WooCommerce Payment Gateways for Better Customer Satisfaction

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Last updated - September 24, 2020

For any eCommerce store, payment gateways play an important role in user experience. Many customers consider it as a determining factor in their purchase decision. This is because, most of the times, they want to ensure the security of the transactions. WooCommerce, by default, has a basic set of payment gateway options that will help you set up a decent payment strategy. In addition, there are quite a large number of extensions to help you incorporate additional functionalities. We have already discussed some of the popular payment options in WooCommerce. However, in this article, we will look into some of the less discussed WooCommerce Payment Gateways that can still help with customer satisfaction.

WooCommerce Payment Gateways for Customer Satisfaction

Most of the time eCommerce customers look for instant results in a store. They don’t want any sort of delay in the payment process. As soon as they decide on purchasing a product, they would want the store owner to complete the formalities and initiate shipping. This was not really possible when there was more dependency on traditional offline transactions like direct bank transfer. However, with technology really improving in recent times, more store owners are able to provide instant payment processing. As your payment process becomes more seamless, the customer satisfaction on your site increases as well.

Another important aspect that customers would worry about regarding payments is security. Nobody would want to leave their online transactions to an inexperienced player in the market. Thankfully, there are quite a few reputed payment gateway options that ensure reliable security in transactions. More than just ensuring secure transactions, you need to make sure your customers are feeling the security when they are on your site. Let’s look in a more detailed fashion into some of these dependable WooCommerce payment gateways.


FirstData helps with a simple and seamless checkout on your WooCommerce store. The unique “TransArmor credit card tokenization” allows your customers to safely save their card details for later checkout. In fact, this will help quite a lot in increasing conversions and reduce cart abandonment on your store. Moreover, WooCommerce FirstData extension helps you with added functionalities like capturing charges. It also provides enhanced checkout forms and seamless support for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Provide a seamless experience for your customers on your experience with features like detailed decline messages.

The FirstData extension lets you accept all major credit cards in your store. It’s enhanced payment form has retina icons and is able to automatically detect the card type. It even adds a mobile-friendly checkout, where customers can input card number and passcode numerically. You can process automatic refunds from WooCommerce with this extension. Also, in the case of orders with virtual items, there is no need to authorize payment. It helps to display detailed messages when a payment by a customer is declined. Furthermore, this extension supports TeleCheck and Legacy Global Gateway.

Some of the unique features of this extension help a lot in improving the customer experience on your store. You can get a single site subscription for $79. 5 site and 25 site subscriptions are available for purchase at $99 and $199 respectively.

Square for WooCommerce

Running a physical and online store at the same time is a scenario that might be common to many store owners. WooCommerce POS integration helps a lot in such cases. This extension is a great option if you want to keep your online and offline stores linked using your account with Square. In addition, you can synchronize any change in your inventory from your Square account to WooCommerce automatically. Once these accounts are synced, any changes you make on your WooCommerce store will reflect on your Square account too.

WooCommerce Square extension helps you sync your online an offline stores seamlessly.

In addition to all the major credit cards, this extension helps you accept payments through EMV chip and magnetic stripe cards, and the likes of Apple Pay. The Square extension also provide chargeback protection for free up to $250 every month. You can purchase the single site subscription to the plugin for $79. 5 site and 25 site subscriptions are available for $129 and $179 respectively.  Please note, Square payments are available only in Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, and the US at the moment.


With this extension, you will be able to accept payments through a secure, hosted gateway provided by WorldPay. WorldPay is emerging as a global player in the payment domain. With the extension, you will be able to accept payments using all the major credit and debit cards.

For store owners with a UK WorldPay account, this extension provides a secure, hosted payment gateway.

The extension works with the redirect option seamlessly. As soon as your customer is ready for payment, he/she will be redirected to the secure site of WorldPay. Once they make the purchase, they’ll return to the specified ‘thank you’ page on your store. WorldPay extension creates a seamless checkout flow that would prove to be crucial for your customer experience. The extension is available for purchase at prices starting from $79. As of now, this WooCommerce extension supports only the UK version of WorldPay.


This extension provides two options for store owners – SagePay Form and Direct. You have the option to enable both these gateways, or only use one of them according to your convenience. With SagePay Form option, your customers will be redirected to SagePay site for the secure transaction and then guided back to your site. On the other hand, while using SagePay Direct, customer stays on your site throughout the entire transaction. However, you have to keep in mind that the latter option requires an SSL certificate on your site. With the direct option, you can manage refunds on your WooCommerce admin settings. It also supports WooCommerce pre-orders and subscriptions.

You get two payment gateway options with this extension, if you have a SagePay UK account.

With SagePay Direct, your customers will have the option to save their card for a much faster checkout. For this extension to work, you need to sign up for the SagePay UK account. Similar to most other cases, this one too is available in three different subscription options – single site: $79, 5 sites: $99 and 25 sites: $199.

