Top Common WordPress Blog Content Mistakes

WordPress Blog Content Mistakes

Last updated - July 8, 2021

In the era of global Internet penetration, blogging has become a popular way of earning some money while employing such skills as writing and critical thinking. However, being able to write well and in an engaging manner is not always a complete formula for success.

WordPress is one of the best systems that offer relatively cost-effective blogging opportunities for writers. Many well-known bloggers admit that the platform continues to develop, allowing them to adapt all changes they need to stay actual and interesting for their target audience.

However, working with WordPress requires not only excellent writing skills but also content management and imagination. Writers have to make the entire post or article appealing to their readers, and it often requires some extra knowledge.

Without it, even the best writers can make unforgivable WordPress blog content mistakes Let’s review the most common of them to avoid:  

Long Headlines

WordPress does not limit you in terms of title characters, but it should. Long headlines are a gross mistake you can make. The main argument why you should steer clear from long titles is because it will not appear in web search results. Half of a good title would hardly draw enough attention to make a visitor click on your article.

Therefore, the suggestion is to keep your titles short. Some SEO specialists advise shortening them to reach around 100 characters. Such texts usually get more reviews that the ones with long sentences heading them.

Long Texts

Another unforgivable mistake is writing too much per one post or article. Human beings get tired of any activity they do, especially if it stops bringing extra value. If your texts become too long and monotonous, you may lose your audience. 

We inherit nonstop writing habits from universities and schools. There, we did magic and wrote 2,000 – 3,000-word essays on topics that were out of our competence. When it got too hard, we knew that same day essay online services always covered our backs.

However, professional content writing is about creating engaging and intriguing texts that are easy to consume. It is better to split up a long story into several pieces than to try ‘feeding’ the audience with a huge essay. It will not do any good.

Poor Visuals

Even if you are Pro in writing, blogging is also about making it all look inviting. People like images, videos, and other visual images that help them memorize what they read about. Making content is also about formatting photos and other graphics that send both entertaining, informative, and quantitative messages to readers.

Insert images in a way that would make them appealing and integral at the same time. Do not let them cover a part of your text or spoil visual perception in any other way. Most importantly, remember the quality of the images you plan to use. Low-quality visuals will undersell your entire blog post.

WordPress Blog Content Mistakes

Paragraph Breaks

Another common content mistake of all WordPress newbies is paragraphs. When we write longer academic texts, the size of a paragraph is not determined. However, when it comes to blogging, you should remember that your readers will access your blog via their mobile devices or computers. Long paragraphs will definitely make them tired of reading.

The general advice is to keep paragraphs no longer than 3–4 lines. It really makes a difference to the readability of your text, making it easy-to-digest. Your readers will definitely appreciate such an approach better.

Information Noise

Given the fact that your posts should be short, any kinds of repetitions (unless they are critical for your initial idea) are not allowed. When you repeat the same information over and over, whether in the same post or throughout several of them in a row, you create information noise that makes readers biased.

Even though you write for a very specific niche, repeating even the most important information is not going to work. You need to be relevant and new. You can use hashtags or cross-links to send your reader to the source if they need more information on the topic, but do not repeat yourself.

Grammar and Spelling

Last but not least is the problem of grammar and spelling. No content can avoid criticism if it is badly written in terms of grammar, style, and spelling. Make sure you proofread your text before publishing it. Give it to someone who can point at your mistakes. 

WordPress Blog Content Mistakes

Final Words

WordPress is a great platform that serves both newbies and experienced bloggers. While working with it, it is critically important to take both writing and visual aspects into consideration.

Blogging is all about creating easy-to-comprehend, engaging and informative posts that keep readers interested and craving for more.

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