6 Best Moodle eCommerce Plugins

Moodle eCommerce plugins

Last updated - May 17, 2022

If you’re looking for a good eCommerce plugin to sell your online Moodle courses then we’ve got you covered. Moodle has limited course-selling/eCommerce capabilities. Although you cannot sell courses on Moodle, it is great for learning and teaching. You will require PayPal to sell your courses as it is the only payment method it supports.  You can earn a good amount of revenue by selling your unique course content if you invest in a good eCommerce tool/plugin for your Moodle e-learning program. 

These eCommerce plugins will help Moodle users sell their Moodle courses by adding additional payment gateways and methods. These plugins also provide other advanced eCommerce functionalities to help you explore other aspects of course-selling such as marketing, upselling, cross-selling, etc.

Preparing a course and selling it online can be a tedious task. 

Talking of selling your course on Moodle, you will need the support of an eCommerce plugin to manage and sell your courses in a well-rounded way. So we’ve picked a few best eCommerce plugins for Moodle to kickstart your journey.

Best Moodle eCommerce plugins

#1 Edwiser Bridge Bundle

Edwiser Bridge Bundle is a premium set of extensions of Edwiser Bridge specially designed to sell courses online by helping you build a wholesome digital shopfront of courses. It helps you sell your Moodle courses in a holistic e-commerce set up. With Edwiser Bridge Bundle, you can easily sell your Moodle courses with automated course selling, invoicing, payments, offers, listing, etc. You can also manage courses, online registrations, students, shopping carts, as well as payments and refunds. 

Moodle eCommerce Plugins

Key features:

  • One-click student enrollment
  • Integration with WooCommerce for setting up a complete e-commerce store of courses
  • Sell bundle of same or different course copies
  • Automated invoicing
  • Easy Course and User synchronization for Moodle and WordPress
  • Offer or sell webinars
  • Support for 160+ payment gateways
  • Sell courses as memberships, subscriptions and variable products.
  • Automated management of offers and coupons


You can buy Edwiser Bridge Bundle (WooCommerce Integration for $61, Bulk purchase for $61, Single Sign-On for $61, Selective Synchronization for $61) adding up to $244 worth of extensions for only $108.

If you want to access it for Lifetime, it’s available at just $298 (One-Time Payment)

#2 WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin on WordPress. This plugin allows you to sell your Moodle created courses with ease. It is an open-source solution which means that it is free for personal and commercial use. So you can install and start using it immediately without breaking your bank. It has a vast collection of add-ons and extensions that can make your LMS more powerful to sell your online courses. 

Moodle eCommerce Plugins

Key Features: 

  • You get a plethora of themes
  • Can customize without any restrictions
  • You get a wide range of extensions to choose from.
  • Modern and clean interface
  • Pre-installed payment gateways

And the best part, WooCommerce is free! However, it offers several paid extensions. You can buy paid extensions if you need them.

#3 LMScheckout

LMScheckout is a fully-integrated eCommerce turnkey SaaS solution designed especially for training and learning. It offers flexible set up and management of your own online store, design with your unique branding. With LMScheckout, you will have a seamless, user-friendly experience – from browsing to checkout.

Moodle eCommerce Plugins

Key Features:

  • Create captivating and responsive themes using built-in design tools
  • Advanced SEO and reporting features
  • Multi store-owner support – one parent store linked to multiple child stores all linked to one Moodle site
  • Bi-directional student authentication
  • Course activity tracking
  • Grades and completion status


You can pick from various pricing plans the one that suits you best. They do offer a free trial to help you get the idea of how the plugin works and finalize your purchase decision.

#4 Course Merchant

Course Merchant is an integrated course registration storefront. It helps organizations and small businesses market course offerings or training programs to a broad audience of learners. It is flexible and you can customize it according to your needs.

Moodle eCommerce Plugins

Key Features: 

  • Seamless registration
  • Flexible payment options
  • Multiple sales channels and integrations
  • Flexible deployment and customization
  • Instant LMS enrollment on purchase.
  • Sell multiple courses in a bundle – one product containing multiple LMS courses.
  • Vouchers, & Discount codes.


The starting price is not provided yet. But, there’s a free demo on their website.

#5 Arlo

Arlo is a cloud-based training and event management platform designed to help users sell, promote, and deliver courses and events. It helps you automate processes by providing scheduling, custom reporting, automatic communication, payments, and invoicing. 

Moodle eCommerce Plugins

When you integrate Arlo’s with Moodle LMS it lets you manage online, face-to-face, self-paced and blended learning. You can include quizzes, videos, forums, and other online activities within courses. 

Key Features:

  • Online registration
  • Event and Course Management
  • Marketing tools, reporting & analysis
  • Custom courses and private Events
  • Certifications and licenses management
  • Accounting System Integration


  • A simple subscription can be purchased in $79 per license per month
  • A professional subscription is available for $140 per license per month
  • An enterprise subscription can cost you $185 per license per month

#6 Enrolmart

Enrolmart is an eCommerce shopping cart for Moodle. It can be easily integrated with your Moodle so users can purchase courses, webinars, live sessions, and products. When someone purchases a course, they are instantly enrolled in the course, and their email login credentials are sent to them through email.

Moodle eCommerce Plugins

Key Features:

  • Sell Moodle Courses and Products
  • Supports Digital Downloads
  • SEO friendly and Responsive
  • User-Friendly Dashboard and customizable Menus
  • Encrypted transactions
  • Advanced Integrations and reporting
  • Social Media Integration
  • Branding & design


You can get started for free with a Virtual Slate LMS hosting plan (10 transactions). 

As your transactions increase your plan will scale up 

  • The basic plan is available for $149 per month (50 transactions)
  • Professional plan is available for $199 per month (100 transactions)
  • The premium plan is available for $299 per month (200+ Transactions)

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best platform to sell your online courses can be challenging. Take your time to find the best platform for your e-learning business. Pick the one that best matches your needs and comes under your budget. It’s better to do some research and compare plugins to find the perfect platform to sell your courses. 

Did you find this article useful? Hope this list of Moodle eCommerce plugins helps you make your final decision.

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