Best WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugins to Personalize Customer Interaction

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Last updated - March 28, 2023

Personalization has become the watchword in eCommerce. With every product sold and every communication made to the customer, you are striving to give a personalized tone. Industry experts say personalization is going to create a considerable difference in eCommerce sales in the future too. The large share of WooCommerce store owners may find quite a few solutions to personalize their products and size experience. WooCommerce product addons have great potential to create personalized products in your store. Similarly, customizing emails play a great role too in creating a personalized customer experience. Emails hold great potential in building long-term bonds with customers. This article looks into some of the effective ways of customizing emails for your store. You will also find some of the best WooCommerce email customizer solutions as well.

How WooCommerce email customizer solutions help with customer experience?

Customers discern a particular vibe from the way you communicate through your store. This is applicable to your website copy and equally so for any communication that you have with them. If you maintain a really personalized and casual tone in your web copy, you really can’t lose it when it comes to ordering completion and shipment detail mails. With a minimal effort in email customization, you can improve sales volume, create goodwill among customers, and maintain a bunch of loyal customers. Let’s see a few scenarios where you can make a meaningful impact with email customization.

Balance the textual and visual aspects of your site

According to scientists, visual aspects have more impact when compared to textual communication. This is due to the fact that human brain process visual cues faster than text. That is why most eCommerce stores take the effort to visually represent their brand and products. However, text plays a relevant supporting role to complement the attention that good visual sense captures. Many online stores take great efforts to create a great visual impact on their website. On the other hand, the order completion email they sent to customers might look dull and impersonal. This is a common mistake that many store owners make, which will only help them look inconsistent in the eyes of customers.

It might also give out a vibe that you don’t care much about the customers once they have made the purchase. The whole customer experience scenario is only just starting after the purchase is made. Customers are going to judge you with every interaction that you have with them. And, you definitely don’t want to create a sad first impression with your order receipt email. Experts suggest that your emails should have a visual language that is consistent to that of your website.

The color scheme, logos, and other visual elements should match with what is on your website. This would create a sort of brand identity in your customer’s mind. Moreover, it will be easier for them to recognize a mail from you. The textual content should follow suit. Try to make the same tone and language that you have used in your website copy. Some WooCommerce store owners go to the extreme to include a personal note with every email they sent. If that doesn’t seem practical, you can still try to create personalized templates for specific products.

Address some fundamental issues in the order completion mail itself

When you send an order completion email to customers, it should also have an important practical role to play. If your order completion email addresses the possible next steps after a purchase or provides answers to possible customer queries, it will be more effective. After any online purchase, there will be a plethora of questions in the mind of the customer. These might include queries about shipping schedule, installation related ones (if it’s a downloadable product), or about payment instructions. Treating these sort of queries as natural, and offering answers well in advance would help you grow considerably. If you prefer to keep your order completion emails short and sweet, you can still provide links to the FAQs section on your site.

Similarly, customers would want to review the return and refund policies of your store after they make a purchase. Clearly depicting the return policies, or providing ways to access them, in the order completion email would be helpful to customers. In addition, you need to provide clear instructions to customers on how to contact you in case of an issue. This would provide a good first impression in your customers’ minds. At the same time, it would reduce the load on your customer support team.

Provide personalized product suggestions

Order completion emails hold great potential to up sell your products. New customers would be really interested if you are suggesting something they can use together with the product just bought. As per a study on email personalization, over 80% of customers find it really helpful when they get product recommendations based on purchase history. A product recommendation right after a purchase has two benefits. Your customers would get a good feeling that you value the purchase. At the same time, they will find out some useful products they have not probably seen in you store. Chances are high that they would trust you to buy the product you recommend, given the first experience was good.

Reward customers for their purchase

It is not always practical to reward customers on the first purchase itself. However, you can offer some discount deals for their next purchase. This way, you are ensuring the customer will come back to you. At the same time, the customer would feel good about being rewarded. If simply offering discounts is not your cup of tea, you can always think of referrals. You can encourage them to bring in more customers and reward for that. Strategies may vary, but there is ample scope in customer emails to improve sales and conversions.

Provide social media share options

Right after a purchase, many customers would be in the mood to show off. You can capitalize on this very human nature by providing social share options in the order completion mail. This might not work with all the customers, but even with the select few, it could have a considerable impact on your store’s popularity. Again, this has that win-win effect. Your customers would feel happy to show off their purchases, and you get new visitors to your store.

A few WooCommerce Email Customizer Plugins

WooCommerce offers a range of solutions to help you customize your email template. Let’s look into some of the prominent ones.

WooCommerce Email Customizer Extension

WooCommerce Email Customizer extension helps you design your emails without any complex technical knowledge. The extension helps you modify the design of your emails simply by dragging and dropping elements of your choice. However, please note, the extension only helps with the design aspect. You still have to decide on the content of these emails. The plugin would cost you $79 for a single site subscription. 5 site subscription would cost $129, and you can get hold of a 25 site subscription for $179.

You can easily customize the design of all the emails that you send to your customers.

The extension is pretty easy to use. You need to purchase, install and activate it first. A new button is added to your email options called ‘Customize’. You can simply click this to open the preview options, and visually modify the elements on your email template.

