SEO for Photographers – Facts to Know About

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Being any kind of content creator means that you must be up to date with SEO trends, and being a photographer does not exclude you from this. By employing just the right trends, you can ensure that your photographs come up first in Google searches.

SEO for Photographers

Before we jump into tips and tricks, it is important to understand what SEO means for photographers.

This basically means using the right words so that your website rises to the top in the search engines. It is not as technical as to require years of study, but some basic steps which make your content optimizable. 

SEO works best with keywords – words that appear on websites, attached to the pictures, and in the content that you post. There are different kinds of SEO, depending on where you are posting. Using a combination of them will ensure that your page comes up at the top. 

Materials for SEO

In order to employ SEO, there are a few things that are essential for a photographer. These are:

  • A website
  • Google Serach console
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO tool


If you are a photographer trying to make a space on the internet, you must have a photography website. It is suggested that photographers use WordPress, as that way they can have full control over their work and what goes into the website. 

Google Search Console

This is an official tool provided by Google to help any creator’s performance. Google Search Console looks into the performance of the user, analyses it and fixes all the technical errors that come with it. 

For this, you must be the owner of your website. This can be done by verifying the DNS record while will help it get direct access to your analytics. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics focuses on the traffic of your website. It shows you the engagement people are having with your website- either through your adverts, or click rates.

Check out some of the best WordPress Google Analytics plugins.

SEO tool

There are thousands of SEO tools available on the Internet, like SEMrush which help creators find the keywords most suitable for their needs. Even Google Ads has its section dedicated to keyword research. 

Keyword Research 

A picture may say a thousand words but does not mean that your picture will automatically come up in a simple search. To begin with, the actual work here is what you need to do: Look up keywords using the SEO tool you have chosen. To make this search easier, look at what your competitors are producing and compare. Choose what would work the best for you. Keywords are supposed to be specific, so adding place and date is not a bad idea.

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While choosing a keyword, here are something you need to keep in mind.

  • What is the CPC, aka Cost-per-click for the keyword you are choosing? This will tell you the actual value of the keyword.
  • How much are people searching for this keyword?
  • What is the difficulty level of the keyword, and
  • Is it very popular with high demand, or less searched?

By answering all these questions, you will be able to find the perfect keywords you need. 

Content Writing

Having a website means you will need words. It is important too, for words make your content desirable. 

There are often two different kinds of content that you need to put commercial and informational.

Include commercial information on your page. Be clear and concise about what you are selling, in case you are selling anything. Include information about your work, use keywords.

For informational content, write blog posts. People tend to flock to information they find intelligent and knowledgeable. 

While presenting all this information, it is important to keep note of your formatting, whether you are using bullet points or paragraphs and how you are presenting all the information. 


On your website, you need to focus on the following aspects.


For maximum interaction, it is always wise to include keywords in the headers and titles of the website pages. Depending on what your keyword search has yielded, use the words clearly and concisely. Something eye-catching and interesting. 


There should be two to three keywords spread out in the caption that you are putting either on the website or below your picture. Spreading them according to their popularity will ensure that your work keeps coming up in SEO search. 


Your website page’s URL should have the main SEO keyword. That is non-negotiable. By including it along with your domain name, you are automatically bumping up your search results.


When you are updating your image, always make sure you rename them to mean something. Add keywords even there. Instead of having an “image0023.jpg”, add something meaningful. 

In the next section, reaffirm this information and add more SEO keywords. 

By now, it may feel like keywords are everywhere. While that is true, it must also be noted that you must not fill your website with just keywords. It may seem like a good idea, content marketing-wise, but the result would be disappointing. Search engines may end up skipping your website for that reason alone.   

Choose some keywords, limiting them to about three maximum on each page. DO not clutter your website. 

Photography Trends for 2022

Having understood the basic infrastructure of SEO, it is now important to look at what 2022 may bring over for you. New trends are coming every year, and here we are with the top trends of 2022. Therefore, here are some SEO trends to lookout for.

Content strategy

So far, we have discussed extensively what keyword strategy is. Now, it is time to look at content strategy. People tend to prefer looking at articles, topics relevant, and information about the product and the producer. 

If you are looking to begin as a photographer in the online sphere with a website, it would be wise to have a blog. Furthermore, Google has shown that users are now turning to articles. Having a blog post regarding your work on your website is a must. 

Mobile-first indexing

Nobody opens up a laptop when they have to search for something new. Mobile phones are the immediate responses and thus, every website must have a mobile-friendly website. Even search engines tend to prefer mobile-friendly websites. 

It is thus, important, that your photography website is easily navigable through a mobile phone. The scrolling and using links must be easy and accessible for people. 

Voice Search

With Google Assistant, Siri and so many more options branching up, voice search has become an integral part of internet browsing. Digital assistants are the ones who point the users towards the most attractive options. In such a case, your website must be in the vicinity of Digital assistants.

representative image for voice search

Yoru photography websites must be found easily within one or two clicks. From options about “photographers near me” to something regarding a specific type like “Wedding photographer”, your website should be available to all. 

Local Search

While it is a great idea to understand the international SEO market, the Internet is slowly catering itself to the local needs of the people. Similarly, your website must be catered to fit the needs of people in the local area. The local SEO of your website must be strong and popping up. 

This means optimizing not only your business’ location but also your social media profile.

Read more about local SEO here.

Spread of Search engines

People are flocking further away from the search engines such as Google and turning to social media sites such as Instagram for better results. The traffic on your social media account must be good. Your website needs to be linked with your Social Media profile. 

Another way of having traffic growth is through email newsletters. People like personalized ads. At this rate, having a newsletter solely for your existing customers might be a good idea.

With all this information, get ready to gear into the new year with the important SEO information under your belt. If done correctly, SEO might just be a photographer’s best digital friend.

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