How to Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards at Your Online Store?

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

Gift cards from WooCommerce are a favorite among consumers. Give the consumers an exclusive opportunity to give gift vouchers to their loved ones using the WooCommerce gift card plugin.

People are usually drawn to gifts such that the right WooCommerce gift card plugins can bring more traffic to your store.

Nowadays around a healthy 60% of customers prefer WooCommerce gift cards over others.

To help you with your quest, we’ll show you how to create and apply WooCommerce gift cards using the best gift card plugin for WooCommerce, Gift Press.

What is a WooCommerce gift card?

A gift card is a prepaid, credit/debit card like product provided by eCommerce stores to satisfy the consumer. Customers buy these WooCommerce gift cards on special occasions to send them to their loved ones.

There is a certain value in WooCommerce gift cards, such that the recipient may use it to make the order in the specified store. Gift cards are an effective means of promoting customer loyalty and confidence.

Does your store need a WooCommerce gift card extension?

Yes, your store needs a WooCommerce gift card extension because a gift card benefits both the customer and the store owner. By offering gift cards you can boost the engagement with your customers and attract new leads simultaneously. 

GiftPress plugin for WooCommerce is one such tool that can help you to create, sell, manage Gift cards in your WooCommerce store. It has an ecosystem of features like,

  • Unique expiry dates for gift cards.
  • Customized pre-designed gift card templates.
  • Intuitive gift card design options.
  • Set unique delivery dates for gift cards.
  • Send a customized gift card message from WooCommerce.
  • It can support multiple currencies.
  • Send personalized gift cards.
  • Create gift cards in one click.
  • A dashboard that shows your gift card insights. 

GiftPress is one of best WooCommerce gift card plugins you can add in your store if you want to foster trust and loyalty. 

How can your store benefit from gift cards?

WooCommerce gift cards bring a pool of benefits to your store, especially, customer loyalty. Loyal customers are crucial for a WooCommece store because they stabilize the revenue and can also expose your store to new customers by sharing their gift cards.

A recent study shows that around 70% of customers that received gift cards went on to spend 40% more than the actual value of the gift card thus increasing your sales spontaneously. 

The most satisfying aspect of offering gift cards is that those recipients always return to the store to make repeated purchases. 

How to sell WooCommerce gift cards at your online store?

GiftPress for WooCommerce is a robust WooCommerce gift card plugin that lets you create and manage gift cards seamlessly. With this plugin, you can create a WordPress gift voucher in a few minutes and send it automatically.

Now let’s look at the installation process,

Step 1 – Login to your WordPress admin and go to dashboard → Plugins

Step 2 – Click on ‘Add new’

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards
Got to WordPress plugin section.

Step 3 – Search for GiftPress for WooCommerce plugin,

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

Step 4 – Install and activate the plugin

You can also manually add the plugin to your store by download the GiftPress WooCommerce gift card plugin from the WordPress repository.

This process installs the ‘Free version’ of this plugin. If you want to unlock more features of this plugin like scheduling gift cards, mass generate gift cards, top-up gift cards you’ve to upgrade to the PRO version of GiftPress for WooCommerce.

Now that you’ve installed the WordPress gift voucher plugin. Let’s look at how to create gift cards.

Creating gift cards using the WooCommerce Gift Press plugin

Follow these sequential process towards creating WooCommerce gift cards.

Navigate to WooCommerce → GiftPress – Gift cards

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

You’ll be landed on the Gift card details page, enter the required details, and click create.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

In this case, we entered ‘3’ in the number of cards field, so 3 gift cards will be created.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

If you want to view the gift card activity, simply click on the Gift code.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

If you want to change the balance of the gift card you can do it here and also you can add a customized note if you wish. An interesting aspect of the WordPress gift voucher plugin is that you can create multiple gift vouchers at once.

Applying WooCommerce gift cards

Applying gift cards to your cart is easy all you have to do is enter the gift code in ‘apply gift card’ box.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

Once your gift card is applied, your cart with the deducted value should like this.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

You can clearly see the value deducted in the cart total. See, that’s how easy it is to create and apply gift cards using the best gift card plugin for WooCommerce.

Gifting gift cards through email

After creating your gift cards, if you wish to send it to your customers it can be done in just one simple click.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

Click the mailbox type icon and you’ll be prompted with a window like, 

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

In this menu, enter the email address of the recipient and click ‘Send’ to send the gift card to your customer who can later redeem it on their purchase.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

This is how the gift card will look in the recipient’s email, when clicked ‘redeem now’ they’ll be redirected to your store where they can redeem the gift card.

Creating a gift card product at your WooCommerce store

You can create a gift card product using the GiftPress plugin for WooCommerce.

Navigate to Product → Add new

Mention the name of the product and select the ‘Gift card’ from the product data drop-down menu.

Enter the amount of the gift card product along with the necessary details and click publish.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

Once you’ve published your gift card product will be added on your store.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

You can also add a custom amount under the Gift card amount section then enter the recipient mail address then click ‘Add to cart’ to send the gift card product to the customer.

How to customize GiftPress emails?

A distinct feature of this plugin is the email customizer which can be used to customize your email as you prefer.

Navigate to WooCommerce → GiftPress-Gift cards

Click ‘Emails’ and then click ‘customize’ on the template you want to change.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

A template design page will be opened where you can customize your email and you can also design it for multiple devices in the same dialog box and click ‘Publish’.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

After clicking publish, Navigate to Products →  Add New.

Enter a Product Name and choose the product data as a Gift Card and enter the required details.

Here you can select the email design.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

Now, when you purchase the gift card, the email you receive will be based on what you designed.

Can we check our gift card balance?

Yes, checking the balance of your gift card after creating and applying them is pretty simple.

Enable GiftPress plugin and navigate to Page → All pages → Gift card balance.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

You’ll be prompted with a page that looks like this,

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

You have to enter your gift card number and select ‘Check balance’, your WooCommerce gift card balance will be displayed.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

The gift card balance for the specific gift card number has been displayed.

When a customer redeems his/her gift card the balance of their gift card will be displayed in their cart total.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

As a store owner, you can also check the balance and status of a particular gift card in the GiftPress dashboard.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

You can also view the gift card activities by clicking on the gift code and see for which order was the gift card redeemed and the remaining balance can also be checked.

Sell WooCommerce Gift Cards

The gift code will be invalid once the WooCommerce gift card is fully redeemed.

Wrapping up

WooCommerce gift cards are flexible to use that’s why customers prefer gift cards than any options. Gift cards can help you build a better engagement with your customer which increases your sales conversions.

We wanted to show you how easy it is to add a WooCommerce gift card plugin in your store and that’s why we drafted this article to guide you on how to create, sell, and manage WooCommerce gift cards using the best gift card plugin for WooCommerce, GiftPress for WooCommerce.

Install this WordPress gift voucher plugin in your store and start selling your gift cards in a few minutes so your customer can share it with their friends on special occasions.

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