Why is a Chatbot Necessary for your Shopify Store?


With the fast shift in technology, it’s difficult for businesses not to stay on top of tech every time. Due to this significant shift, sometimes it becomes critical to decide what your business should embrace. Just another thought that the new tech demands money and resources; you need to make sure it is worth the investment. Coming to the conversational best eCommerce platforms, some of the vendors wonder if they should invest in automated bots to talk about the customers’ queries.

So, let us talk about what chatbots are and how they are accurate for your business.

Chatbots are specially programmed robots that take up the conversation through Artificial Intelligence. It is the chance that nobody should leave as it can help in growing your business. Chatbots are boon to handle the interactions with the customers for eCommerce companies. These assist better to the customers and ensure them that they are interacting with the helpful retail person.

How can a chatbot be a great fuel to your business ROI?

Chatbots recommending products:

Customers always want to have a personalized experience whenever they go to buy something. Some of the customers also purchased items that they weren’t originally planning to, but due to the personalized recommendation, they said YES!!

This is so:

  • Chatbot converses in a very friendly, back and forth style with the prospects.
  • Purchases would feel like a family environment.
  • The conversational commerce will do its best when the prospect gets ready with the product recommendation.
  • A chatbot can use its back-and-forth style to quiz users over their requirements.
  • Easy to know more about the purchasers’ pain points.
  • The budgets and the preferences can be easily decided over chatbots.

Chatbots improving ROAS (return on ad spend)

You might have the attention-grabbing ads, but still, consumers return after landing on your online store website. To intensify the conversions and the ROAs, it is much better to add a Facebook chatbot to it.

This can be done with:

Embedding a messenger chatbot on your website:

It aids in assisting whenever a customer land on your certain web page. If they were looking for help, they would get engaged with the bot to receive product recommendations or ask questions. So, don’t leave the chance to help the consumer and your business too.

Redirecting consumers from ad to your chatbot:

With the help of the click to Messenger ad, you can bring the consumer to your chatbot first, even before they check out the website. The bot can help them by answering questions and suggesting the items. It is easy to make them buy through the process.

Using gathered data to boost ad targeting:

The bot would have direct access to the basic Facebook profile data whenever a user starts engaging with a chatbot. This way, through more quizzes and questionnaires, it would become easy to gather data and save the main attributes. Further, the path would be so easy to target your audiences.

Chatbot providing instant customer service 24*7:

We all are well aware of this point that our realistic customer service team also needs sleep. There are companies or brands which can’t afford to get instant, live-chat support 24/7. In such a case, the Facebook chatbot can still do better but cannot fully replace human agents. Building an AI chatbot can further help in responding to the broader range of questions with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

We can also understand this with the help of an example.

Let us assume that a consumer has some queries related to the product, its shipping times and its overall details, etc. They may not find the relevant answer over your eCommerce site, and not even a live agent is available at the same time. So, they would certainly go shopping for the stuff somewhere else. Remember that a chatbot in your brand can make a huge difference, and if it is not with you, you will realize its value soon when you lost a sale and the arriving satisfied customer. Moreover, having a chatbot can easily handle repetitive questions and saves a ton of your time.


Building a multichannel marketing strategy with the chatbot:

You should know that the brands with a strong omnichannel presence have maximum customer retention over the year than those who just shop on a single channel.

Messenger bots can easily collect contact information from the users to get them connected over other channels. Some users have their phone number or email linked to the Facebook account, so the information is shareable at one tap. This way, you can store it for the purpose of future multichannel marketing purposes.

A chatbot re-engaging the past customers to repeat business:

Whenever the user responds to the chatbot, they are quickly reachable. It simply denotes that your bot can contact the individual with the personalized promotional content with the help of Facebook’s 24-hour standard messaging window. You can build a relationship with the user by encouraging conversion and taking the bond to long-term loyalty.

But if the conversation stops in that window, you can use software that makes the sequence. You need to send series of messages at a specific interval of time as similar to the email campaign. But it is obvious that at one point, the conversation has to stop, and at that specific point of time, you can still reach out to users with the OTN, i.e., one-time notification, or you can also use Facebook’s approved use cases.

You know the sponsored messages are the type of Facebook ad that used to notify its customers with the giveaway (limited time bonus), new product line, or an upcoming sale. If that message is engaging enough, then the user will respond and reopen the window within 24 hours. This way bot will push them towards the purchase while building a healthy return on the ads.

What is the best time to access chatbots for your business?

There are businesses that are creating their own bots to imply in their apps or over their sites. You don’t need to trap to build your own bots. You can have access to a number of ways that are showcased by the ready-made bots. These are below:

  1. Slack
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Kit CRM
  4. KiK
  5. Kylie.ai (The marvelous customer support chatbots)
  6. Avaamo (Bot building company)

Chatbots have opened the doors of communications so that no gap is left. Save your precious time and boost ROI for your brand by choosing a chatbot!

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