A Detailed Review on WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

Last updated - July 8, 2021

Most eCommerce stores try out different pricing strategies to acquire new customers and to keep the existing ones interested. One of the common approaches is to offer dynamic pricing based on quantity, demand for the product, seasonal interests, etc. How will you execute dynamic pricing strategies if you are running a WooCommerce store. WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin is one of the obvious choices when you look at the available options. Here is our review on the WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin to understand its features better.

The importance of dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing refers to the pricing strategy where you define product prices based on several parameters and considerations. According to your business model and store strategies, you can adopt different pricing models. You might have seen the dynamic pricing model quite commonly in accommodation and airline booking. Even for several other business models, this is a feasible strategy.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin

One of the popular options to execute an efficient pricing strategy, WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin helps you set up diverse pricing rules on your store. It offers pricing rules at product level as well as category level. Moreover, you can offer specific pricing based on different user roles defined on your store. We will take a look at the features of this plugin first.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Plugin
This is one of the most popular plugins to set up price adjustments on your store.
  • Create a bulk discount table for your products and categories by specifying the quantity and discount figures.
  • Different calculations to tally the quantity in the pricing table – cart quantity, cart line item, etc.
  • Create discount based on the value of the items in the cart.
  • Restrict the application of discount rules based on user roles.
  • Create user role based discounts across all your products.
  • Set different types of discounts such as percentage discounts or fixed rate discounts, or set a fixed price for the product.
  • Option to define a date range to limit the applicability of the pricing.
  • Intuitive user interface with diverse options to set complex pricing rules.
  • Offer buy one get one free discounts.

Getting started with the plugin

The plugin is available in the WooCommerce marketplace. You need to pay $129 to get a copy of this plugin. You will get one year of support and updates from the time you make the purchase. And, you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee as well. The installation and setting up process is quite simple. You can follow the same process that you follow when you install any other WooCommerce plugin.

If you need guidance on how to install a plugin, please refer to our article How to install and set up a WooCommerce plugin.

Setting up the discounts

There are four different ways to set discounts using this plugin. Based on your business model and store strategy, you can choose one or different ones that suit your business. These are:

  • Individual product level
  • Order total
  • Roles
  • Category

We will look into each of these options in more detail.

Individual product level pricing

As the name indicates, this setting helps you set up pricing rules at individual product level. Here is how you can do it. Go to a specific product’s edit page, and access the Product Data settings. Here, you will find Dynamic Pricing settings where you can add a pricing condition to that product. The settings are quite straightforward.

  • Applies To – This is where you define how the rule will be applied on your store. You can choose to the apply it to all the users in your store, or only to specific user roles. If you choose the latter, you need to also specify the roles for which the rule will be applicable.
  • Quantities based on – This setting determines how the quantity of items will be tallied in for the discount. It could be based on product or variation ID, individual cart item, or quantity of items from a specific category. Each of these options will help you execute a different pricing model. You can choose the option that best suits your store strategy.
  • Rule Processing Mode – There are two options for this setting. Bulk, where the rule is applied on all items, or Special offer, where you can specify the number of items customers need to purchase in order to avail the discount. Further settings are displayed based on the choice you make in this setting.
  • Dates – Finally, you can specify a date range within which the discount will be applied.

Based on your choice of the Rule processing mode, you can set the conditions for the pricing table.

Example scenario

For example, as seen in the below screenshot, when a customer adds two items of the product, they will get one completely free. In the example, a 100% discount is set for one item, when 2 items are purchased.

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin
You can set bulk discount rules or special offers at individual product settings page.

Moreover, you can add further discount rules here by clicking the ‘+’ symbol.

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin
You can create multiple lines in the table rate.

Furthermore, the plugin allow you to create multiple pricing groups, which will be applied in their order from top to bottom. The first matching rule will be applied and the rest of the rules will not be processed.

Order totals pricing

You can also set up pricing rules based on the order amount. To access the settings, you need to navigate to WooCommerce > Dynamic Pricing > Order totals. Similar to individual product settings, here too can you can create different pricing groups. There are a few settings to configure.

