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WooCommerce Badge Management

Last updated - June 25, 2019

We have discussed several strategies to boost conversions on your WooCommerce store. One of the effective strategies in this regard is displaying badges on your product pages. Badges will help bring attention to specific products, and as a result, more customers would purchase these products. Though WooCommerce doesn’t have an in-built option to set up badges, you will find a few good plugins for this. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular WooCommerce badge management plugins. These plugins would help you set up varied badges on your store to help you highlight various aspects on your store.

WooCommerce Badge Management Plugins

According to studies, interesting product badges can help increase your WooCommerce store sales by over 50%. Here we will take a look at some of the popular WooCommerce Badge Management plugins that will help boost your conversion rate.

YITH Badge Management Plugin

This plugin will help you increase sales on your store by displaying badges on products to highlight offers or low stock. You will be able to catch extra attention to certain products, so as to boost their sales. The plugin lets you customize product badges according to text, design and colors of your choice. Moreover, you can determine the position of the badges as well. Depending on your store strategy, you can apply badges to individual products. however, the plugin also offers an option to manage badges collectively on several products as well.

This plugin is extremely popular among WooCommerce store owners with extensive options to manage product badges on your store.


Let us take a detailed look at the capabilities of this plugin.

Automatic badge assignment to categories

The plugin lets you choose a badge for an entire category of products on your store. This way, it saves you the manual efforts of assigning tags to individual products. You can also assign badges automatically to certain special categories of products on your store. For example, you can set the badges to be displayed automatically to “On Sale”, “Featured”, or “Recent” products.

Several options to choose badges

You will be able to choose several different types of badges with the help of this plugin. The different types of badges include text, image, CSS, etc. In addition, you will find a range of advanced, pre-designed badges with attractive designs. With the CSS badges, you can use a pre-designed one, and if needed, you can customize color, text, padding, etc. You can even upload images with which you can create badges of your choice.

Easily manage badges

The plugin also provides several options to manage product badges on your store. You can hide badges from individual pages, or specify a time period when badges will be displayed on your store. Similarly, you can set an automatic badge to be displayed when a product goes out of stock. It also offers an option to bulk assign badges. With this feature, you will be able to apply the same badge to multiple products in one go. The plugin also helps to override category badges for individual products. Furthermore, you can assign badges based on shipping classes as well.

The plugin is quite popular in the WooCommerce community with lot of store owners opting for it. A single site subscription of this plugin would cost you €59,99. The 6-site subscription is €89,99 and the 30-site one is €129,99.

WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels

This plugin is another great tool you can use to attract customers’ attention to specific products. You can effectively inform your audience about ongoing deals or specific offers like free shipping. Instead of manually applying labels to each of your individual products, this plugin helps you manage labels for a set of products. You can target specific set of products and specify conditions for enabling a particular label.

Displaying diverse product labels on your store would be a great way to catch attention of shoppers, particularly during the holiday season.

One of the main advantages of the plugin is that if you have a percentage discount on your store, the plugin will automatically calculate the discount amount. Such aspects would help to improve the overall customer experience on your store. You can create a large number of labels considering all the different aspects that would be interesting to customers.

The plugin offers several conditions to set up labels. These include product type, category, bestsellers, sale price, stock quantity, etc. In addition to the pre-defined conditions, you can also choose to modify or extend them with the help of hooks. You can choose from six different types of product labels, which comes with pre-defined colors, though you can customize them according to your choice.

If you want to set a different label for one specific product, you will be able to override the group settings for that one product. A single site subscription of this popular plugin would cost you $49. The 5-site subscription is $99 and the 25-site subscription is $149.

Woo Badge Manager

You can convert your WooComerce sale badges into attractive designs using this plugin. You can incorporate text, image or icons into your product labels using this plugin. It will let you customize the badges the way you want it, and there is no limit to the number of badges you can create. Also, you can also position the badges to six different spots according to the design and layout that suits your product. This will be really useful for your store when you have special offers, discounts, or new product information to communicate to customers.

WooCommerce Badge Management
This plugin offers a lot of pre desiged templates and a lot of customization options.

Furthermore the plugin helps you create sales countdown timer or expiry dates on the badges you create. There are more than 60 badge designs to help you get started with the plugin. You will also find several text and image background templates. The regular license of the plugin will cost you $24.

WooCommerce Products Badge Management

This plugin comes with flexible options for WooCommerce badge management. You will be able to set up badges for individual products, categories, multiple categories, or even globally across all products. The plugin enables you to set up custom text badges according to your store requirement. You will also find a variety of in-built badge images.