YayMail – WooCommerce Email Customizer

Are you not customizing transactional emails? You have missed your opportunity.

These WooCommerce emails can build excitement for your products with new buyers and include gentle requests for further actions. They also create a better experience by giving customers information on their orders and letting them track order progress.

Unlike other email editing plugins, YayMail allows you to customize the design of your emails and also the multi-media content!

It comes with multiple columns and advanced blocks that are never seen before in WooCommerce emails. With these flexible blocks alike, store owners can tweak the layout and design of the email templates simply by dragging and dropping the blocks.


  • Dynamic shortcode and metafields: Easily use these placeholders to automatically display order details and personalized info.
  • Extra Compatibility: You can use YayMail along with a wide range of WooCommerce extensions including subscriptions, memberships, shipment tracking, custom field editor plugins and so on.
  • Visual Editor: Every change you’ve made will automatically show on the email live preview so that you can get the work done in a single page.
  • YayMail Addons Compatible: Enhance third party email templates with the drag and drop email builder and streamline your store’s email communication.

Price: $59 for single site including incredible support. Wait, lifetime deals are available, too!

Personalizing customer emails is quite a breeze with the Email Customizer for WooCommerce plugin.
Few features at a glance
  • Customize design elements and text of all the emails you send to your customers.
  • Preview option to see exactly how the email would appear to your customers. No more confusion in design and layout.
  • Helps developers to enhance the email template files.
  • Personalize your emails to build long-term bonds with customers.

Email Customizer Plus for WooCommerce

Email Customizer for WooCommerce is a powerful plugin that allows you to easily customize every aspect of your default WooCommerce emails with just a few clicks. Whether you want to add your store’s logo, edit the email content, include social media icons, or even add upsell or cross-sell products, Email Customizer Plus has got you covered.

With its drag-and-drop editor, customizing your email templates is easier. Simply drag and drop elements to create your desired layout, change font styles and colors to match your brand’s identity, and add any additional content or features you want.


  • Edit quickly with drag and drop editor.
  • Use 15+ elements to customize email based on your brand. 
  • Use shortcodes and create dynamic content like customer name, address, and order summary.
  • Add clickable images with links and alt text. 
  • Preview emails and send test emails. 
  • Import or export template using MJML.
  • Compatible with WordPress Multisite.
  • Create emails in different languages using Multi-Language support.


This free WordPress extension is a good tool to customize the look of the emails that you send to customers. It is quite easy to use, as the working is similar to the WordPress inbuilt customizer tool. Also, it offers a preview option so that you get a clear idea of the changes that you are making. The plugin has over 2000 active installs in the WordPress plugin directory. It has also got a few five-star reviews from users but looks like it has not been updated for the last six months.

Smackcoders Email Customizer

This plugin helps you create a powerful email communication strategy to maintain high-quality customer experience on your store. One of the unique features of this plugin is the option to embed your digital signature. You can inscribe your signature and then place it wherever you want in the email. This can be done in as much as a single click and it would really do a lot of good to have that personal touch in the emails.

Interestingly, this plugin helps you design emails based on your products and categories. You will also be able to choose personalized subject lines that would catch the attention of your customers more readily. And like the other plugins we discussed in this article, this plugin also has options to customize the design. You can even use background images and colors in the emails that you send to customers. There are tools to edit and format the text too.

Pretty easy to use

The plugin is relatively easy to use as well. You can drag and drop orders to start customizing the emails. There is an option to preview the changes that you make too. All this can be done without any html codes. This is quite good as people without advanced coding knowledge will also be able to customize according to their ideas. You can even align your emails to the look and feel of your website by adding similar colors, font and background. This would help customers identify with your brand faster. Additionally, if you want to improve the customer engagement further, you can embed links to your social profiles in the emails.

The plugin offers great customization options such as a unique design for each order status. There is also an option to send a mail when the product is delivered using a custom order status. You can purchase the standard version of the plugin for $79.99, with a decent set of features. However, if you want advanced features like digital signature embed and category based templates, you can opt for the premium version at $99.99. The interesting thing with this plugin is that you will get life time support and upgrades with the purchase.

Some thoughts on personalization

Statistics show that personalization of products and communication has a great impact on eCommerce customers. eCommerce ventures, big to small, are investing smartly in personalization. Some of the striking examples for this are the recommendations given by Amazon and Netflix. The fact is even big retailers like Walmart are also making use of personalized marketing to sell more products. However, there is also another side for this, which is too much personalization. For example, Walmart recommending pregnancy related products to women based on their buying patterns has raised eyebrows. Moderation is the key here. The trick is to use simple purchase data to reach intelligent predictions about what customers want.


Personalization is a great strategy that would be equally beneficial to store owners as well as customers. You can customize your products as well communication strategies to capture customer’s attention as well as to improve conversions. Custom input fields, product add ons, and email customizers are some of the tools that you can use for personalization with WooCommerce. To an extent, WooCommerce memberships too contribute to a certain personalized experience on your store. This article’s focus was particularly in customizing emails that you send to customers. You have seen some of the best WooCommerce email customizer plugins as well. If you have an insight on this topic, please don’t hesitate to share it with us.


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