  • Admin title – You can add a title for the pricing group, visible only in the backend. Your customers won’t be able to see this title.
  • Quantities based on – Here you can choose Cart Total or Category Total. If you select Cart Total, the pricing rule will be applied to the entire cart. With the second option, you need to specify the categories as well. Basically, you have to specify the categories need to be present in the cart as well as the ones the offer is applied to here.
  • Applies to – Specify whether you want to limit the rule only to a specific user role, or to all users.
  • Dates – Define the date range to apply the order.

Once you add all the settings, you can specify the pricing table. Here, there is an option to set minimum and maximum order value, discount type and the amount.

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin
You can make the pricing rule conditional by specifying a category, or apply to the entire cart.

Roles pricing

The plugin also offers an option to set discounts to each of the user roles available in your store. The settings are quite simple here. You have to enable a user role by toggling the button left to it. Then choose a discount type from Price Discount or Percentage Discount. And, specify the amount in the next column.

WooCommerce dynamic pricing plugin
With simple configuration settings, you can set up price adjustments for different user roes in your store.

Now customers with these user roles will be able to see the discount applied to them when they add products to cart in your store.

Category pricing

Next major option is to set price adjustments based on categories. You can access these settings by navigating to WooCommerce > Dynamic Pricing > Category. There are two ways to go about this – Simple and Advanced.

Simple category pricing

The interface is pretty much like Roles pricing that we have seen above. All the categories available in your store will be displayed on the settings page. You have to enable the one you want to set a discount, choose the discount type, and specify the amount. Under discount types, you have options to choose between Percentage Discount and Price Discount.

If the same product is part of two categories and you have set up discounts for both categories, the plugin will apply the bigger discount to the product.

WooCommerce Dynamic pricing plugin
Setting up simple category pricing is quite simple like roles pricing.

Advanced category pricing

The plugin also offers an option to set advanced conditions for category pricing. The interface is quite similar to what we have seen earlier. Here one aspect to note is the choice for ‘Quantities based on’. You have to pick from ‘Cart Line Item Quantity’ or ‘Sum of Category’. Basically, when you choose Sum of Category, you have to select the categories need to be in cart to apply the discount. In addition, you also get to specify which all categories the discount will be applied to.

Other settings are pretty much similar to what we have seen above. You can choose restrict the offer by user roles, date range, etc. Also, you can specify the minimum and maximum order values to apply the discount.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin
Advanced category pricing settings provides a great scope in setting up effective discount rules.

You can use this section to set up buy one get one offers as well.

What we think about the plugin?

The plugin is a sensible choice if you are looking for support to set up various discount rules in your store. The interface is not complicated and you will be able to manage to set up rules quite comfortably. Specifically, the interface for roles pricing and simple category pricing has a nice visual clarity to it. Overall, this is a good option for your WooCommerce store when you want the control to set up diverse promotional options.

Purchase the plugin here.

Alternatives for WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin

You can also find several alternatives among these options:

  • ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin – If you are looking for a feature-rich option to set up dynamic pricing, this plugin could be a great choice as well. The plugin has several additional parameters to set up discounts, such as product tags, the choice of shipping methods, etc. You will be able to make pricing more personalized by taking into account user’s purchase history as well. A single site subscription of this plugin costs $79.
  • Flycart WooCommerce Discount Rules – This is another option that offers comprehensive features to help you set up discounts. You can set up discounts based on cart, category, user role, user, shipping location, etc., using this one.
  • YITH Dynamic Pricing and Discounts – This is yet another plugin that will help you execute an effective dynamic pricing strategy on your WooCommerce store. It too has a user-friendly interface and several advanced features to make the process seamless.

If you would like to see more alternatives to WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin, check out our article on the best WooCommerce dynamic pricing and discounts plugins with video

Hope this review has helped you know more about the WooCommerce Dynamic pricing plugin. Leave us a comment to share your thoughts.


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