk actions.
  • Option to make order statuses as “Requires Payment”.
  • Trigger new order emails based on custom order statuses.

You can get this plugin for $49.

YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status

This plugin offers advanced features to manage order statuses and labels on your store. You can create advanced order statuses according to different requirements on our store. Moreover, you can customize statuses with color, text and icons so that it will be more clear to the customers. Also, you will be able to overwrite the existing order statuses available by default on your WooCommerce store. Furthermore, you will be able to include orders with all statuses in the reports.

This plugin helps you create custom order status and manage them efficiently.


  • Create custom order statuses in WooCommerce.
  • Use icons and labels to identify statuses more effectively.
  • Send emails for custom order status changes.
  • Option to allow customers to cancel or pay for an order as well as download items.
  • Compatible with WPML.

The cost of a single site subscription of this plugin will be $69.99.

WooCommerce Order Status & Actions Manager

You can process multiple orders simultaneously by creating custom statuses using this plugin. It also offers a dashboard widget that will provide you a better view of different orders with different statuses. You can also create different emails for different statuses and determine whether it will be sent to store managers or customers. Moreover, the plugin offers a large range of icons to choose from. You can also assign different colors and styles to distinguish order statuses. You can even set triggers for automatic status changes using this plugin.

WooCommerce Custom Order Status Manager Plugins
This is an advanced plugin that will help you manage order statuses more effectively.


  • Enhance your order management process with custom order statuses.
  • Personalize order statuses with unique colors, styling and icons.
  • Dashboard widget for better overview of orders.
  • Prompt store managers to leave order notes while processing an order.
  • Define when product reviews can be submitted.
  • Trigger automatic status updates after a defined period of time.

It will cost you $40 for a Regular License of this plugin.

Sequential Order Numbers Pro

Organizing your orders well is an important aspect of order management. This plugin will help you assign sequential order numbers to your WooCommerce store. Moreover, it lets you customize the order number by specifying starting number or by adding prefixes and suffixes. You can also specify the length of the order number as well. If your store is already accepting orders, you can set this plugin to follow the existing pattern if required.

WooCommerce order management plugins
Using sequential order numbers on your WooCommerce store will help to make your order management process more streamlined.


  • Create sequential order numbers on your WooCommerce store.
  • Follow the existing numbering pattern on your store.
  • Add suffixes and prefixes to order numbers.
  • Include time or date information as prefix or suffix.
  • Set a length for order number.
  • Exclude orders with only free products from numbering.

The cost of the plugin is $49.

Store Manager for WooCommerce- WooCommerce Order Management

This plugin will help you make order management much easier when you are selling through more than one retail channels. It can process 1000 orders at one time in a single click. And you can easily remove any faulty orders, or those which you created to test. It also helps you easily add or modify details in an order even during the fulfillment stage. Moreover, you can use this plugin to import order data as well as customer information from your store to any third party system. Furthermore, it offers extensive analytics features that will help you take progressive actions to improve your business prospects.

WooCommerce order management plugins
You can import order data as well as change order status in bulk using this popular option among WooCommerce order management plugins.


  • Easily manage orders from different retail channels.
  • Bulk update order status.
  • Edit and modify order details.
  • Option to export and import order data.
  • Delete incorrect orders and duplicate ones.
  • Extensive analytics features.

You can purchase the Store Manager for WooCommerce plugin that includes several other features at $199 for a single user.

Hopefully, you will find these WooCommerce order management plugins useful for your store. Leave us a comment to share your thoughts.

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