Intuit Payments / QBMS

If you are using Intuit or QBMS (QuickBooks Merchant Services) for payment processing on your store, this extension helps you integrate them smoothly. It accepts payments made through all the major credit and debit cards. It is a direct option, where your customers will stay on your site during the entire checkout process. However, to ensure the security of transactions, your store needs to have an SSL certificate. It also helps customers to save their card details securely for a smoother checkout during later purchases.

If you are using Intuit payments or QBMS accounts in the US, this extension helps to integrate them smoothly to your WooCommerce store.

It helps you process refunds from your WooCommerce admin side automatically. You can capture prior authorized transactions from WooCommerce order details page. The enhanced checkout forms with retina icons ensure the best checkout options for your customers. The extension accepts eChecks if you are using Intuit payment account. Some of the other useful features of this extension include detailed decline messages and mobile friendly checkout. The price of this extension starts at $79. It’s good to remember that these services are available only in the US.

Conditional Shipping and Payments

This extension helps you use conditional logic to manage payment methods, shipping options and available locations at checkout. Basically, with this extension, you can create varied rules to restrict shipping and payment options on your WooCommerce store. You can choose whether to display specific payment options based on shipping method, location, cart contents or order totals. These options would provide you great control to optimize your checkout flow. For example, you can set to disable certain payment options when customers choose a particular country in their billing address. Or set a minimum transaction limit to enable a specific payment option.

Restrict shipping and payment options on your WooCommerce store based on a variety of conditions.

This extension is developer friendly too. If you want to add new conditions or new restrictions, you can easily manage using hooks. With its vast range of possibilities to set up conditional logic, this one definitely helps to enhance customer satisfaction on your store. The single site subscription to this plugin would cost you $79. 5 site is $129 and 25 sites is $179.

WooCommerce Mollie

If your store transactions are done in Euro predominantly, then WooCommerce Mollie extension is a great option to set up multiple payment options. Apart from credit card and PayPal payments, Mollie offers varied payment processing options such as iDEAL, SOFORT, Mister Cash, and more. However, please note iDEAL payments are for banks in the Netherlands, and Mister Cash is for Belgium.

Offering a variety of payment options with Mollie on your store would be a great boost to customer satisfaction.

The extension redirects your customers to the secure site of Mollie for the transaction. As a result, you don’t need to ensure SSL certificate on your site. Moreover, a lot of customers would find this preferable, owing to a large number of options available. Providing more payment options to customers would ensure better customer satisfaction on your store. For example, Paysafecard is a prepaid card that is often gifted by parents to children to make purchases. If yours is a toy store or the like, with younger customers, you can really delight them with this option.

Elavon Converge

If you are operating an online store from the United States or Canada, this extension would help you integrate Elavon payment gateway. You can accept credit card and eCheck payments on your store using this extension. This is a direct mode payment gateway, which means your customers will stay on your site while making the transaction. However, you need to ensure an SSL certificate for PCI compliance.

For WooCommerce stores operating from the US and Canada, this payment gateway extension is a great choice.

The extension offers great features for better customer satisfaction on your store. These include detailed decline messages, card tokenization, automatic refund process, etc. Also, the extension helps to capture authorized transactions from the WooCommerce order details page. Another unique feature of this extension is that it allows transactions using multiple currencies. With this feature, you can make transactions in a currency other than your WooCommerce base currency. Moreover, if you want to use a currency converter plugin to enhance customer service, that is also possible.

The extension provides support to WooCommerce subscriptions and pre-orders. It also provides an option to allow customers to checkout using their bank account information (eChecks). Elavon Converge extension is definitely is a great option to set up a payment gateway option if you are operating from US or Canada. Prices start from $79.


Moneris is one of the leading payment processors in the US and Canada. With its direct checkout process, this extension allows you to accept payments from all major credit cards. You can allow transactions in both US and Canadian dollars. Automatic refunds processing, “hosted tokenization”, mobile-friendly checkout, enhanced payment form, etc are some of the awesome features of this extension. It also allows your customers to add saved payment methods to their accounts to avoid going through checkout.

Moneris is a leading name for payment processing in the United States and Canada.

The extension also offers address verification. With advanced fraud prevention tools, this one very well ensures the safety of your transactions. This would reflect help your customers to trust your store more. You can purchase this extension from the WooCommerce site, prices start at $79.


Payment gateways pay an important role in determining customer satisfaction on your WooCommerce store. With the popularity of online shopping ever increasing, customers demand more options and instant results in all facets of the store. By offering a secure gateway for the payment transaction, you can ensure better conversions on your store. Moreover, when you display more options to process payment, cart abandonment rate also decreases. This article has listed out some of the WooCommerce payment gateways that you can choose to improve customer satisfaction on your store. Let us know if you want to add another solution to the list. You can find some good WooCommerce payment plugins here as well.