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As a site owner, you know the importance of using forms on your website. It enables your site users to contact with you in different scenarios. Ninja Forms is a popular solution that will help you customize forms for different customer interactions. You can use Ninja Forms to create different types of forms according to your specific requirement. Now what will you do if you want to incorporate a payment options to your forms. You have to find one of the add-ons according to the payment option you want to use. There are paid addons for PayPal Express, Stripe etc. Here we are going to review a plugin that would help you integrate Square payment to your Ninja Forms. Read more to understand the nuances of Ninja Forms Square integration.

Why Square?

Square is one of the popular options to accept credit cards on your store. With full PCI compliance and charge back protection, it is a preferred payment option in select countries. As of now Square is available in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Japan. In addition, you will get a magstripe reader free with your account, which you can use for POS transactions. Square offers a transparent pricing scheme, and the same rate for all major cards. There is no monthly fees and you will get payment dispute assistance as well. Moreover, you will get your earnings deposited on your account in one or two business days.

So, these reasons make Square a preferred option for payments. The plugin we are going to review here helps to integrate Square to Ninja Forms in a hassle free manner. You can receive payments through various forms on your site, and it will be integrated as Square transactions. Let’s quickly find out how we can manage the integration.

Advantages of integrating Ninja Forms to a payment option

When you integrate a payment option to Ninja Forms, you can accept payments from your website users. There are several use cases where you can apply. For example, you can accept donations, sell products through your store, or accept registrations for an event that you are hosting. Talking about payment options, Square is particularly a better option when it comes to user experience. You can accept cards online or simply connect the magstripe reader to your mobile device and accept payments from point of sale. Integrating both these options will be a really user friendly way to manage payments on your WordPress site.

Features of Ninja Forms Square Plugin

The plugin we are reviewing here offers a seamless integration of Square payment option with the forms you create using Ninja Forms. In fact, it will help you specify the price for each Ninja Form. With the help of this plugin, you can add the square credit card pricing field too per selected form. You will get the credentials to test the payment option before going live. Overall, it is a great option to create forms on your website featuring a reliable, safe and speedy payment option.

With the help of this plugin, you can integrate Square payment option to the forms you create with Ninja Forms.

Basic requirements to use the Ninja Forms Square plugin

Here is a list of basic requirements for using this plugin:

  • Square account
  • Ninja Forms plugin installed
  • SSL Certificate
  • WordPress 4.9 or above
  • PHP 5.5 or above

Also, remember Square is available only in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan. And this integration can be used only to accept payments, and not for syncing your eCommerce products with the Square account.

So let’s dive in and see how the plugin works.

First, you will have to purchase the plugin from API Experts website. The single site license of the plugin costs $59 per year. You can get the 5-site license for $79 and 25-site license for $149 per year.

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Installing and Configuring the plugin

The installation and configuration process of the plugin is pretty simple and straightforward. Once you purchase the plugin, you can install and activate it on your site.

You will see a new option for Square on your WordPress navigation panel under Ninja Forms.

Navigate to Ninja Forms > Square.

Here, you will see the options to enter the payment settings from your Square account. It is a pretty straightforward setup. You can obtain the live settings, including the application
ID, location ID and the live token, from your Square account. The test settings are already available on the respective fields. And, you will find the details of a credit card in the plugin documentation, which you can use for testing purposes.

Screenshot of plugin settings page of Ninja Forms Square plugin
In the plugin settings page, you can enter the live payment settings that you obtain from your Square account.

Now, you can create a form to integrate the Square payment option. Go to Ninja Forms > Add New.

Go to Ninja Forms settings and start with the process of creating a new form.

Now, you can add the Square Form field in the Form Fields section.

You need to add the Square form field as well.

Now, go to the Emails and Actions section, and click the blue ‘+’ button (Add new action).

From the options available on the right, you can add the Square Payment.

There will be an option to add Square Payment field under the Emails and Actions section.

Now, you have to add a price, which you can do on the Actions column of Square Payment field. Go to Square Payment > Add Price. You will see a field, where you can manually enter the price you have set.

You can view the Ninja Forms paid transaction via Square now. Go to Ninja Forms > Submissions.

You can view the paid transaction via Square under Submissions.

Here, you might have noticed, the same Test Location ID entered under Settings is displayed.

If you open this particular submission, you can see the transaction ID as well.

When you open the Square submission, you can see the transaction ID.

That’s all that is there! You can start accepting payments on your form through Square now.

Here is a sample on how the front end would look like for your users.

This is how your Square Payment option would look like from the front end.

What we think?

Square is a payment option that is widely preferred by businesses of all sizes in the countries that it is available. And, Ninja Forms is a much-loved solution to customize forms on your website. API Experts have come up with a unique solution to accept Square payments on the forms that you create on your site with Ninja Forms. We found the Ninja Forms plugin to be intuitive with an uncomplicated user interface. It takes no time for users of all knowledge levels to get a hang of this plugin. Moreover, you can use the help of the screenshots in their documentation section, if facing any difficulties while setting up. They have a reliable support team also, which will respond to your queries within 24 hours Monday through Friday.



As you have seen, with the integration of Square and Ninja Forms, you are setting up a great option to accept payments on your site. API Experts have come up with a unique plugin that offers the bright side of both Ninja Forms and Square. As both these solutions are individually preferred by many website and businesses, an integration should be welcomed with excitement. LearnWoo wishes this new plugin a successful outing.

Don’t forget to avail the exclusive offer on this plugin for LearnWoo readers. Find out more details on the 30% discount offer here.

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