WooCommerce Marketing Extensions to Supercharge your Store

WooCommerce Marketing Extensions

As a WooCommerce store owner, you know the importance of consistent marketing efforts. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the marketing strategy even when everything is going good. In fact, you need to constantly upgrade your efforts with innovative approaches and tools. Thankfully, on WooCommerce you will find a range of advanced tools that will help with your marketing efforts. These tools range from email services to product recommendations and sales channel integrations. In this article we will discuss some of the innovative WooCommerce marketing extensions that will help you supercharge your store.

Create targeted email campaigns

Email is one of the most effective marketing strategy for eCommerce business owners. Targeted email campaigns are able to improve conversions on your store quite impressively. But how will you manage this when your customer base is ever increasing and becoming diverse by the day? Here are a couple of tools that will help you with your email campaigns.

MailChimp for WooCommerce

MailChimp is a hugely popular marketing automation platform. With the help of this extension, you will be able to integrate the data of your WooCommerce customers with your MailChimp account. It will help you sync purchase history of customers, which will help you in designing targeted campaigns. You will be able to recover abandoned carts by promptly reminding customers about products they have left behind. It will also help to create ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram. You will be able to send discount coupons created on WooCommerce through MailChimp emails. You can get the plugin free from WooCommerce extensions store.

Mailchimp is a global leader in marketing process automation, and syncing your WooCommerce store with it is an essential step for customer engagement.


If you don’t want to use MailChimp for your email campaigns, you can try out this plugin. It helps you email and tweet existing as well as prospective customers. You will be able to track the purchase behavior of each customers so that you will be appropriately informed about the value they are adding. You can create your own mailing list with the extension, and manage campaigns according to your convenience.

Following up with customers over email is a great way to ensure consistent engagement as well as to enable repeat purchases.

The plugin lets you customize the templates for each campaign, so that your emails are aligned to the mood of the campaign. Overall, this is a great plugin to help you in your efforts to engage customers on your WooCommerce store. The single site subscription of this extension would cost you $99. The 5-site license is $149 and the 25-site license is $249.

Reward customers based on their purchase history

Rewarding your loyal customers should be a priority for online stores that look for long term prospects. If you have a reward system in place for such customers, it would encourage them to purchase more from you. There are several ways to manage this on a WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards

This plugin helps you set up a point system for your customers based on their purchases. Every time a customer makes a purchase, or perform an action, like leaving a review, you can assign a certain number of points to them. They will be able to get discounts based on the number of points they amass over a period of time.

screenshot of WooCommerce points and rewards extension for the WooCommerce pricing strategies article
A reward system on your site can help a lot in maintaining continuous engagement with your customers.

On the plugin settings you can define how the point system works. For example things like how many points will be allotted for a certain amount spent on your store, or how many points will be redeemed for a certain discount percentage, etc. You can define points at product, category and global levels, according to your strategy. To make sure, this won’t eat into your profits, you can set a maximum discount value that can be availed while redeeming points.

You will find a page to manage customer’s points, where you can easily adjust the points redeemed. It will reflect on the My Account page of the customer as well. The plugin also offers good options for customization as well. The single site subscription of the plugin is $129. The 5-site subscription is $199 and 25-site subscription is $299.

ELEX Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

You will be able to set a diverse range of discounts on your store using this plugin. There are several ways to reward loyal customers using this one. For example, you can create discounts based on user roles where customers under a particular group set by you will get discounts.

ELEX Dynamic pricing plugin is a great way to set up dynamic pricing and discounts in your store.

It also allows you to create discount based on a customer’s previous orders. Here you can take into account two factors, the number of orders, or the amount spent. Similarly, you can set discounts specific to an email id as well. This plugin too has an option to set a maximum discount value for each offer.

The single site subscription of the plugin would cost you $79. The 5-site license is $119 and the 25-site license is $199.

Create a Google Feed of your products

You can add your WooCommerce store products to Google Merchant Center feed for better visibility. Once you add these products to Google feed, they will be displayed as Google Shopping results. This will help to improve sales on your site considerably. Here is a tool that will help you mange this.

Google Product Feed

Google has several policies that you need to take into consideration while adding your products to Merchant Center feed. You can choose the product fields to include, and the plugin would create an automated feed based on that. The plugin also helps with additional fields which Google require, and are not part of WooCommerce. While adding new information, you can set them up for specific categories or apply them globally for all your products.

Integrating your WooCommerce product feed with Google Merchant Center enables setting up of Product ads.