This is yet another popular plugin that will help you with WooCommerce brand management.

A marked advantage of this plugin is that it will help you set up the position of a badge easily via drag and drop. You will be also able to control opacity, padding and radius of a badge. The regular license of this plugin would cost you $25. An extended license of this plugin too is available at $125.

WordPress WooCommerce Badge Manager Plugin

This is a relatively new plugin that will help you set up and manage badges on your shop page. It offers options to set up badges on products individually, or based on categories. You will be able to simultaneously assign badges to multiple categories and tags with the help of this plugin. The badges you set on the store can be text-based or image-based. There is a preview option that will help you understand how it would look on the frontend. Accordingly you can make changes while setting up a badge on the store.

This plugin offers a decent set of features to configure and manage badges on your WooCommerce store.

It also helps you set up automatic badges such as ‘New’, whenever you add a new product on your store. Furthermore, you will be able to set a timeline for the applicability of a particular badge. Interestingly, when you apply a sales badge on a product, it will override all other badges, as the plugin gives priority to sales badges.

A regular license of this plugin would cost you $29. If you want an extended license, you can get it for $146.

Badge Management for WooCommerce

With multiple options for customization, this is another popular plugin to set up product badges on your store. Like the other plugins we discussed in this article, this one too helps you customize text, color and position of a badge on your product page. You can add badges for special categories such as best sellers, on sale or recently added products. Similarly, you can add a different badge to each of your product categories.

Phoeniixx Badge Management for WooCommerce plugin helps you with a simple and user-friendly interface.

You will find nine in-built badge images with the plugin. In addition, it provides the option to upload your own image for badges. It also helps you set up a validity period for your badges as well. This will save you from the hassles of displaying outdated offers on your store.

The plugin offers a very friendly user interface that is pretty simple to mange. There are options to set badge position as well as other styling options, such as padding, background color, text color, etc. Moreover, the plugin offers an option to hide the default sale badge of WooCommerce. In certain scenarios, you might find this option quite useful.

For a single site, this plugin would cost you $39. You need to spend $69 for 5 sites and $99 for 25 sites.

Best practices while using product badges

Displaying product badges is a very effective way of improving sales and conversions on your WooCommerce store. However, it would become even better if you follow some of the best practices suggested by eCommerce experts. Here is a few expert tips that will help you reap more benefits while setting up product badges on your store.

Use product badges judiciously

The purpose of product badges is to attract attention to certain specific products on your store. This can be achieved only if you use it on a few products. If you set up badges for almost all products on your store, the purpose of making some stand out might be compromised. However, if you are able to creatively devise innovative badges, you can use different ones for different set of products and still manage user interest.

Choose easily understandable text

You might be tempted to be creative with the text on your product badges. However, care should be taken to not make this counter productive. If you tend to use strange words or industry jargon on your store, it might not give the expected outcome. Always make sure to use words that are familiar to an eCommerce audience.

Project unique features of your products

Product badges are not only about an ongoing offer or low stock notifications. You can use them effectively to grab attention to specific features of your products too. This can be effectively used by analyzing your audience well. If you notice a particular set of audience is more keen on one aspect of your product, you can project that through a badge. For example, if you have a limited edition product made for a particular holiday time, you can very well project that. Find some holiday marketing strategies that would help you boost conversions this holiday season.

Try to be location specific

If you have a wide range of customers, you might have noticed that there are location-specific interest among products. In several scenarios, customers from a particular area might be looking for a specific aspect on your products. This can be effectively used by adding an appropriate badge. For example, 100% cotton might be something that would work in a clothing store for customers from an area of warm and humid climate.

Test your badges extensively

When you are trying to use unique badges on your store, it might be a little tough at the start to predict the outcome. A good option to handle this scenario would be to extensively test your badges. Experiment with multiple texts and varied styles and compare the conversion data to understand particularly useful ones. Once you identify one or two good styles, you can regularly use them. Here is an article that would give you some more insights on A/B Testing on your WooCommerce store.

Automate special categories wherever possible

It is a great idea to automate badges for certain specific groups of products on your store. Aspects like new products, best sellers, on sale products, etc., would help a lot with your marketing strategy. Most of the badge management plugins we discussed in this article offers an option to automate badges based on certain special categories on your store.

Make sure the product page is well set up

Product badges are only one aspect of your store that can assist in boosting conversion. You need to make sure that all aspects of your product pages are configured to ensure an optimum experience to customers. If you are selling products like furniture or clothing, you may need to use multiple images and multiple angles. Including a video in the product description is another commonly used strategy by several eCommerce store owners.

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