Five Biggest Mistakes in Logo Design You Should Avoid

Mistakes in Logo Design

Last updated - November 16, 2022

Can we be factual?

There are more eyes on your brand, especially based on the drastic increase in internet users. How then do you escape the staring and prying eyes waiting to criticize and lash out at your brand when it makes a single mistake?

Mistakes in Logo Design

How do you not only avoid pitfalls but also make your company stand out in a good way? Simple, having a unique and memorable logo is one of the easiest ways to distinguish your brand in this age. Just like the individual spin results of Book of Ra, you can decide that your business will stand out among the crowd!

Why Should You Have a Great Logo Design?

What comes to mind whenever you see an apple with a bite? It’s an Apple logo!  While some have linked the idea behind the design to the story of Adam and Eve and the fruit of knowledge, others opine that it’s significant of Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravity. Whatever it may, you should first think of Steve Jobs Apple company, with its copyright.

And, what’s more? How about a black prancing stallion on a yellow shield? We bet you’re thinking of one of the world’s most famous and luxurious car companies, Ferrari! 

So, what’s so significant about a brand logo?

According to a study, the picture superiority effect (humans remember visuals better than words) is important in memory processes, including familiarity and remembering. Knowing this, marketers can use a brand’s logo strategically to increase recognition.

Although creating a beautiful, functional, and unique logo design for business is a daunting task even for seasoned designers. This is because a small blunder is capable of bringing all your works to naught. Therefore, you should note some of these logo design and branding blunders to avoid. 

We’ll be exposing those blunders and potential pitfalls in this post. 

Five Logo Design Mistakes Most Designers Make

Here’s a rundown of five of the most popular mistakes many logo designers make:

1. Not Caring About The Process

A lot of designers spend so much time designing logos but fail to produce good results because of the failure to follow proper design processes.

Here’s one good way to present a logo design description:

A logo design is like a ready-made meal. There are a series of stages that you must follow while cooking to arrive at the final result, which is your meal. We both know cooking before looking up a recipe is a no-no.

It would help if you always researched before deciding to have a logo design brief with your team as a brand or with your client as a designer. A well-researched project is likely to be approved and flourish in the actual world than a poorly planned one.

Mistakes in Logo Design

Therefore, you should delve deeper and read industry information to obtain true insights. Once you have a firm grasp of your logo design basics, you can begin exploring and sketching.

2. Oops! Bad Design Software

Guess what the secret tool for creating a good logo is? A good logo design software! The wrong software gives birth to an amateur-looking logo.

The use of correct design software saves a lot of time spent creating in the long run. The right design software is easy-to-use, not too pricey, and can easily make the modifications you desire for your logo. One thing to remember is that the ideal logo design program is vector-based, as opposed to raster-based.

According to The balance, top design software is rated to give you the best experience while designing. Some of their highly-rated software for logo design examples include Adobe Illustrator, Canva, and CorelDRAW. With the help of suitable software, creating an effective logo with little or no effort is at the palm of your hands.

3. Maltreating The ABCs

This is a very common mistake on typeface and letters in logo designing. Typography is one of the essential parts of a logo, and selecting a proper logo design font also contributes to a beautiful creative process.

However, knowing exactly how to choose a suitable typeface takes accurate knowledge and experience. How then do you pull this off? Spend time investigating the many fonts you could utilize for your logo, narrow them down even further, and then compare them to your brand mark.

Don’t be rigid, be open to buying or developing your fonts. Have a go-to checklist that contains factors like spacing, font choices, and scaling. Also, ensure sufficient spacing for legibility and readability of the letters of your logo. That said, you should stay away from predictable or generic fonts and also make sure to use appropriately formal fonts.

The best way to decide this is to think of whether it will present your brand in a good light.

4. Bad Colors

There is an underlying sense of intention and meaning behind your logo color, and the best way to keep it simple is by avoiding the blunder of a mishmash of colors here and there.

Finding the right balance of color in your logo is just as crucial as picking the right front. Your color must properly convey your brand’s message, or else it will come off as unsophisticated and unreal.

Here’s our humble logo design advice: When picking your colors, make sure to consider the psychological impact it has on your customers. For example, let’s say you have a gaming brand, the color of the logo design for gaming should give your audience a clue of what your brand is all about, and it should contain themes that resonate with your viewers.

Mistakes in Logo Design

5. Copycat

Copying designs makes your brand come off as unoriginal. It is unethical and unlawful, and to people who are creatives in this online space, it is simply dumb for a brand to do.

Besides, making use of another person’s design could jeopardize the reputation of your brand. Our suggestion is to avoid using stock or clip art commonly found. Remember, the goal of a logo is to be unique and distinct, therefore work towards achieving this with all you have.


Follow these logo design guidelines:

  • Get several sources that you can draw ideas from to create your original logo.
  • Look inwards and decide what your brand stands for, then.
  • Put it down on paper and get to work.


There you have it! You can create the most heartfelt and best logo by taking note of the mistakes we outlined above. You should consciously and subconsciously stay away from them.

How about you also share with us the logo design mistakes that you know people are making? Let’s discuss your questions and comments also in the comments’ section below.

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