The plugin also allows you to add product reviews to your feed, though this is on experimental basis. You will also find an option for Bing product feed with this plugin. The single site subscription of the plugin is $79. The 5-site subscription is $99 and the 25-site one is $199.

Set up live chat for improved customer engagement

One of the definite ways to please your customers would be to offer a live chat window on your store. It is a great way to offer both pre-sale and post-sale support. If proactively used, it is a great tool to help with your marketing efforts as well.


LiveChat offers plenty of options to set up a communication window on your WooCommerce store. You will be able to customize it to suit your site’s color scheme and design language. In addition, you will be able to initiate a chat with a prospective customer on your site, with the help of tracking data. Moreover, you will be able to make use of a lot of other advanced features like canned responses, file sharing and chat transcripts. They offer a free trial if you want to try it out, and the Starter plan starts at $16 monthly for one logged in agent.

screenshot of an example of canned response in live chat
The chatting tool of LiveChat is equally comfortable for both customers and support agents.

Product recommendations

When you have a customer, it is actually a great opportunity to market some of your other products. One of the simplest way to do this is by providing product recommendations to customers. Basically through advanced product recommendations, you can help customers know about products on your site they didn’t even know existed. Also, a good product recommendation should be able to intelligently guess a customer’s requirements based on their purchase history or browsing patterns.

Recommendation Engine

This plugin will help you display product recommendations to customers based on their purchase history, viewing patterns, and products frequently bought together. The plugin has an algorithm that records each of these instances, and create related products based on that. It is a great way to improve cross selling on your site, which can help a lot in improving average order value on your store.

Automatic product recommendations will help your customers find related products on the site, which they might consider for purchase. Overall, this plugin makes your up sells and cross sells more targeted.

The plugin offers two widgets to display recommended products based on views and purchases. You will find a single site subscription of the plugin for $79. The 5-site subscription is $99 and the 25-site subscription is $199.

Leverage product reviews

As you know eCommerce customers look for validation from fellow customers for every product they purchase. It is one of the fundamental factors that can influence a purchase decision. As per studies, around 70% of users on eCommerce sites look at product reviews before making a purchase. Offering extensive options for product reviews is a must on any WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce Product Reviews Pro

You might know one of the important reasons of Amazon’s popularity is the excellent focus on user-generated content on their product pages. This plugin will help you manage Amazon-like product reviews on your WooCommerce store. It adds filtering and additional discussion options to your product reviews, to make it more customer friendly. You will be able to accept photos and videos from customers on product reviews with the help of this plugin. Also, you can add review qualifiers that will ask specific questions to customers that will prove to be helpful to prospective buyers.

Product Reviews Pro helps you enhance the review strategy on your store.

With this plugin, you can set a review threshold before showing reviews for a product. Only after you get a specific number of reviews for a product, it will be displayed on the product page. It also allows an option to allow customers to up vote or down vote a review based on its usefulness. You can use Social Login plugin along with this one to offer an easy option to login for customers who want to leave a review.

Try Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great way to market your WooCommerce store products. One of the advantages of affiliate marketing is that it helps your product reach in a very targeted manner. Often affiliate marketers will have a good audience base, and they will be experts and influencers in the domain.

When you offer an affiliate marketing program, it is quite easy to get access to experts in the domain. If your products are good, a lot of affiliate marketers will be interested to review your products and that way help it reach the correct audience. As you are only offering a commission to affiliate partners only based on sales, it might be relatively better than cost per click advertising models. A lot of successful eCommerce companies effectively make use of affiliate marketing with a dedicated team for managing affiliates. Here is a solution that will help you manage affiliates more effectively on your WooCommerce store.


You can set up an affiliate program on your WooCommerce store pretty quickly with the help of this popular tool. As it integrates seamlessly with your WordPress admin, you will be able to set it up without hassles. You can combine the in-built coupon feature of WooCommerce to set up discount codes specific to your affiliates. This would facilitate easy tracking on your store, as you can promptly update coupons that are expired. With the help of an add-on, you can set up affiliate commissions on recurring payments as well.

AffiliateWP helps you set up a flawless affiliate program and manage it quite effortlessly.

One of the challenges in affiliate marketing is the possibility of refunds. Since you are offering commissions based on sales, you have to take into account refunds also. AffiliateWP automates this process by enabling an option to reject commission payments in case of refunds. Based on your product strategy, you can set varied commission rates for different products as well.

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