How to Connect Printful with WooCommerce

How to Connect Printful with WooCommerce

If you have amazing designs that you want to integrate with your own products, then Printful is one of the best options online. It allows a flexible yet seamless experience for store owners to sell their own printed T-shirts, mugs, or other items. You can easily integrate your WooCommerce store with Printful and start selling today. But first what is Printful? And how can you connect Printful with WooCommerce? We have crafted the perfect guide on how to connect Printful with WooCommerce.

What Is Printful?

Printful is an online app that provides on-demand service by integrating with your online store and delivering printed goods to your customers. This app can also be used to print your merchandise for branded products for your company. 

In other words, Printful provides a platform where you can design your accessories, goods, and clothing and even allows you to customize using your own designs.

Features Of Printful

  • Integrates with top online platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, and Squarespace.
  • Orders from your store are automatically imported to your Printful account and delivered to fulfillment.
  • Dropshipping on-demand eliminates the need for inventory and requires payment only when an order is placed
  • Everything can be printed or embroidered and shipped under your brand name.
  • Can store, pack, and ship your products using their additional services. 
  • Printful’s design team can develop graphics for your business if required.
  • The Printful app for iOS and Android helps you keep track of your Printful account, manage your notifications, track orders and gain online support. 

How Does Printful Work?

Printful integrates with your online store, allowing customers to order products and have them delivered to Printful. After you’ve connected your store, you can use their online mockup generator to create your products. Different types of products, such as clothing for men, women, and children, as well as hats, accessories, and home goods, are all available.

You can add as many products to your store as you like, but nothing will be printed until an order is placed. This means there’s no need to keep any costly inventory that takes up space. You can then start selling your products and promote your store. When you sell something, Printful will print, pack, and ship it for you.

Signing up and creating products is completely free. When you sell something, you pay for both the product and the fulfillment service. By setting your desired prices for your products, you can control how much profit you make. 

How To Connect Printful With WooCommerce?

To integrate Printful with your online store, you can use the official plugin. It allows you to connect your Printful account with WooCommerce and you can easily add multiple products using the customizable features. You also have the option to manage and track your orders from the plugin dashboard. 

Log in to your WordPress dashboard, then click WooCommerce > Plugins > Add New, as displayed below. In the search bar, type Printful. Then click Install and Activate the plugin.

From the WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Printful, and press the Connect button. 

This will redirect you to Approve the WooCommerce integration. 

Sign up to create a new Printful account. Now you can access all the available options on the Printful dashboard. 

From the left sidebar, you can explore your profile, view orders, check statistics, and much more.

How to Add a Product From Printful to your WooCommerce store?

Click the Add Product button on the Printful dashboard. This will display all the available categories for products that you can choose to sell. You can even select among the best-selling products on Printful. To choose a product simply click on the desired item. 

This will open more product-related options on a new screen. Here, you can choose a printing technique between DTG printing and Embroidery. Select a color for your product. Choose among the available sizes. And lastly, click the Start Selling Today button to proceed forward. 

In the next step, you can upload your design and view how it looks on your product. Use the drag your files here section and wait until it’s fully uploaded. 

The design is successfully uploaded; now you can adjust its size and other customization options provided by Printful. When it’s done you can move to the next step using the Proceed to Mockups button. 

Select a featured mockup design that you want to display on your WooCommerce store. You can also select right, front and back, so customers can view the item from all angles. Once it’s done, move forward with the Proceed to details button.

Here you can choose the description language, type a custom product title, and write a detailed description for your product. When you are done with this step you can click the Proceed to pricing button.

In the 2 provided boxes you can type the desired price for your item (as displayed below) See that you get a decent profit margin on your product. 

Finished! Now, simply click the Submit to store button to add this product to your WooCommerce store. To access the added products you can navigate to Printful dashboard > Stores. Now, let’s head over to our WooCommerce store and see if the product is uploaded. 

Go to your WooCommerce Store then open your products page. You can see that the product is successfully integrated from your Printful account to WooCommerce. Customers can purchase this product under your own brand name. 

Furthermore, to manage your products you can also navigate to your WooCommerce store > Printful> Status and manage everything, such as orders, reports, and payments.

Recommendations To Improve your Printful Product Sales

There is a lot of competition when it comes to selling online products. You need to be flexible with your marketing strategies and product designs. Let’s see what you can do to stand out from your competitors.

Be original: The most important aspect is to use your own designs. If you are not that creative you can consider hiring a professional graphic designer for your brand. Use designs that speak your thoughts, ideas, or creativity.

Use Social Media: The best option to market your products currently is through social media platforms. Analyze which social media works best for your brand. Build an audience that relates to your brand and supports your thoughts. Once you build a decent audience base you can enhance your presence by running social media ads. 

Provide Experience: Don’t just sell products, sell an experience. Suppose you are selling a T-shirt online, and provide a unique user experience such as VR technology. Customers will always remember that experience and recommend their friends. 

Use these techniques to start, and gradually move on to build your brand. I hope you now have a clear idea of how to connect Printful with WooCommerce. If you have any doubts you can leave a comment below and we will definitely resolve your query.

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