Review of Helpie Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress

Helpie Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress

Documentation is an important aspect for any online store. You need to present different aspects of your products in a organized manner to help your customers use the products more effectively. A detailed knowledge base section is a common sight in many eCommerce stores that sell digital products and services. In this review, we will go through the features of Helpie knowledge base plugin for WordPress in detail.

What is Helpie Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress?

Helpie knowledge base plugin is a comprehensive option that you help you create and organize content on your WordPress site or eCommerce store. With its advanced features, you will be able to easily create a knowledge base or documentation for your products and services. It is quite user friendly and works seamlessly with most WordPress plugins and themes.

Helpie Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress
Helpie is a comprehensive option that will help you create exceptional documentation on your WordPress site.


Let’s take a detailed look at some of the features and understand how it will be useful from a website owner’s perspective.

Content collaboration will be seamless

If you have a WordPress site or WooCommerce store, you may want to collaborate with different experts in your team to create user-friendly documentation. You may need a set of tools that will help make this collaboration process seamless. These include a simple yet functional editor, better control over the publishing capabilities of different authors, and easy options to track revisions.

Helpie WP offers a set of features to handle all these requirements. You will be able to use the default editor, which is similar to the interface of Medium; or use the WordPress editor, if you are more comfortable with it. Helpie offers dynamic capabilities to control who will be able to view, edit, publish and approve content on your site. Different levels of publishing capabilities can be set up at individual article level, category level, or even globally across the site. Moreover, you will be able to apply these capabilities based on different factors such as username, user role, login status of a user, etc.

Helpie Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress
In this screenshot, you can see how dynamic capabilities can be set up at article level while using Helpie KB.

Makes it extremely easy to search for articles

One of the most important traits of an effective knowledge base is the ease with which users can find the content they are looking for. Helpie offers an effective search option that will help to find specific topics quite fast. Here are some of the features that will be quite helpful to improve the search process.

  • Contextual weightage – You can define how the priority is set in a search for content in different parts such as title, tags, position in post, etc.
  • Partial keyword match –  Each word in a keyword phrase will be checked against the content before results are displayed.
  • Fast results – Even with large number of articles, the search is quite fast and will display results pretty quickly.
Helpie Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress
A fast and accurate search process is essential for a knowledge base.

Improved navigation

Even if you have a great search option in your store, you still need to focus on the navigation. This is especially true when your content is deep and complex. A visual representation of the content will help the user to easily navigate through the content. Helpie offers the following features to help you offer better navigation options in the content.

  • Table of Contents – Helpie integrates automatic table of contents with headings and links. This will help users easily find topics they are looking for.
  • ToC for the entire KB – It even allows you to display Table of Contents for the entire knowledge base, so that users can easily navigate from one topic to another.
  • Display only the topic of interest – Helpie offers an option to display only one topic at a time, while hiding the other topics. This will help users to focus better on the topics they are interested in.

Customize the appearance of the knowledge base

If you are able to reflect your brand’s design style into all aspects in the website, it could help in better brand recognition and recollection. This is applicable to even your knowledge base and Helpie helps a lot in managing that. With Helpie, you will find a set of tools for effective design. Here is a quick look:

  • Customize the Hero section – With Helpie’s style settings, you will be able to thoroughly customize the appearance of the main section of your knowledge base.
  • Multiple styles for category listing – Helpie offers three different styles to help you list categories. You can choose one that fits your content best.
  • Diverse templates – You will find several templates to easily set a style for the appearance of different pages of your knowledge base. You can customize the main page, search page as well as category page and single page.
Helpie Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress
You can adopt a design and layout according to your branding requirements.

Detailed analytics insights

Every aspect of your website or eCommerce store will impact user experience. There is nothing more effective than insightful reports to help you improve your site’s user experience. Helpie provides you options to collect and track feedback from customers, and thereby enhance the overall support process. Here are some of the standout features:

  • Identify the user response – Helpie offers you a list of your most happy and unhappy customers. This will help you get a basic overview on customer satisfaction towards your documentation efforts.
  • Performance of articles – Similarly, you can easily view the most popular and the least popular articles. This will contribute to getting more ideas to improve your content.
  • Find patterns in searches – You can also find the most search keyword for your documentation as well as the frequency of those searches. In addition, you can easily identify the most visited pages from your knowledge base.

More features

Helpie offers several more interesting features that are helpful in building a useful knowledge base. These include:

  • Compatibility with WPML – You will be able to offer a multilingual knowledge base with the help of Helpie and WPML.
  • Smooth integration with WooCommerce – Helpie integrates smoothly with WooCommerce, and helps you use additional user rules for content and publishing restrictions.
  • Works with custom user roles – You can create custom user roles with the help of ELEX WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing, and integrate it with Helpie without hassles.
  • Elementor integration – Helpie is integrated with Elementor page builder and theme builder.
  • Easy content placement options – You will be able to place content anywhere on your site as you wish with support for shortcodes, widgets and hooks.
  • Get help instantly – Helpie has an expert support team that will be available for any help that you may need while setting up a knowledge base.

Getting started with Helpie

You can get started with a free 7-day trial of Helpie. After the trial, you can choose three different licenses. A single site license will cost you $69 initially, and $8.30 annually. For a 5-site license, you need to spend $99 initially and $69.30 annually. And, a license for 30 sites will cost you $199 at the start, and $139.30 yearly after.

What we think about the plugin?

Helpie Knowledge Base Plugin for WordPress is a user-friendly option to set up an informative knowledge base on your website or online store. It offers hassle-free options to get started, and has a diverse feature set suitable for any kind of online business communication. Moreover, you can easily customize the appearance and styling of your knowledge base with easy-to-use features. Additionally, it integrates with a lot of other tools you may be using such as WooCommerce, Elementor, WPML, etc. If you are looking for a knowledge base plugin for your WordPress site, you can surely try out Helpie.

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